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Organic musk rose vegetable oil – 30 ml – Direct Nature

Organic rosehip vegetable oil – 30 ml

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Direct Nature organic Rosehip vegetable oil perfectly moisturizes the skin, while preserving its beauty and tone. This oil, derived from the seeds of the flower, is a precious ally for the beauty of the skin thanks to its multiple virtues. 30ml bottle.

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Fleurs de rose musquée

Presentation of rosehip vegetable oil

The organic rosehip vegetable oil Direct Nature regenerating and soften them mature skin, tired and sensitive thanks to its natural richness in omega 3, 6, carotenoids, vitamin E and A (retinol.).

It is traditionally used for its regenerating, restructuring and anti-oxidant qualities on all parts of the body. It is an extremely rich vegetable oil of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids considered excellent skin regenerators. It is thus well known as anti-aging oil. As a result, it is suitable for mature skins, wrinkles, old-age stains or stretches. But it is perfectly suited to all skin types (dries, damaged or sensitive. ).

Gorge of antioxidants, it guarantees a wrinkles mitigation already existing and a prevention of the appearance of the next wrinkles: for a natural lifting effect. It will therefore be very effective in beauty routines aimed at taking care of the face, especially as anti-wrinkles.

This oil contains neither colouring nor conservative nor synthetic fragrance. The Organic vegetable oil of rosehip presents the advantage of being very well absorbed by the skin and offering a perfectly dry touch. Very penetrating, it allows for example makeup just after its application; it erases all dead skin cells, promoting the presence of young cells.

Rosehip oil prevents dermis excroisance. Indeed, she reduces scar relief hypertrophic or retractil, even old, homogenizes the color of scars with that of the skin. It is effective on recent scars as old.

Its richness in essential fatty acids and antioxidants allows it to nourish, strengthen and soften skin tissues.

Finally, it is a powerful restorative care: for give tone skin and sublime his carnation, nothing like a regular application of vegetable oil of rosehip ! The vegetable oil of Rosehip  is therefore ideal for all cosmetic and dermatological care.

Zoom on vegetable oil of rosehip

Rose musquée

Botanical name :Rosa rubiginosa. from organic farming
From the family of the eglantine, the rosehip grows wild in America and more particularly in Chile and the Andes Cordillera. Over there, the musketed rosier proliferates in the form of a small spicy shrub. It gives white or pink rosehip and especially fruits of exceptional vitamin C richness. The harvest of these fruits is done in the spring, then a cold pressure is exerted on these fruits to obtain an orange-coloured oil.

The advantages of rosehip oil

+ Give good mine
+ Improves the look of scars which are recent or old
+ Prevents stretches
+ Anti-wrinkles, fight against premature aging,
+ Narrow on old age spots (brown spots)
+ Acts on all scars like that left by acne or chickenpox
+ Acts on burns and sunburn
+ Revitalized and dehydrated skins

Rosehip : what skin types ?

Rosehip vegetable oil is ideal for all skin types. But it offers all its potential on mature, dry, damaged or sensitive skins. Its composition rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants gives it perfect properties for both regenerating, reconstituting the epidermis, softening and giving your skin a better elasticity. Its fast penetration without leaving fat film makes it an excellent cosmetic product.

What about the hair ?

If the properties of rosehip oil are above all recognized for the skin, they can also have a real interest in your hair. It allows to obtain a soft, supple and shiny hair. For an optimal result, don’t hesitate to apply it to the whole of your crib before going to sleep, so that the oil completely penetrates the hair fiber. The next day, make 2 shampoos (see more if you feel that your hair is still fat), dry and you will see: your hair will be shining health! Another option if you have fatty hair with roots and dry on the tips: apply rosehip oil in the way of a serum, only on the tips. After a month, you can say goodbye to your forks without necessarily having to cut them.

Rosehip oil is indicated in case of

- Mature skin: wrinkles action, wrinkles, premature aging, old age spots
- Dry, damaged, sensitive or devitalized skin
- Prevention and care of rods
- After sun care
- Ingredient massage support very appreciated

Instructions for use

- Nutritional day or night creams, repairers
- Creams to prevent aging
- Soothing after-shave or post-epilation soothing care
- Repair emulsions for hands, body or face
- Specific care for mitigating rods

The info +

The Musque Rose (Rosa rubiginosa) is often confused with her close cousin, the eglant, also known as wild rose or dog rosier (Rosa canina), who comes from Europe. These two oils are often confused because both plants are part of the same botanical family of the Rosaaceae. Their composition is ultimately very similar and thus their properties also. They can thus easily replace each other. Be careful not to confuse either the rosehip with the Damascus Rose or the absolute Rose. The smell is very different.

