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Anaé neutral liquid soap - 1 liter

Neutral liquid soap - 1 litre

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This Anaé neutral cleansing base can be used as is or personalized according to your desires with an essential oil or glycerin. Shower gel, hand wash, liquid soap... personalized according to the desire of the moment. Concentrated, it is very economical and can be diluted. 1 liter bottle.

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Presentation neutral washing base

Utiliser la base lavante neutre Anaé en gel douche

Extremely gentle, enriched with vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed), without any aggressive surfactants, this neutral cleansing base can be used for the body, face and hands, pure or enhanced with essential oils or active ingredients adapted to your skin.

If you are tired of shower gels and other cosmetics made up of sulphates and controversial substances, the Anaé neutral cleansing base is an excellent way to wash yourself while controlling the composition. You can absolutely use it as it is, without addition. But you can also personalize it by adding an essential oil that you particularly like, a little glycerin from floral water...

And its applications don't stop at the toilet. You can absolutely use this washing base in your daily care at home. It will be excellent as a liquid household soap (laundry, floors, etc.).

Advantages of the neutral washing base

+ Excellent base for making your own cleaning and hygiene products

+ Economical: you will need little to incorporate into your homemade preparations to provide the necessary hydration

+ No added fragrance

+ Of cosmetic quality and respectful of the balance of the skin

+ Ingredients from organic farming certified by Ecocert

+ 100% recyclable packaging

In summary

Utiliser la base lavante neutre Anaé pour le rasage

In summary, this washing base will be perfect in particular :
- As a liquid soap for washing hands
- As a shower gel for washing the body
- As a multi-purpose soap cleaning product (hand washing, floor washing, kitchen cleaning, etc.).

However, avoid it as a base for shampoo. The composition is too rich and therefore not suitable for hair washing.

Due to its high concentration (20%), this soap can be diluted (2 parts soap with 1 part water).

The smell of the washing base is characteristic of the rapeseed and sunflower oils that it contains in high proportion. This smell is quite strong.

The sodium hydroxide contained in the formula is, along with fatty substances, the basic ingredient of soaps. By reacting with fatty acids, it accomplishes saponification. It will also aim to regulate the pH of the preparation (just like potassium hydroxide).

Instructions for use

Apply the gel to wet skin, massage and rinse with clear water. Concentrated, this washing base can be diluted with 1 part water to 2 parts soap. This neutral base can also be used in the house as liquid household soap (laundry, floors, etc.): 2 squirts in 5 liters of water to clean the floor.

Recipe ideas

Fabriquer son gel douche douceur florale à base de glycérine végétale

1 - Floral gentle shower gel
In a container of at least half a liter, mix the essential oils with the glycerin, then add the Anaé neutral washing base, mixing with a wooden spoon. Then add the rose water

Ingredients 250 ml of Anaé neutral cleansing base, 1 tbsp of organic vegetable glycerin, 10 drops of Petitgrain bigarade essential oil, 10 drops of Geranium rosat essential oil, 2 tbsp of rose water. Preparation time: 5 minutes - Storage: up to 3 months.


Fabriquer son gel à raser avec la base lavante neutre

2 - Shaving gel for women
Mix all the ingredients until a homogeneous texture is obtained. Transfer to a pump bottle. The skin is protected and hydrated during shaving, which limits irritation.

Ingredients30 grams of Anaé cleansing base, 2 tbsp of camelina oil, 20 drops of lavender essential oil and 1 tbsp of water. Preparation time: 5 minutes - Storage: up to 3 months.

Its composition

Utiliser la base lavante neutre Anaé pour fabriquer un pousse-mousse

Aqua, Potassium rapeseedate*, Potassium sunflowerseedate*, Potassium linseedate*, Glycerin*, Sodium bicarbonate, Citric acid, Potassium hydroxide.

*Ingredients from organic farming.
18.5% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.
100% of the total is of natural origin.  


Cosmos Organic, certified by Ecocert greenlife according to the COSMOS standard available at http://cosmos.ecocert.com


1 liter recyclable PET bottle. Valve cap. Packaging France.

Precautions for use

Do not apply on mucous membranes. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Store between 10 and 30°C.

Learn more about the Anaé brand

Logo de la marque Anaé

Anaé® is the range of products dedicated to the toilet and hygiene of the whole family, in an ecological and economical version. Anaé ressources® is the line of basic ingredients allowing you to make a certain number of hygiene products yourself.

– the products are simple, adaptable to multiple uses and customizable according to the desires of the moment (essential oils, glycerin, etc.).

– Anaé ressources® products are composed of natural minerals and vegetable ingredients totally from French organic farming. The cosmetic products are Cosmos Organic certified.

– Anaé® textile products in organic cotton (discs to remove make-up, massage gloves, terry towels) are GOTS certified, for the respect of the environment and people.

The “most”: part of the loofah from the Anaé® range comes from Benin where Ecodis has initiated a solidarity agrobiology project to cultivate the plant at the origin of this vegetable sponge.

Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
Cosmos Organic
1 liter
What you need for :
Gentle floral shower gel
What you need for :
Shaving gel

Specific references

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Neutral liquid soap - 1 litre

This Anaé neutral cleansing base can be used as is or personalized according to your desires with an essential oil or glycerin. Shower gel, hand wash, liquid soap... personalized according to the desire of the moment. Concentrated, it is very economical and can be diluted. 1 liter bottle.

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