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Roll-On steel ball stopper for glass bottle - DIN18

Roll-On steel ball stopper for glass bottles - DIN18

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This roll-on cap is equipped with a steel ball. Once placed on the glass bottle of your choice, it can be used for very localised skin applications (bruises, pimples, temples, etc).

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Roll'On cap, adaptable on all essential oil bottles from 5 to 100ml, sold on this site.

Cap for DIN18 opening bottles (the standard European screw thread).

Once clipped onto the glass bottle of your choice, this Roll'On cap will allow you to apply all your aromatherapy or cosmetic preparations in a localised and targeted manner.

This Roll'On cap with its ball support releases your cosmetic preparation evenly over a surface of about 6 mm (diameter of the ball), even with the most viscous preparations (based on castor oil for example) and the most concentrated in essential oils (up to 100%). Its screw cap allows you to close your bottle for easy transport.

Principle of the Roll'on cap with integrated ball

The complete system is screwed onto the bottle. The ball holder and its ball are fixed inside the neck of the bottle during the first screwing.

The tamper-evident ring (6) attached to the cap passes the tamper-evident ring of the bottle. The first unscrewing removes the ring which remains attached to the bottle. The cap releases the ball holder and the ball which remain attached to the neck. When the cap is screwed back on, the ball holder is placed in the cap.

How the Roll'on cap with integrated ball works

- The steel ball (3) is mounted in the PE ball holder (2) which is clipped into the self-sealing PE cap (1). The wider fins of the ball holder are inserted and remain fixed by means of a rail system cut into the cap.

- The ball holder with the ball is centred in the cap by a ring (4) which guides it in a tight fit.

- The system is sealed by pressure when closed. A pin (5) presses on the ball, which presses and seals the bottom of the ball holder, making the block hermetic.

Operation of the tamper evident cap with steel ball

Advantages of this system

- The system guarantees the integrity of the product at the first opening, thanks to the tamper evident ring remaining on the bottle when the cap is unscrewed.

- The system is delivered assembled: The 3 components of the accessory are assembled and delivered in one piece in order to facilitate in a single operation the installation of the ball holder in the neck and the screwing of the tamper evident cap.

The steel ball is stainless. This inert material (no chemical reaction possible with the contents) offers very good mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

The ball holder is clipped onto the glass bottle when the cap is screwed on. It can be removed. The roll-on bottle is therefore reusable and easy to clean and disinfect. 

Finally, this cap is made of polyethylene (PE). It offers good resistance to temperature, scratches, shocks and bending. It is also very light and rigid. In addition, this material contains no bisphenol or phthalates.

To summarise : the advantages of the Roll'on cap

+ Practical : the rotating ball offers a good distribution whatever the viscosity of your oily preparation

+Removable, cleanable and reusable
+Simple and neat appearance
+Resistant and compatible with pure essential oils or blends with high concentrations of essential oils thanks to its resistant materials: glass and steel


Once clipped in, ideal for

- Anti-migraine care

- Anti-boutoon and redness treatments

- Energy treatments for local application

- Massage oils for the hands and the arch of the foot

- Eye decongestants (bags, dark circles)

- Anti-wrinkle and fine line treatments for lips and eyes

- Treatments for local imperfections 

- Precious perfumes and serums 

- Soothing plant oil synergies

- Care products concentrated up to 100% in essential oils

Tip for disassembling the ball holder

Although it is not easy to dismantle the ball holder once it has been completely inserted into the glass bottle, it is not impossible. Once your preparation is finished, the trick is to disassemble the PE ball holder (white) from the cap (black) and to push the ball holder in by hand (and not by tightening the cap). There is then an intermediate position when it is pushed in which allows a total seal and above all which will allow you to remove the ball holder without difficulty by levering it with a mini flat screwdriver. The only disadvantage of this method (if it is one!) is that the cap cannot be screwed in to its maximum without pushing the ball holder all the way back onto the glass bottle. However, there will be no leakage and you can reuse and dismantle it many times.


Black cap with integrated steel ball. Also available in packs of 6.


Colette w


Vraiment très pratique à utiliser parfait pour les huile essentielle


Bouchon Roll-On bille acier pour flacon en verre

très bien, j'en racheterai


Bouchon à bille

Parfait. Bonne qualité. Idéal quand on prépare comme moi ses propres synergies d'huiles essentielles

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Roll-On steel ball stopper for glass bottles - DIN18

This roll-on cap is equipped with a steel ball. Once placed on the glass bottle of your choice, it can be used for very localised skin applications (bruises, pimples, temples, etc).

Write your review