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Healthy hair with organic shampoos

Caring for our hair with natural, environmentally-friendly products has become a priority for many people who are concerned about their health and the planet.

On the Penn'Ty Bio online shop, a wide range of organic shampoos is available, offering a gentle and effective solution for healthy, shiny hair.

Natural, beneficial formulas : The organic shampoos offered by Penn'Ty Bio are formulated with natural and organic ingredients, carefully selected for their beneficial effects on the hair. Free from sulphates, silicones and parabens, these shampoos respect the balance of the scalp while preserving the health of your hair.

For all hair types : Whether you have dry, oily, curly or coloured hair, Penn'Ty Bio has shampoos to suit all hair types. Specific formulas are also available for sensitive scalps or those prone to dandruff, offering a personalised solution for everyone.

Radiance and softness : Thanks to their natural, nourishing ingredients such as argan oil, aloe vera and camomile, Penn'Ty Bio's organic shampoos restore your hair's radiance and softness. They help strengthen hair, reduce frizz and soothe the scalp, for healthy, silky hair.

Respect for the environment : These shampoos are made from organically grown ingredients, reducing their impact on the planet. What's more, the packaging used is often recyclable, for a completely ecological approach.


Why choose Penn'Ty Bio organic shampoos ?

Choosing your organic shampoo from Penn'Ty Bio means choosing quality, protecting the health of your hair and preserving the environment. These products offer a natural alternative to conventional shampoos, while giving you visible, long-lasting results.

Discover them in liquid, solid or powder form. There's a shampoo for everyone !

Our organic shampoos are much more than just a hair product. They embody a respectful approach to beauty, highlighting the power of natural ingredients for healthy, radiant hair.

Choose Penn'Ty Bio organic shampoos and give your hair the best that nature has to offer !

Solid shampoo 2 in 1 at aloe vera – 85 grs – this bio

Solid shampoo 2 in 1 with Aloe Vera – 85 grs

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Combining the softness of organic coconut oil and the freshness of Aloe Vera, Ce'Bio Aloe Vera solid shampoo is a 2 in 1 for all hair types. It nourishes and detangles the hair, with great efficiency. Bread of 85 grs.

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Gamme bio de cosmétiques solides

Effet de l'aloe vera sur les cheveux

A detangling and moisturizing solid

The 2 in 1 Aloe Vera Ce'Bio solid shampoo has been formulated for all hair types with ingredients known to restore softness and suppleness to your hair : Organic Aloe Vera juice and organic coconut oil.

It was created in a zero waste approach and allows you to wash your hair in a practical and eco-responsible way. Its use is very simple and suitable for the whole family.

It brings freshness and softness to all types of scalps, even the most sensitive.

Advantages of this 2-in-1 solid shampoo

+ 2 in 1 shampoo with detangling properties

+ For all hair types

+ Active ingredients selected to restore softness and suppleness to your hair

+ Formulated under pharmaceutical control

+ Very economical, 1 shampoo of 85g is equivalent to 2 shampoos in 200 ml tube

+ Ideal for travel

+ 100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

+ Zero waste objective: No plastic bottle and packaged in a recyclable cardboard box

+ Certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Cosmecert according to the COSMOS standard 

+ Made in the south of France 

The action of Aloe vera on hair

Hair can become dehydrated due to various factors: temperature differences (sea, mountain...), chemical coloring, unsuitable shampoo... And this dehydration affects all types of hair, whether they are colored or not.

The moisturizing and regulating power of Aloe Vera is well known.

This organic solid shampoo with native Aloe Vera juice has been formulated specifically to counter the effects of dehydration. It will therefore be perfect to rebalance, moisturize and repair your scalp.

Aloe vera naturally contains many nutrients. They strengthen the scalp and prevent hair loss. 

This plant works wonders on dry, dull, brittle, damaged and dandruff-prone hair. It revitalizes hair at the root and restores beauty and shine to the hair, making it shine and soft as silk. 

Benefits of Aloe Vera on hair

1 - Aloe vera revitalizes hair by providing all the nutrients it lacks: vitamins, minerals...

2 - Aloe vera helps hair grow faster and strengthens the hair fiber, in combination with vegetable oils such as coconut oil or argan oil associated with essential oils

3 - Aloe vera takes care of colored, very dry, split and brittle hair

4 - Aloe vera regulates the sebum of oily hair

5 - Aloe vera calms and relieves itching of the scalp and helps repair the skin in case of seborrheic dermatitis

6 - Aloe vera strengthens and gives volume to fine hair and limits hair loss

7 - Aloe vera helps to style curly hair

8 - Aloe vera moisturizes hair on a daily basis 

What is solid shampoo ?

Shampooing solide développé et fabriqué en France

Just like its liquid counterpart that we have always known, the solid shampoo aims to clean your hair and scalp. The difference is that it comes in the form of a bar of soap. The advantages are numerous :

1 - Very effective : Yes. Solid shampoos are all as effective as liquid shampoos, or even more, as long as you choose the reference adapted to your hair type. As there is almost no water in this solid cosmetic, the concentration of active ingredients is much stronger.

