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Tasting soap with beef fiel - 100 gr - Starwax Soluvert

Textile stain remover soap with ox gall - 100 gr

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Starwax Soluvert ox gall soap is a powerful stain remover that disperses stubborn grease and stains before machine washing. It is ideal for delicate textiles.

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plus-produit.pngKEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

case-a-cocher.jpgRemoves difficult stains from textiles, even delicate ones
case-a-cocher.jpgVery effective on oily or coloured stains
case-a-cocher.jpgA Marseille soap and ox gall base
case-a-cocher.jpgPerfectly odourless

An ox gall textile stain remover

Stain removal with ox gall soap

Ox gall is considered a natural stain remover because it is composed of acids which have the property of dispersing fats and all substances related to fat. It also dissolves dyes. Wet the fabric before rubbing the soap directly on the stains. Always wet the linen well before applying the soap because it dries quickly.

This ecological stain-removing soap is made from Marseille soap and gall, a natural acid contained in bile which gives it a very high stain-removing power. It will therefore be very effective in removing greasy or colored stains on white or colored textiles, cotton, wool, blends, delicate textiles (unless contraindicated by the manufacturer).

Starwax Soluvert ox gall stain remover soap is ready to use, made in France, perfectly odorless and very easy to use.

Effective on the toughest stains

Grass, grease, ink, wine, fruit, grease, perspiration, coffee, etc.

Benefits of this stain remover soap

+ Ideal for removing stubborn stains from even delicate fabrics
+ High stain-removing power, very effective on greasy or colored stains
+ 99.9% ingredients of natural origin
+ Detaches colored or white fabrics, cotton, wool, delicate textiles...
+ Made in France

Learn more about ox gall

99.9% natural ingredients for Starwax Soluvert stain-removing soap with ox gall

The body needs gall for digestion and absorption of lipids. The composition of the gall - a combination of the acids of the gall with lecithin, cholines and other enzymes - makes it possible to emulsify the insoluble materials in water (functioning identical to the process of digestion). The liquid gall stain remover soap "digests" the stains in a way, dispersing them.

Ox gall soap has always been known by our grandmothers for its powerful stain-removing power on the most delicate textiles, without damaging them.

Usage tips

Ideal for removing stains, simply moisten the fabrics and rub the stain like an eraser using Starwax Soluvert ox gall soap. Leave on for 15 minutes then wash by hand or in the washing machine, following the instructions on the label. For resistant fabrics, use a sponge to apply the ox gall soap to the stain. Leave on for a few moments and rinse the fabric with water.

If the stains persist, repeat the operation using the same principle using Starwax Soluvert oxgall soap.

You can also use ox gall soap for the care of delicate and colored laundry. To do this, simply follow the basic recipe with ox gall soap and moisten the stains by diluting sodium percarbonate in water (for washing at 40°, a teaspoon in 500 ml of water).

To remove stains from white linen, simply mix a solution of sodium percarbonate in hot water at 40°C, adding 2 tablespoons of product. Then, put ox gall soap on the stain to remove it quickly with this natural product.

Precautions for use of Starwax Soluvert stain-removing soap with ox gall

Its composition

30% and more of: Soap; Less than 5%: EDTA, salts, ox gall.


Bar of solid soap of 100 gr.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not use this soap for body care.

A quick word on the Starwax Soluvert range

Find out more about the Starwax Soluvert brandThe Starwax brand has existed since 1946.

With Starwax Soluvert, we are developing products for demanding customers who, like us, want to reduce their impact on the environment, without compromising on efficiency.

Products formulated with more than 95% ingredients of natural origin, almost all of which have obtained the Ecocert certificate. Our ingredients are mostly of plant origin (derived from beet alcohol, coconut, corn, etc.) or mineral, but we also work with enzymes or micro-organisms. Each material is carefully selected for its active power, but it is their concentration in the formula that makes the difference.

To offer you, as soon as possible, an alternative as effective as your usual Starwax product to consume more responsibly.

Formulas that are more natural but as effective as classic products, for daily needs but also for more specific problems, it was a real challenge. For you, we have picked it up.

100 gr
Ideal for

Specific references


Safety Data Sheet

FDS Starwax Soluvert ox gall stain remover soap

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Très efficace

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Textile stain remover soap with ox gall - 100 gr

Starwax Soluvert ox gall soap is a powerful stain remover that disperses stubborn grease and stains before machine washing. It is ideal for delicate textiles.

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