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Logo La Droguerie Ecologique


For nearly 15 years the motto of Ecological Drug® has been " Do your own maintenance products! "

With a few simple, ecological and economical ingredients, you can effectively maintain all the rooms of the house, but also the garden, workshop, car... so don’t hesitate and adopt the mind Ecological drugs®:

1 - simple, concentrated and multi-use products that offer an alternative to complicated and costly formulations of many brands.

2 - a preference for quasi-illimited and non-toxic mineral raw materials or plant products from organic farming with simple manufacturing processes.

3 - products manufactured in France or in Western Europe with a minimum of energy and raw materials to preserve the environment and jobs. !


Ecological Drugs: a brand that proposes to clean natural, otherwise

L'esprit Droguerie Ecologique

The products offered are manufactured in Western Europe with a minimum of energy and raw materials. For the house, the garden, the workshop... a range of economic and astute products that you will not soon be able to pass!

The spirit of Ecological Drugs is to present simple products with reduced impact on the environment and light for your portfolio. This company selects for you non-toxic mineral raw materials (sels, lands, chalks, etc.) and vegetable materials from organic farming.

By choosing sources of supply in France and Europe, Ecological Drugs also limits the environmental impact of the transport of goods.

Ecological Drugs encourages the realization of “homemade” products: discovering this brand is also feeding our curiosity and enhancing our personal work for a healthier planet and a healthier home.


The Spirit Drugs Ecological

1 - A choice of quality products
Development of simple and multi-use products made from abundant mineral raw materials (sel, chalk, land...) and plant from organic farming.

2 - Low environmental impact
Selection of products made with minimum energy and raw materials to preserve the environment. The products are concentrated and contain little water to limit their impact on transport.

3 - A preserved local know-how
Selection of supply sources and manufacturers systematically in France and Western Europe to preserve employment and know-how.


Ecological labels

1 - Ecocert Greenlife
Ecocert has created two levels of labelling of detergent products that aim at a higher level of quality than that defined by French or European legislation. The first level, "Ecodetergent" guarantees a real value of agro-resources and a environmentally friendly practice throughout the production chain. The second level, "Ecodetergent with organic ingredients" imposes a minimum of 10% of ingredients from organic farming.

2 -FCS®
This international label aims at the conservation, sustainable exploitation, forest development and respect for biotopes and forest populations. The FSC® rules (Forest Stewardship Council) are the highest in forest management and the highest in social and environmental requirements FSC®.

3 -Organic agriculture
The French label and the European label of organic products guarantee respect for the environment by for example banning synthetic products and GMOs. Ecodis’s eco-products favour plant raw materials from organic farming: lin oil, palm oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, ethanol.

Le logo Soft Impact


Their ecological requirements

1 - Soft impact
This pictogram, which you can find on products La Droguerie Ecologique, indicates that they have been designed with the objective of a minimum impact on the environment: use of abundant natural resources, French or European manufacturing, not or little transformation, eco-designed packaging, ecological label.

2 -The Carbon Index (IC)
The carbon index, a true environmental indicator, is calculated based on the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the different stages of the product’s life cycle (fabrication, transport, packaging, distribution). The unit is the CO2 equivalent gram per 100g of product. To have the IC details of each brand product, appointment on this page.

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