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Clay Dentistry Organic Clay Lemon Natural Intense – 75 ml – Cosmo Naturel - view 1

Natural Intense Whitening Organic Lemon Clay Toothpaste – 75 ml

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Restore your teeth to their natural shine! The purifying and whitening active ingredients of this natural Cosmo toothpaste with organic lemon essential oil will restore shine and whiteness to your teeth. 75ml tube.

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A purifying and remineralizing toothpaste

This white and green clay toothpaste helps strengthen tooth enamel and also limits dental plaque thanks to its natural lemon acidity combined with sodium bicarbonate.

It also helps to minimize bacterial proliferation and ensures good breath.

Rich in purifying and remineralising active ingredients, Cosmo natural organic lemon toothpaste contributes to good oral hygiene. It minimizes bacterial proliferation and promotes whitening, without altering tooth enamel.

In accordance with the Cosmos Organic specifications, it is formulated with a maximum of organically grown ingredients and contains no parabens, dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Benefits of this lemon toothpaste

+ Restores a normal pH, and therefore limits the proliferation of cavities

+ High absorption capacity of dead matter and bad odors

+ Restores whiteness to your teeth

+ Purifying and remineralising action on the gums

+ Paraben-free, dye-free, synthetic fragrance-free

+ Certified Cosmos Organic

+ Developed and manufactured in the south of France

Zoom on some components of this toothpaste

Eau florale de mélisse, huile essentielle de citron, argiles vertes et blanches et xantham gum

Organic lemon balm floral water : Lemon balm is known for its soothing and softening properties.

Organic lemon essential water : Lemon is known to whiten teeth thanks to its strong acidity which gives it an abrasive power on tartar (mineralized dental plaque that does not come off when brushing teeth). Lemon essential oil is also very effective against gingival bleeding, strengthens tooth enamel, promotes the elimination of dental plaque and strengthens the gums.

White and green clay : Clay is antibacterial. It protects the enamel of your teeth thanks to its remineralizing properties.

White clay has a light color and a very fine graininess. It is rich in kaolin (aluminum silicate). It was discovered in China and forms in a hot and humid climate. On contact with water, the clay swells, forms a gel with a pleasant consistency that absorbs impurities and excess sebum like a blotter.

Green clay is an earthy rock with a very fine texture, it comes from the decomposition of pre-existing rocks such as granite, micas, feldspars. Green clay has long been used as a remedy to treat wounds, but it is also a very good treatment for the face and body. It heals wounds, softens, purifies and absorbs toxins from the skin. The best known treatment is the clay mask, also used for oily hair because it absorbs sebum.

The purifying and astringent properties of clays make it a product of choice for brushing teeth! Abrasive, clay rids the teeth of toxins and bacteria that have accumulated there. With its neutral pH, the clay toothpaste also remains very soft and does not attack the gums. However, clay cannot be used alone to clean teeth: it is important to combine it with other products that will complete its cleaning action.

Xanthan gum : Xanthan gum comes from the fermentation of sugar. It is used in cosmetics as a texture agent.

Good oral hygiene

Without dental plaque, no cavities or periodontal diseases. That's why dentists recommend brushing your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day. If everyone must find the brushing technique that suits them, it is however important, to avoid injuring the gums, to always brush in the direction of the gums towards the teeth.

Targeted cleaning of the interdental spaces is just as important as that of the teeth. Finally, a balanced diet also plays an important role in maintaining healthy teeth.

Usage tips

For good oral hygiene, apply the toothpaste after each meal on a slightly moistened toothbrush then brush the teeth and gums for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse mouth. When using for the first time, remove the tamper-evident seal, after unscrewing the cap.

Its composition

Clays (remineralizing), vegetable glycerin*, water, lemon balm floral water* (soothing), foaming agent of plant origin, lemon essential oil* (purifying), preservatives approved for bio-ecological cosmetics, xanthan gum (texturizing) , sodium bicarbonate (whitener), citric acid (pH corrector) of natural origin.