Examples of uses of rosehip vegetable oil

In case of brown spots or old age
The cellular regeneration capacity of this vegetable oil allows it to act effectively to mitigate tasks. Combined with specific essential oils such as carrot, celery or Livèche, the effect will only be improved. Massage a few drops of rosehip oil in the morning and evening at the task level.

Healing oil against streaks
Ultra regenerating, rosehip oil makes wonders on recent streaks and scars by activating micro vascularization, which reduces scars and homogenizes the color. In a bottle, mix 30 ml of rosehip with 30 ml of avocado oil and 30 ml of calophylle oil. Add 20 drops of essential oil italian helichryse and 10 drops vitamin E. Apply on the recent morning and evening stretches to fade. Do not use as much as she is in the pregnant woman. However, this healing oil can be used in pregnant or breastfeeding women, in the prevention of rods without the essential oil of Italian helicopter.

In case of wrinkles or wrinkles
In addition to a rich composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids, rosehip oil reveals a varied composition of phytosterols, squalene, vitamin E, carotenoids but also in phenolic compounds. Vitamins E and A provide very interesting anti-oxidant properties to fight wrinkles. By fighting against free radicals, one of the major causes of tissue aging, the Musque Rose oil will strengthen its action against wrinkles. Massage a few drops of rosehip oil in the morning and evening on your skin.

In case of scars, burns or cuts
Once again, with its exemplary composition, particularly its richness in polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 and 6, this vegetable oil will be very useful to regenerate the cells and maintain a good state of suppleness of the skin. Thus, in case of skin lesions, cuts, burns or scars, vegetable oil of rosehip will actively participate in cell reconstruction while soothing the skin. Massage a few drops of rosehip oil in the morning and evening on your skin.

Day cream or night cream
In day cream: apply pure or mixed directly to a face. Wait a few minutes before you're up. The waiting time is not long because the skin quickly absorbs the rosehip oil.
In night cream: between 1 hour and 30 minutes before going to bed, apply the vegetable oil of rosehip on a clean face, before cleaned and dried.

Anti-ageing care
Add 2 drops of essential oil cistus ladaniferous (Cistus ladaniferus) and 1 drop of essential oil italian helichryse (Helichrysum italicum) in 15 ml of rosehip oil (a soup spoon) Apply a few drops of this serum to the clean face. Let it go in a few moments. Carefully avoid the eye contour.

His composition

Rosa rubigina seed oil*
(*) Ingredients from organic farming
100% of the ingredients are natural and organic.


30 ml brown glass bottle. Plug with integrated drop break (oil flows in thin net).

Precautions and storage

Not recommended to people allergic to nuts. Don't drink. Keep your vegetable oils properly closed and out of reach of children. Generally, keep away from light and heat. If you use your vegetable oils for cosmetic use, you can add 8 drops of vitamin E for 100 ml of oil (directly in the bottle) to protect your vegetable oils from oxidation and preserve their intact properties throughout the conservation period.

Learn more

In order to guarantee a high level of quality for our vegetable oils, we only selected virgin oils obtained by first cold pressure. This mode of production allows you not to heat oils and thus keep a better product quality. They are 100% pure and natural guarantees. To learn more about rosehip vegetable oil, please consult our file.

30 ml
Moisturize - nourish
Repair - regenerate - restructure
Specific care
Skin brands
Specific care
Skin spots
Specific care
Anti-aging - Anti-oxidant
Specific care
Specific care
Specific care
Buttons - imperfections
Body area
Whole body
Body area
Body area
Face face face
Skin type
A specific problem / small bobos
Skin type
Hair type

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basique pour la peau

je l utise en permanence avec d autres huiles vegetales ,bon antirides

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Organic rosehip vegetable oil – 30 ml

Direct Nature organic Rosehip vegetable oil perfectly moisturizes the skin, while preserving its beauty and tone. This oil, derived from the seeds of the flower, is a precious ally for the beauty of the skin thanks to its multiple virtues. 30ml bottle.

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