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DIY - I make my own cosmetics

Je me lance dans la fabrication de cosmétiques maison

In a few years, the "Do It Yourself", in French the "do it yourself" has gained ground in homes. If this trend started with decoration and creative hobbies, it quickly spread to the field of beauty. There are now many blogs and specialized sites offering hundreds of DIY cosmetic recipes. But why make them yourself when many cosmetic brands offer very effective, laboratory-tested complete ranges at affordable prices? Simply because making your own cosmetics offers total freedom and independence in the composition of your product. You can perfectly control the origin of each raw material, customize your product down to the drop and according to your wishes, reduce packaging by aiming for zero waste with recyclable glass containers and save on the cost of your finished product. Everything is possible. Deodorant, day cream, styling wax, shower gel, after-sun milk are yours !

My own cosmetics, yes. But not anyhow !

Si la démarche de fabriquer ses propres produits de beauté semble alléchante, quelques précautions sont toutefois à prendre pour préserver votre santé et celle de ceux qui utiliseront vos produits. Ne vous lancez pas tête baissée dans la première recette récupérée sur internet.

If the process of making your own beauty products seems attractive, some precautions should however be taken to preserve your health and that of those who will use your products. Do not go headlong into the first recipe found on the internet.

1 - The first of the rules is hygiene. The work plan must be well disinfected, sterilized. Hands should be washed thoroughly. Strict rules are imposed on manufacturers in terms of hygiene to market their products. If you have nothing to fear about a possible official inspection in your home, still impose these common sense rules on yourself to avoid any microbial contamination. So disinfect all your utensils with 70% unmodified alcohol. Utensils that you will have patiently recovered beforehand (old pots and tubes) and silicone molds that you will have bought in a specialized store.

2 - Secondo, before committing to making your own cosmetics, make sure you have no dermatological allergies or intolerances to certain raw materials, essential oils or spices. For this reason, you must do tests directly on your skin (a small drop of EO in the bend of the elbow and wait 24 hours to confirm that there is no allergy).

3 - The third rule: You will use natural products that do not contain a whole bunch of chemical preservatives (or endocrine disruptors). However, and in order to properly preserve yours, you will need to add a few drops of natural preservative to the product during its manufacture (Benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, wheat germ oil, etc.). Keep them cool, away from air, light and heat.

4 - Fourth rule: respect the dosages! Putting double the amount indicated in your homemade cosmetics will not make your care more effective! Essential oils, for example, are powerful active substances. It is therefore essential to respect the dosages indicated in the beauty treatment recipes. You have a margin of 1 to 2 drops, no more! You should know that they are not recommended for pregnant women (the first 3 months) and for children under 3 years old (with some exceptions). It is also important not to apply them to the mucous membranes or around the eyes. 

List of materials needed

To get started in the manufacture of your cosmetics, a minimum of material is necessary. Pyrex bowl, mini whisk, spatula, measuring spoon, transfer pipette, mini funnel, small saucepans for making. Bottles or containers, preferably in glass, for packaging your finished products. No need to turn your kitchen into a little chemist's workshop either.


The book of essential natural hygiene & beauty recipes

You have taken the plunge, determined to develop your own daily cosmetics. This book of 36 Anaé recipes will help you in this process. For several years, the Anaé brand has been developing an ecological range of simple, natural, long-lasting and economical products in the field of hygiene and cosmetics. It is therefore quite naturally and to extend this approach that the idea of this recipe book was born. All the recipes in this notebook have been tested and approved. Their requirement was to design a recipe book that was simple to prepare and made up of a minimum of ingredients to be accessible to as many people as possible and not to clutter up the bathroom! Most of the recipes described below in this file are taken from it.



