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Rhassoul powder - 500 gr - anaea

Rhassoul powder - 500 grs

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Rhassoul is a natural mineral clay harvested in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco. It is used in cosmetics for skin and hair care. Its cleansing, absorbing and degreasing properties are amazing. Tube of 500 grams.

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Benefits of rhassoul for your skin

Rhassoul en poudre

The rhassoul will act as a blotter on the skin. It will purify, cleanse and tighten the pores of the face. It can be applied to the eye contour without damaging it or making it drier. Rhassoul can be used for all skin types but it is the ideal ally for oily skin. It will absorb excess sebum while deeply cleansing the skin and even ridding it of blackheads. It is immediately softer and purified. Since rhassoul is a gentle natural cleansing treatment, it can be used on sensitive and reactive skin as well as on acne-prone skin.

Benefits of rhassoul for your hair

Rhassoul is extremely gentle on the scalp. It will purify it by absorbing sebum and impurities. Unlike conventional shampoos which contain surfactants, rhassoul (which does not contain any) will cleanse without attacking the scalp and the sebaceous glands. It cleans in a physical process by absorbing dirt and grease. The rhassoul will also strengthen your hair from the root, give it more thickness and therefore volume and make it softer and shinier. If you have dry, devitalized hair, dandruff or an irritated scalp, adopt no poo (no shampoo) with rhassoul. Finally, as a hair ingredient, rhassoul is recognized as a mild cleanser and degreaser, to absorb excess sebum and impurities and to bring volume and swelling to the hair.

Benefits of this rhassoul

+ 100% natural saponiferous clay
+ Gentle cleaner and degreaser, does not irritate the sebaceous glands
+ Can be used as a shampoo (with water or as a dry shampoo) or as a soap
+ Purifying and descaling
+ Can be used alone or as an ingredient in simple do-it-yourself recipes.
+ Absorbs excess sebum and impurities
+ Not tested on animals

Utiliser le rhassoul comme shampooing sec

Examples of uses of rhassoul

Face & hair mask : Mix 3 tablespoons of lukewarm water in 1 bowl with a wooden spatula.

Face mask : Apply to the face. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Moisturize the skin after the treatment.

Hair mask : Apply to damp hair. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Dry shampoo : Sprinkle with rhassoul and massage the scalp well. Leave to act for 10 minutes. Brush hair upside down to remove powder.

Rhassoul, a very soft clay

Used for millennia in Eastern culture, powdered rhassoul (or ghassoul) is a volcanic clay harvested in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco. Extracted from the quarry, the rhassoul is simply sorted, washed with water to eliminate impurities then dried and received no additives or preservatives.

It has been used for centuries by oriental women for its purifying, softening and clarifying properties. This clay, also called "earth that washes", is traditionally used for hammam rituals, for skin and hair care, thanks to its amazing cleansing, absorbing and degreasing properties. It is often mixed with hydrosols of rose, orange blossom, argan oil or essential oils in order to sublimate their perfumes.

Ghassoul contains a large amount of natural foaming saponins. Its great softness makes it a clay that can be used for skin and hair. The protective film of the skin and the natural sheath of the hair are preserved.


COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standards.

Its composition

Accédez à notre dossier je fabrique mes cosmétiques maison

100% magnesia silicate (Rhassoul) - INCI designation: Moroccan lava clay.


Recyclable cardboard tube and PE lid of 500 grs. Dimensions: 208mm x 120mm

Precautions for use

Do not inhale. Keep dry and out of reach of children. In case of eye contact rinse without rubbing. Close the tube after use.

Learn more about the Anaé brand

Logo de la marque Anaé

Anaé® is the range of products dedicated to the toilet and hygiene of the whole family, in an ecological and economical version. Anaé ressources® is the line of basic ingredients allowing you to make a certain number of hygiene products yourself.

– the products are simple, adaptable to multiple uses and customizable according to the desires of the moment (essential oils, glycerin, etc.).

– Anaé ressources® products are composed of natural minerals and vegetable ingredients totally from French organic farming. The cosmetic products are Cosmos Organic certified.

– Anaé® textile products in organic cotton (discs to remove make-up, massage gloves, terry towels) are GOTS certified, for the respect of the environment and people.

The “most”: part of the loofah from the Anaé® range comes from Benin where Ecodis has initiated a solidarity agrobiology project to cultivate the plant at the origin of this vegetable sponge.

Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
Cosmos Organic
500 gr
What you need for :
Healthy glow mask
What you need for :
Rhassoul Shampoo
Key assets

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Safety Data Sheet

FDS Rhassoul powder Anaé

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Utilisé en masque cheveux, l'effet est parfait.


Parfait !

Je l'utilise comme shampooing sec, cela redonne du volume aux cheveux, mais on peut s'en servir aussi comme soin de la peau.

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Très agréable en bain par exemple, et économique

pauline l


Super service!
Produit au top!

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Rhassoul powder - 500 grs

Rhassoul is a natural mineral clay harvested in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco. It is used in cosmetics for skin and hair care. Its cleansing, absorbing and degreasing properties are amazing. Tube of 500 grams.

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