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Penn'Ty Bio empty bottles : the freedom to create your own homemade skincare products with ease

In the world of cosmetics and aromatherapy, more and more people are turning to natural, homemade solutions. With this in mind, Penn'Ty Bio offers a range of empty bottles, allowing wellness enthusiasts to package their precious preparations themselves.

With their compact size and elegant design, these empty bottles are easy to carry and use every day. Whether you need a small 5 ml bottle for when you're on the move, or a more generous 100 ml format for large quantities of preparations, Penn'Ty Bio has a range to meet all your requirements.


A customised solution for every need

Penn'Ty Bio's empty bottles offer a multitude of possibilities for concocting your own homemade skincare products. Whether it's essential oil blends for aromatherapy, facial serums, massage oils or body balms, these bottles can be adapted to suit all your creations. So you can tailor recipes to your specific needs and skin type, while avoiding the undesirable ingredients found in many commercial products.


An eco-responsible gesture

By opting for Penn'Ty Bio's empty bottles, you're taking a step towards eco-responsibility. Rather than buying pre-packaged products in often excessive packaging, you can reuse these solid, recyclable glass bottles. This considerably reduces your ecological footprint, helping to reduce plastic waste and preserve our environment.


Preserving the quality of ingredients

Penn'Ty Bio's empty bottles are made from high-quality glass, offering optimum protection against light and air. This preserves the quality and effectiveness of your blends of essential oils or cosmetic ingredients that are sensitive to oxidation. Your preparations will stay fresh and active for longer.

10 ml bottle + safety stopper

Empty yellow glass bottle 10 ml with safety cap

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Empty yellow glass bottle with dropper cap to make your own preparations or mixtures. Bottle of 10 ml.

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This yellow glass bottle will allow you to store all your essential oils, compositions and synergies protected from air and light. The codigoutte stopper equipping this bottle will know how to dose your preparations drop by drop. Moreover, the cap is equipped with a tamper-evident ring.

Less cumbersome than a bottle with a dropper, the codigout bottle is very easy to handle. Simply turn the bottle upside down.

Advantages of this 10 ml glass bottle

+ Quality and robustness of the yellow glass

+ DIN18 cap - Europe

+ Drop by drop dispensing

+ Codigoutte and insert adapted to "medium fluid" oils (e.g. Atlas cedar)

+ Tamper evident ring and perfect sealing of the codigoutte cap

+ Protection from light.

The bonus

To better identify your bottle, we offer you a blank label. It will be perfect to note the name of your recipe, its composition, its use or its date of manufacture. 


Capacity and dimensions

Capacity : 10 ml.

Height of the bottle : 6 cm.

10 ml

Specific references



Parfait !

Flacon parfaitement adapté pour le diffuseur d'huiles essentielles;



Bien pratique pour des petits mélanges d'huiles essentielles

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Empty yellow glass bottle 10 ml with safety cap

Empty yellow glass bottle with dropper cap to make your own preparations or mixtures. Bottle of 10 ml.

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