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What is the housefly ?

The housefly, scientifically known as "Musca domestica", is a small insect common in homes throughout the world. Small in size (generally between 6 and 9 millimetres long), its body is covered in short hairs and its colour varies between grey and black. It has large translucent wings, enabling it to move quickly through the air.i worth exploring.

The life cycle of the housefly consists of four stages : egg, larva, pupa and adult. The eggs are laid in decomposing organic matter, such as food waste and excrement. The larvae, commonly known as maggots, emerge from the eggs and actively feed on the surrounding organic matter. Once fully developed, the larvae transform into pupae, where they undergo a transformation to become adult flies. This cycle can vary in length depending on environmental conditions, but can take place in just a few days.

Houseflies are mainly attracted to decomposing food, human and animal waste and organic matter. It also feeds on liquids, using its proboscis to suck up liquid substances, enabling it to absorb sweet liquids such as leftover fruit juice or soda.


How to control houseflies ?

The presence of houseflies in an environment can pose a risk to human health. They can carry bacteria, viruses and other pathogens on their legs and bodies after coming into contact with faecal matter or decomposing waste. By landing on food surfaces, they can contaminate food and cause food-borne illnesses such as diarrhoea, salmonellosis and enteritis.

As well as posing a health risk, they can also cause major disruption to your day-to-day comfort. In the summer months and if you're in the countryside, it can quickly become unbearable. There are several ways of controlling and preventing housefly infestations. These include keeping food preparation areas clean, disposing of waste quickly and using mosquito nets or fine mesh windows to prevent them from entering buildings. At Penn'Ty Bio, you'll find fly traps, repellent diffusers, fly swatters, insecticide-impregnated granules, natural aerosols and more. A whole range of products for natural, toxic chemical-free pest control in your home.


Why use natural insecticides ?

Getting rid of flies is one thing, but wouldn't it be even better if you could also protect your health and the environment? Did you know that some particles of conventional insecticides remain in your treated rooms for several months? Fumigants are the worst because the particles fall back onto all the objects, textiles and surfaces in the room. Unless you wash each item thoroughly, you'll inevitably end up with chemical substances. Opting for natural insecticides will not only get rid of the flies, but also, thanks to the composition of our products and their low persistence, enable you to continue living in a healthy environment.

Read all our advice and discover all our products for natural fly control : Fly file

Lightning fly repellent pellets - 300 grs - Kpro

Stunning fly pellets - 300 grs

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Kapo Fly Killer Pellets attract and destroy both male and female flies. These granules contain a sexual attractant, a sweet bait and a lightning insecticide, which acts by ingestion. Box of 300 grams.

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case-a-cocher.jpgA radical solution against flies
case-a-cocher.jpgContains a powerful attractant and insecticide
case-a-cocher.jpgEffective for 4 to 6 weeks

Faced with a plague of flies?

Fly infestations are more and more frequent around or in homes.

This scourge is difficult to contain. It remains difficult to get rid of flies.

The adult lives 10 to 12 days. There are 10 to 30 generations per year. A single female can lay up to 1000 eggs, in several clutches of 150 eggs each.

These insecticide-impregnated fly pellets will be invaluable in your daily life during breeding peaks.

Advantages insecticidal granules against flies

Granulés insecticide anti mouche + Easy to use, discreet
+ Without emanation of insecticide, nor smell
+ Contains a sweet bait coated with a powerful insecticide
+ Powerful attractant
+ Long-lasting: up to 4 to 6 weeks
+ Developed according to the study of insect behavior and tested in a recognized independent laboratory
+ Made in France

These anti-fly granules act in 3 stages

1 - The pheromone (sex attractant) attracts flies which land on the insecticide impregnated granules.

2 - Once laid, they consume the sugar from the bait and also ingest the active ingredient.

3 - The insecticide then strikes them down quickly


Granulés insecticide anti mouche Kapo

Instructions for optimal efficiency

1 - Spread the pellets in a flat dish (without edges). The right dosage: 25g of granules for 10m². To treat a larger surface, do not exceed this dosage, but multiply the number of cups.