Recettes soins du corps

Body care recipes

Ingrédients :

for about 100 ml of milk:

120 ml (107 g) organic camelina oil

2 level teaspoons (5g) beeswax

35 ml (35 g) spring water, chamomile or orange blossom hydrosol

6 ml (1 full tsp) of organic vegetable glycerin

10 drops of vitamin E antioxidant preservative

20 drops of true lavender essential oil (lavandula angustifolia)

In practice :

– Melt the beeswax with the camelina oil in a bain-marie until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

– Remove from the heat, add the glycerin, vitamin E preservative and lavender essential oil.

– Add the water by pouring it slowly, while gently mixing with a whisk until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

– Continue to mix until the mixture has completely cooled.

– Transfer to your pump bottle.

On vidéo :

The products I need for this recipe :

I make my shower gel

Ingrédients :

– 250 ml of anaé neutral cleansing base,

– 1 tbsp of organic vegetable glycerin,

– 10 drops of bitter orange petitgrain,

– 10 drops of rose geranium,

– 2 tbsp rose water

In practice :

– In a container of at least half a liter, mix the essential oils with the glycerin.

– Add the Anaé® neutral cleansing base, mixing with a wooden spoon.

– Then add the rose water.

Transfer to a pump bottle and use your shower gel on an Anaé® shower flower. Economical, very little product is enough.

The products I need for this recipe :

I make my deodorant

Ingrédients :

- 25 g of organic coconut vegetable oil

- 15 g baking soda

- 10 g of talc

- 5 drops of palmarosa essential oil

- 2.5 g of beeswax (1/2 tsp)

In practice :

– Start by weighing all your ingredients.

– Melt the coconut oil and beeswax in a bain-marie.

– Once the mixture has melted, gently add while mixing the baking soda and then the talc.

– To finish, add a few drops of Palmarosa essential oil and mix everything.

– Transfer the mixture obtained in your deodorant stick or in a jar and let it cool.

– Use deodorant at room temperature. If it is very hot, put it in the fridge.

The products I need for this recipe :

Talc powder - 300 grs - Anaé

Anaé Talc Powder is 100% natural, without perfume or adjuvant. It is particularly indicated for hygiene and daily care of babies and...
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I make my body scrub

Ingrédients :

- 40 grams of coconut oil

- 80 grams of powdered sugar (double the amount of oil)

- 6 drops of essential oil of your choice (lavender, orange, lemon, etc.)

- 2 drops of vitamin E (anti-oxidant) for preservation

And for a firming scrub, it is possible to add coffee grounds (50 grams) by increasing the amount of coconut oil to obtain a supple texture.

In practice :

– Heat the coconut oil in a bain-marie if it is solid or not liquid enough.

- Mix the powdered sugar and the coffee grounds if you have chosen to add some.

- Then mix the oil and sugar with the coffee grounds.

- Add essential oil and vitamin E drops.

The products I need for this recipe :

Facial care recipes

I make my moisturizer

Ingrédients :

- 6 g (2.5 cc) of beeswax.

- 60 ml of organic camelina oil

- 50 ml of organic rose water

In practice :

- Melt the beeswax in a bain-marie.

- Add organic camelina oil and water.

- Emulsify the preparation well to obtain a smooth and homogeneous cream.

- Add a few drops of essential oil of your choice.

- Transfer to a jar and seal well.

On vidéo :

The products I need for this recipe :

I make my cleansing milk

Ingrédients :

- 100 ml (92 g) of organic camelina oil (6 tablespoons)

- 2 tsp of beeswax

- 60 ml of rose water (4 tbsp)

- 2 tsp vegetable glycerin

- 15 drops of Geranium Rosat essential oil.

In practice :

- Melt the beeswax and pour the mixture into a bowl then add the organic glycerin.

– Add the organic camelina oil, stirring gently to make the preparation homogeneous.

– Place the bowl in a bain-marie and gently cool the mixture.

– Also warm the rose water using the same process.

– Remove the bowl containing the oily mixture, it must not be too hot, in order to avoid the degradation of the omega 3 contained in the camelina oil.

