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Concentrated Lavandin softener - 1.5 liter - Lerutan

Concentrated Lavandin fabric softener - 1.5 liters

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Thelavender Lerutan, all textiles, will give you a soft, soft cloth. Delicately scented with organic lavandin essential oil, this softening will leave on your laundry a pleasant note of Provence. 1.5 litre bottle.

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Will make your laundry supple and soft

This organic fabric softener will give you a supple and soft laundry that smells like lavender.

This ecological fabric softener contains a combination of cationic surfactants and lavender essential oil.

Cationic surfactants provide a positive charge, the cation, in solution once in aqueous solution. It is the surfactant used in fabric softeners, because they have the property of attaching themselves to the surface of fabrics, charging them negatively, thus reducing the electrostatic fields present, and also reducing static electricity. The linen is then softer and more supple.

This fabric softener will be effective for all types of textiles, and both for machine or hand washing.

As always with the Lerutan brand, an exemplary formula, free of dyes, synthetic fragrances and petrochemical derivatives, not tested on animals and of course Ecocert Ecodetergent certified.

Estimated number of machine washes

With this 1.5 liter bottle, you can do up to 60 washes.

Benefits of this lavandin fabric softener

+ Effective for all types of textiles, machine or hand wash

+ Brings suppleness and softness to laundry

+ Scented with lavender essential oils

+ Without ethoxylated surfactant

+ Not tested on animals

+ Without synthetic dye

+ Certified by Ecocert

+ Easily and quickly biodegradable

+ Recyclable packaging

+ Developed and manufactured in France

Usage tips

In machine wash : For a 5 kg machine, put 5/6th of a measuring cap (25 ml) in the compartment provided for this purpose.
In hand washing :  In the last rinsing water, put 1/3 cap (10 ml) to 2/3 cap (20 ml) for 10 liters of water.

Its concentrated formula and its new packaging allow you to do about 60 machine washes. To respect the environment, run your washing machine at full load, favor low temperature wash cycles and follow the dosage instructions.

Review Penn'Ty Bio

This fabric softener makes your clothes really soft. We recommend it especially for washing sweaters and bath towels. A brand bestseller for years! We highly recommend it !

Its composition

Among other components, this product contains
- from 5 to 15%: cationic surfactant
- less than 5%: essential oil* of lavandin
Also contains: water, solvent, citric acid, limonene, linalool.
99% of ingredients are of natural origin

* Ingredients from organic farming


Fabric softener certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert standard.


1.5 liter bottle with integrated dosing cap.

A product that can congeal with the cold

StoStored at low temperatures, it tends to congeal but returned to a temperature above 15°C, it resumes its normal appearance. This is characteristic of the non-ethoxylated raw materials used to manufacture this new generation of truly environmentally friendly eco-products. Variations in color or viscosity may occur from batch to batch. This is due to the natural origin of the raw materials used and in no way alters the qualities and effectiveness of the product.

Precautions for use

Keep out of reach of children. If medical advice is needed, keep container or label at hand. In case of eye contact, flush cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if the victim wears them and if they can easily be removed. Continue rinsing.

Learn more about ethoxylated surfactants

Accédez à notre dossier sur les tensios-actifs éthoxylés

This product does not contain ethoxylated surfactant. To fully understand what this is about, do not hesitate to consult our thematic file on this subject.


Learn more about the brand Lerutan

Lérutan is a range of cleaning products formulated from natural ingredients of plant origin and of organic quality, entirely manufactured in France by the Gravier Laboratory for more than 45 years. Lérutan products are distinguished by their highly concentrated formulas, using rigorously selected active ingredients, which makes it a range of highly effective cleaning products.

Lérutan is also the first range with ingredients of plant origin and organic cultivation that is formulated without ethoxylated surfactants of the anionic type, without lauryl ether sulphate, without polycarboxylates, without TAED or EDTA. and which benefits from the Ecocert mention “ecological detergent”. An irreproachable brand that has everything to please !

Labels / certifications
1.5 liter

Specific references

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odeur légère et souplesse garantis


Parfait !

dommage qu'il n'y ait plus le bidon de 5L



Je le verrais bien en 5 litres

Royer francoise


Comme pour le 1 er produit les huiles essentielles sentent trop fort


Très bien

avec une odeur agréable et discrète.

Marie-Claude GARNIER

très agréable

odeur agréable, efficace à petite dose... que demander de plus?


Assouplissant Efficace

Remplit parfaitement sa fonction d'assoupplissant et parfume agréablement le linge.

Daniele D

Tient ses promesses

J'aimerais que le parfum soit plus présent et plus durable mais ce n'est pas forcément possible avec un produit bio.

Florence M

Une odeur de lavande très subtile et un linge tout doux

Il en faut très peu dans le compartiment, l'odeur restera très délicate et le linge ressort tout moelleux...


assouplissant lavadin

Très bon, je l'associe à du vinaigre blanc, ce qui me permet d'en mettre moins, avec une efficacité optimale.

Stevan M

Super assouplissant

Sent bon, et parfume agréablement le linge

Je fais une lessive par semaine et utilise 1,5 bouchon, e bidon m'aura fait 5 mois une fois vide


Parfait !

Cet assouplissant sent bon la lavande et adoucit le linge. Tout ce qu'on lui demande. Parfait !

anne d

très contente

Je suis très satisfaite de ce produit , je n'utilise plus d'autre assouplissant.
cela fait plus d'un an et je ne changerai pas.

MAILLET Anne-Marie

Très bien

agréable, frais,

Emeline P

Excellent assouplissant

Excellent assouplissant, efficace à petite dose, très bonne odeur, bio et, surtout, non testé sur les animaux.



très efficace et parfume agréablement le linde

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Concentrated Lavandin fabric softener - 1.5 liters

Thelavender Lerutan, all textiles, will give you a soft, soft cloth. Delicately scented with organic lavandin essential oil, this softening will leave on your laundry a pleasant note of Provence. 1.5 litre bottle.

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