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Concentrated wool shampoo - 1.5 litre – Lerutan

Concentrated wool shampoo - 1.5 liter

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The shampoo wool Lerutan is usable in hand washing or washing machine. It gently washs the linen by respecting natural fibres. Wool shampoo Lerutan is scented with organic lavender essential oil. 1.5 litre bottle.

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plus-produit.pngKEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

case-a-cocher.jpgCares for delicate textiles, cottons, silks, woollens and underwear
case-a-cocher.jpgLeaves a soft scent of Provence
case-a-cocher.jpgUp to 50 washes
case-a-cocher.jpgEcocert certified

The king of delicate textiles

Concentrated wool shampoo is a detergent that can be used for all delicate textiles, organic cotton, silk, woollens and underwear.

It will gently take care of your laundry, leaving it with a Provençal scent.

This detergent can be used in hand wash or machine wash.

It does not contain ethoxylated surfactant, lauryl ether sulfate and synthetic dye. Scented with essential oil, it is ideal for black and dark clothes, organic cotton, silk, woollens, underwear and all delicate textiles.

It is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Estimated number of machine washes

With this 1.5 liter bottle, you can do up to 50 washes (for moderately soiled laundry and moderately hard water).

Benefits of this wool shampoo

+ Ideal for black and dark clothes, organic cotton, silk, woollens, underwear and delicate textiles
+ Gently takes care of your laundry
+ Scented with essential oils
+ Without synthetic dye, without ethoxylated surfactant, without lauryl ether sulphate
+ Certified by Ecocert
+ Not tested on animals
+ Recyclable packaging
+ Optimum biodegradability
+ Developed and manufactured in France

Review Penn'Ty Bio

With this product, your woolens will be particularly soft. No need to use a fabric softener (or possibly with mohair if you want a "super soft").

Machine wash

Dosage : for a 4 to 5 kg machine. 1 cap = 30ml.

Degree of soiling of the linen (for an average water hardness (from 20 to 35 French degrees) :
1/2 pod for lightly soiled laundry
1 pod for dirty laundry
1 + 1/4 of a pod for very dirty laundry
1 + 1/2 of a pod for very, very dirty laundry

+1/4 additional pod for very hard water (more than 35 French degrees)
- 1/4 pod for slightly hard water (less than 20 French degrees)
+ 1/2 pod to pre-wash

Hand washing

1/2 pod for 10 liters of water. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water. After use, rinse well and dry your hands.

Note : In application of the agreement between the Ministry of the Environment and the Association des Détergents, in order to obtain the best washing results without waste and without superfluous contribution to the environment, find out about the hardness of your water and follow the instructions carefully.

Its composition

Among other components, this product contains
- from 5 to 15%: Anionic surfactant.
- Less than 5%: Non-ionic surfactant, fragrance (essential oil), Linalool*, Limonene*
Also contains: water, salt, citric acid

** naturally contained substances in essential oils. 100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.


Eco-detergent based on organic ingredients certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert standard.


1500ml bottle.

A product that can congeal with the cold

Stored at low temperatures, it tends to congeal but returned to a temperature above 15°C, it resumes its normal appearance. This is characteristic of the non-ethoxylated raw materials used to manufacture this new generation of truly environmentally friendly eco-products. Variations in color or viscosity may occur from batch to batch. This is due to the natural origin of the raw materials used and in no way alters the qualities and effectiveness of the product.

Precautions for use

Warning. Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation. Keep out of reach of children. If medical advice is needed, keep container or label at hand. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. In case of skin irritation: consult a doctor. In case of eye contact, flush cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if the victim wears them and if they can easily be removed. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: Get medical attention.

Learn more about ethoxylated surfactants

Read our report on ethoxylated surfactantsThis product does not contain ethoxylated surfactant. To fully understand what this is about, do not hesitate to consult our thematic file on this subject.

Learn more about the brand Lerutan

Lerutan is a range of cleaning products formulated from natural ingredients of plant origin and of organic quality, entirely manufactured in France by the Gravier Laboratory for more than 45 years. Lérutan products are distinguished by their highly concentrated formulas, using rigorously selected active ingredients, which makes it a range of highly effective cleaning products.

Lerutan is also the first range with ingredients of plant origin and organic cultivation that is formulated without ethoxylated surfactants of the anionic type, without lauryl ether sulphate, without polycarboxylates, without TAED or EDTA. and which benefits from the Ecocert mention “ecological detergent”. An irreproachable brand that has everything to please !

Labels / certifications
1.5 liter

Specific references



excellent produit

Bonne lessive ,lave très bien ne nécessite pas d'adoucissant



Quelques soient les laines
C’est parfait


très bon produit

qualité / prix = très bon, lave bien, économe, agréable

Frédéric C

Excellente lessive

Cette lessive lave très très bien. Il ne faut pas en mettre de trop, car elle mousse bien. C’est probablement la meilleure lessive de Lerutan (après les avoir toutes testées).

Martine DIVAD

Shampoing laine concentré Lérutan

Très satisfaite de ce produit, je l'utilise depuis quelques années!

alexia f

Très bon produit

Qualité égal à la lessive de la même marque, mais plus douce et un doux parfum. Je crois que je n’emploierais plus que celle-ci pour mes vêtements, et l’autre pour le linge de maison et les vêtement de sport.

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Nanou 88

douceur et parfum

très agréable ce shampoing pour laine tout en douceur et parfum


Shampooing laine concentrée – Lerutan

Toujours contente de ce produit

Line C

liquide lavage main laine et délicat, idéal pour petits lavages

Quand on a pas le temps de faire des machines, même délicat, qui utilise moins d'eau, un produit concentré, qui dure longtemps, longtemps, pour chouchouter ses petites laines et ses vêtements délicats. Je l'utilise aussi pour faire tremper... parfait et respectueux de environnement.


Shampoing laine

Je le connais depuis très très longtemps toujours aussi efficace en restant doux pour la laine !


Très bon produit

Excellent produit pour la laine

Maeyse SABOT

Shampooing laine concentrée - Lerutan

part le fait qu'il faut le stocker à une température avoisinnant les 19° sinon il est rop épais, produit très satisfaisant !!

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Concentrated wool shampoo - 1.5 liter

The shampoo wool Lerutan is usable in hand washing or washing machine. It gently washs the linen by respecting natural fibres. Wool shampoo Lerutan is scented with organic lavender essential oil. 1.5 litre bottle.

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