2 - A healthy product : The Cosmo Naturel brand is committed to working with the most natural formulas possible. The active surfactants used in their shampoos are perfectly adapted and non-aggressive. Sodium coco sulfate (a derivative of coconut oil) and Decyl glucoside (corn sugar and coconut oil) offer both an excellent foaming power, washing, but also a good distribution on your hair. Sodium Coco Sulfate (SCS) is a natural alternative to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), and is less irritating than SLS. It is also the only one of all the solid surfactants tested that can satisfactorily formulate an effective solid shampoo. It tolerates a high proportion of butters or oils in formulas, which considerably softens the formulas containing it.

3 - More economical : If the purchase price is a little higher than a classic liquid shampoo, you will save money over time because a solid shampoo lasts much longer. In comparison, 1 solid shampoo of 85 grs = 2 shampoos of 200 ml

4 - More ecological : Using a solid shampoo is an ecological act. The manufacture of solid cosmetics reduces the impact on the environment by using recyclable cardboard packaging and reducing water consumption. You contribute to reduce the use of plastic (shampoo bottle) and therefore participate in reducing the amount of waste related to your consumption. It is a real commitment to preserve the planet.

5 - Ease of transport : Solid cosmetics are easy and practical to transport. They are small and light, perfect for travelling with you! Carrying a bottle of shampoo is always perilous. And, if you're flying, there's the issue of how much liquid you can carry. With solid shampoo, you won't have that problem. All you need is a soap box to carry your shampoo without fear.

1 shampooing solide 85gr = 2 shampooings liquide 200ml

Its main active ingredients

Actifs jus d'Aloe vera et huile de coco

Organic Aloe vera : The aloe is a medicinal plant native of Africa and Madagascar. During the ancient Egypt, the juice of this plant was supposed to give health, beauty and eternity. Today it is recognized worldwide for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It also has nutritive and moisturizing properties, which promotes hair growth. In addition to nourishing the lengths and ends with fat, it is necessary to bring them hydration with water. This is a good thing, as the leaves of the aloe vera plant are 98% composed of water. Aloe vera also brings shine and strength to the hair. In addition to being moisturized, they are less brittle.

Organic Coconut oil
Coconut is the symbol of tropical beaches. Behind the hard shell of the fruit hides a real treasure with its pulp and milk. The coconut milk, obtained by pressing the pulp, makes the skin soft and supple. Coconut oil, also known as coconut fat, is obtained from the pulp. Thanks to its high content of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is very nourishing for the skin and hair and offers a bewitching smell. A true beauty ally for colored, dry, brittle and damaged hair, coconut oil improves the cohesion of hair scales, strengthens the hydrophobic barrier, restructures the exterior of the hair fiber and strengthens the hair follicles. The hair is sheathed. Your hair regains its shine and beauty by being both softer and more supple. 

How to use this shampoo ?

Rub your solid shampoo directly onto wet hair or rub it onto your hands before applying it to your hair, massage gently and rinse thoroughly with clear water. Once you are done using your solid shampoo, place it on a soap dish to dry. Once it's completely dry, you can leave it there (but make sure it doesn't get wet every time you shower) or store it in a soap box.

Store away from moisture after each use.

Due to the natural origin of the raw materials used, variations (especially in color or viscosity) may be observed in this product from one batch to another, without altering its qualities. This product can be used for 12 months after the first use. 


COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Cosmecert according to the COSMOS standard. 

Its composition

Sodium coco-sulfate, Stearyl alcohol, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil*, Citric acid, Parfum, Decyl glucoside, Aqua.

* Ingredients from organic farming
20% of the total ingredients are from organic farming
100% of the total is of natural origin


5 grams bread packaged in a 100% recyclable cardboard box.

Learn more about the Ce'Bio brand

Logo de la marque Ce'Bio

Ce'Bio is a brand of Laboratoire Gravier which has very strict requirements in terms of composition and origin of ingredients. The Ce'Bio brand offers organic cosmetics made in France for everyone. Discover products with concentrated formulas for the body and hair on a 100% vegetable base. 

The products are formulated without petrochemical elements and their foaming bases are ultra-soft, allowing a daily use. These body and hair care products have 100% natural fragrances with fruity and gourmand scents and all the packaging of the brand is recyclable and economical. Products not tested on animals. 

Labels / certifications
Cosmos Organic
85 gr
By type
Type of hair
Type of hair
Type of hair
Type of hair
Type of hair
Type of hair
A problems
Type of hair
Type of hair

Specific references

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Solid shampoo 2 in 1 with Aloe Vera – 85 grs

Combining the softness of organic coconut oil and the freshness of Aloe Vera, Ce'Bio Aloe Vera solid shampoo is a 2 in 1 for all hair types. It nourishes and detangles the hair, with great efficiency. Bread of 85 grs.

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