– Pour the lukewarm rose water into the oily mixture and beat vigorously to obtain an emulsion. You can use a hand blender for convenience.

– Add Geranium Rosat essential oil and stir gently.

Your cleansing milk is ready, you can pour it into a small glass jar or spray for its use.

On vidéo :

The products I need for this recipe :

I make my lip balm

Ingrédients :

- ½ tbsp of beeswax

- 2 tbsp organic coconut oil

- 1 tbsp of organic camelina oil.

In practice :

– Melt the beeswax and organic coconut oil in a bain-marie.

– Remove from the heat, add the organic camelina oil and stir quickly.

– Pour into a small jar and let cool so that the mixture hardens.

The products I need for this recipe :

I make my clay toothpaste

Ingrédients :

- 4 tbsp of white clay

- 1 tbsp cosmetic baking soda

- 2 tbsp peppermint essential oil

- 1 glass jar

In practice :
Mix the clay and baking soda then add the essential oil. That's all !

The products I need for this recipe :

I make my whitening toothpaste

Ingrédients :

- ½ tbsp powdered activated charcoal

- 2 tbsp cosmetic baking soda

- 2 tbsp of vegetable oil (olive, rapeseed, coconut, etc.)

- 1 to 2 drops of tea tree essential oil (optional)

- 1 glass jar

In practice :

Mix everything: the activated charcoal powder and baking soda in a small glass jar. Add oil and essential oil. Mix well.

The products I need for this recipe

I make my anti-blackhead poultice

Ingrédients :

- 1 tbsp powdered rhassoul

- 10 ml of organic Damask rose hydrosol

- 4 drops of tea tree essential oil

- 1 glass jar

In practice :
Mix the powdered rhassoul, rose hydrosol and tea tree essential oil in a bowl, ingredients by ingredient. Mix between each addition. Transfer the preparation to your glass container.

The products I need for this recipe :

Rhassoul powder - 500 grs - Anaé

Rhassoul is a natural mineral clay harvested in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco. It is used in cosmetics for skin and hair care....
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Hair care recipes

I make my styling wax

Ingrédients :

- 2 tbsp coconut oil

- 2 tbsp of beeswax

- 1 tbsp of dry oil (argan, jojoba)

- A few drops of essential oil if necessary.

In practice :

- Melt the oils and beeswax over low heat.

– Remove from the heat and add the essential oil.

– Pour the resulting mixture into a jar.

– When using it, take a dab of your preparation and warm it by rubbing it in your hands.

On vidéo :

The products I need for this recipe :

I make my hair vinegar

Ingrédients :

– 1 L of organic alcohol vinegar,

- 2 handfuls of dried or fresh rosemary leaves.

In practice :

– Heat the vinegar until it boils.

– Add the rosemary, let infuse for 2-3 minutes covered.

– Pour everything into a jar and leave to macerate for at least 15 days.

– Strain through a fine sieve or a coffee filter.

– Add a little of this vinegar to the last rinsing water of the hair after the shampoo or spray with a spray directly on the hair.

The products I need for this recipe :

Hand care recipes

I make my cream for dry hands

Ingrédients :

- 6 g (2.5 tsp) beeswax

- 16 ml (15 g) camelina oil

- 5 g (1 heaped tsp) organic shea butter

- 10 ml of calendula mother tincture.

In practice :

- Heat the beeswax, organic camelina oil and organic shea butter in a bain-marie.

- Mix until a homogeneous texture is obtained.

- Leave to cool to 40°C and add the mother tincture of calendula.

- Pour the preparation into a jar and let it cool and harden.

On vidéo :

The products I need for this recipe :

Nail cleaning

Ingrédients :

- 2 tsp baking soda

- 1 L of lukewarm water

In practice :
Mix baking soda in lukewarm water and immerse your hands for 15 min. You can use a brush if necessary. Rinse with clean water.

The products I need for this recipe :