2 - Place the cups on the places where the flies concentrate (lighted places, window sills, etc.).

3 - Renew the bait approximately every 4 to 6 weeks. In periods of heavy infestations, rather 3 weeks.

Good to know : by moistening the granules slightly, their effectiveness is visibly increased.

Place cups out of reach of pets and children. The biocidal effect appears within hours of application. To stop the biocidal action, remove the baits from the treated places, dispose of them according to the instructions and ventilate for 15 minutes. Clean application equipment with water.

Good to know to avoid attracting flies

Some hygiene rules that will limit the invasion of flies, namely :

1 - Never leave food uncovered outside meals.

2 - Do not leave dirty dishes or stagnant water in the sink.

3 - Keep your kitchen worktops always clean.

4 - Equip your garbage cans with an airtight lid.


Its composition

Acetamiprid (CAS 160430-64-8): 5 g/kg. (Z)-9-Tricosene attractant (TP19) (CAS 27519-02-4): 0.6 g/kg. Contains a bittering agent (Denatonium benzoate). Insecticidal biocidal product (TP18).


Box of 300 grams.

Review Penn'Ty Bio

Unlike all the insecticides on our site, these anti-fly granules have an active ingredient of synthetic origin. But as this product does not present any physical danger, nor danger for health, nor danger for the environment, that its use is very simple and that the active ingredient cannot be dispersed as it would be by spraying or fumigation, while waiting to find the natural equivalent, it has its place with our other insecticides.

I put granules but I do not see much result. What is going on ?

The flies do not necessarily die in the cup and will die elsewhere.

Other possible explanations :
- flies find other food sources in or near the house and are therefore less attracted to pellets.
- Insufficient number of cups
- Open windows and doors let large numbers of flies in and out. There are a lot of flies in the summer.

We recommend moistening the granules to increase the attractiveness.

Precautions for use

Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat, drink, smoke while handling this product. Call a poison control center or doctor if you feel unwell. Dispose of the packaging and its contents in accordance with the national regulations in force. Soiled packaging and unused product must be disposed of in the recycling center.

Want to know more about the fly ?

To learn more about flies, do not hesitate to consult our special file on this subject.

A word about the Kpro range

Find out more about the Kpro Vert rangeSince 1965, the Kpro brand has been providing peace of mind and well-being by protecting your home from insects.

Kpro products are still developed, tested and, for the most part, manufactured in France at Noyelles-les-Seclin, near Lille. Every day, almost 145 people put their experience and know-how at your service.

Our brand has always been attentive to environmental impact in the development of its products, while at the same time being effective with a more responsible range. The brand is therefore pursuing its CSR* approach and developing :
- its packaging for its 1L spray format with 100% recycled plastic RPE packaging
- with the creation of a compostable pack that reduces plastic by 60% compared to an equivalent format
- as soon as possible, the elimination of all unnecessary packaging and the replacement of over-packaging with other, more environmentally-friendly materials.

KPRO is a solution adapted to every problem, with the greatest respect for the user.

Types of insects
Flying insects
Mode of application
For spreading
Treatment against
Blue fly
Treatment against

Specific references


Safety Data Sheet

SDS Kpro lightning fly repellent granules

Download (160.39k)

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Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

Bonjour Chrisp et Noel,
Merci d'avoir pris le temps de nous faire une retour sur ce produit. Nous sommes désolés qu'il n'ait pas répondu à votre attente. La présence des mouches est particulièrement compliquée cette année. N'hésitez pas à positionner les granulés à différents endroits pour trouver celui qui captera le plus de mouches. Et n'oubliez pas de fermer vos portes et fenêtres, sinon, de nouvelles reviendront sans cesse.
Penn'Ty Bio


Totalement inefficace

Chez moi ça ne fait rien du tout sinon embaumer la maison



aucune mouche n'a été attirée donc de l'argent dépensé inutilement. Très déçue


anti mouches

C'est cher, mais ça fonctionne bien. Un vrai calvaire ces mouches chaque année !!!!

Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

Bonjour Qazar,
Merci d'avoir pris le temps de nous faire une retour sur ce produit. Nous sommes désolés qu'il n'ait pas répondu à votre attente.

Nous pensons que vous devez avoir une quantité très importante de mouches à proximité de votre habitation, car sur les 3 produits différents que vous avez utilisés en même temps, aucun n'aurait été efficace ...
Parfois il suffit de déplacer la coupelle contenant les granulés pour trouver l'endroit stratégique afin d'attirer les mouches. Celles-ci meurent très rapidement après avoir ingéré le produit (mais pas forcément dans la coupelle).
Et bien sûr, en ces périodes de fortes chaleurs, il ne faut laisser aucun aliment à leur portée (pains, fruits, légumes, croquettes pour animaux, poubelle non fermée - surtout poubelle à compost-, ...) et coupler ce produit avec des rubans collants par exemple.

Bien cordialement.
Penn'Ty Bio



C'est comme s'il n'existait pas



Ces granulés m'ont bien aidés. Un vrai fléau par chez moi les mouches (proximité ferme). Couplés avec la tapette + des rubans adhésifs, les granulés jaunes ont fait le travail. Ne pas hésiter à humidifier un peu les granulés, pour moi ça a renforcé l'action.

Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

Bonjour Lesly,
Navré de votre expérience avec ce produit. Attention, il ne s'agit pas d'un piège. Vous n'attraperez donc pas de mouches avec ces granulés. Les mouches sont attirées par la couleur jaune, se posent dessus et ingèrent en même temps l'insecticide imprégné. Elles meurent ensuite très vite, mais attention, pas nécessairement à l'endroit ou vous avez disposé le produit. Pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats avec ce produit, n'hésitez pas à placer les granulés derrière une fenêtre ou baie vitrée très exposée au soleil (les mouches sont attirées par le soleil et la chaleur dégagée). N'hésitez pas non plus à les humidifier avec de l'eau un peu en surface. Cela renforcera le côté brillant et les attirera d'autant dessus. Enfin, il est impératif de fermer toutes les ouvertures (portes, fenêtres, baies vitrées) en cas d'invasion. Sinon, de nouvelles mouches rentrent sans cesse chez vous. Il faut réussir à les contenir à l'intérieur pour mieux les éliminer. J'espère que ces conseils vous aideront à mieux utiliser le produit et avoir de bons résultats.
Penn'Ty Bio


Nul de chez nul

J’ai attrapé zéro mouche avec ces granules pourtant y’en a énormément chez moi 30€ à la poubelle



A pu éliminer un bon nombre de mouches. C'est dingue toutes ces mouches cette année !!

martine gonnin


enfin quelque chose plus efficace et moins polluant que les bombes insecticides.



Extra je vais en commander pour des amis


en attente d'utilisation à la belle saison

en attente d'utilisation à la belle saison



je ne connaissais pas ce produit ! j ai mis un peu de granulés légèrement humidifiés ! très efficace j en suis ravie ! beaucoup de mouche cette année ??? mes fenetres sont toujours ouvertes aussi !! je recommande !



efficace très bie n



A ce jour inefficace je vais le déplacer pour voir



Aucun résultat positif et cela après plus d'une semaine et dans un milieu infesté de mouches.



très efficace mais assez cher


Pas efficace

déçu de ce produit


Peu efficace

Je pensais avoir retrouvé les granulés que ma grand-mère utilisait et qui étaient très efficaces mais ce n'est pas du tout le cas!!!


Très bien

Les mouches sont attirées, se posent dessus et meurent dans les 2 minutes. Et plus il y a de mouches mortes, plus ça attire les vivantes. Je recommande.

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Stunning fly pellets - 300 grs

Kapo Fly Killer Pellets attract and destroy both male and female flies. These granules contain a sexual attractant, a sweet bait and a lightning insecticide, which acts by ingestion. Box of 300 grams.

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