INCI Ingredients

Kaolin, Glycerin**, Aqua (water), Montmorillonite, Melissa officinalis flower / leaf /stem water*, Lauryl glucoside, Citrus limon (lemon) Peel Oil*, Benzyl alcohol, Dehydroacetic acid, Xanthan gum, Sodium bicarbonate, Potassium sorbate, Citric acid, Citral(1), Limonene(1).
* ingredient from organic farming
*Transformed from organic ingredients
(1) naturally occurring substance in essential oils
98% of total ingredients are of natural origin
30% of the total ingredients are from organic farming


Cosmos Organic certified by Cosmecert according to the Cosmos standard available at https://cosmos-standard.org.


75 ml tube in a cardboard box. Also available in Mint, to the Mandarin, to the Sage.

Storage time

6 months after opening.

Want to know more about toothpaste ?

Accédez à notre dossier sur le dentifrice

To find out more about toothpaste, do not hesitate to consult our thematic file on this subject.


Learn more about the Cosmo Naturel brand

Logo de la marque Cosmo Naturel

Cosmo Naturel is a French brand with more than 45 years of scientific mastery and expertise in organic farming.

The Earth has always been at the heart of the values of the Cosmo Naturel range.

The earth, in the agricultural sense, because nature through plants with multiple benefits enriches Cosmo Natural treatments. The Earth, our planet, which the brand is committed to respecting and preserving as best it can, with formulas, packaging and manufacturing processes that respect the environment.

Cosmo Naturel is an innovative cosmetic brand, respectful of the environment with COSMOS ORGANIC certified products.

Products placing consumer safety at the heart of development for extremely gentle skincare products formulated with a selection of organic active ingredients.

All toothpastes from the Gravier COSMO NATUREL Laboratory are made without parabens, dyes or synthetic fragrances. They are exclusively based on essential oils, floral water or extract, 100% Pure and Natural and from Organic Farming. Not tested on animals, they benefit from the Cosmos Organic certification.

Labels / certifications
Cosmos Organic
75 ml
In the form of
Contains fluorine

Specific references



Très bien

C'est un produit que j'utilise depuis des années et vers lequel je reviens à chaque fois.



Très agréable en bouche. Les dents sont blanches et propres.

Christiane, Gérard DUPIN

dentifrice citron

très bien

Christiane, Gérard DUPIN

dentifrice citron

très bien

Christiane, Gérard DUPIN


Très bon produit. Le goût est spécial............. mais cela n'engage que moi.

Sylvain L


je pense que l'argile de ce dentifrice doit faire disparaître la douleur que j'avais souvent en me brossant; et dès que j'ai un douleur je rajoute après le brossage un peu de dentifrice sur la zone ( il me semble en plus que j'ai une toute petite carie : et j'essaie de voir si cela peut la faire disparaître ainsi bien qu'on dise souvent que les caries ne se résorbent pas)

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Dentifrice citron



Dentifrice citron

Dentifrice à base de produit naturel. Il en faut très peu.



Très bon dentifrice


Trop cher !!!!

Il est super, haleine fraîche, dents qui paraissent beaucoup plus blanches.. Je l'adore mais il est trop cher. Je l'avais essayé car il y avait une promo à 50% mais sinon ce n'est pas la peine...

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

La gomme xanthane est un gélifiant d'origine naturelle. Cette poudre blanchâtre utilisée dans la composition du produit est inodore et insipide. Elle est soluble à froid dans l’eau. Elle est utilisée ici dans ce produit pour augmenter la stabilité de l'émulsion. C'est bien ici l'huile essentielle de citron qui donne le goût au dentifrice.
Penn'Ty Bio



La gomme de xanthane c'est pas terrible

Myriam P.

Très bien

Laisse un bon goût dans la bouche et donne une vraie sensation de propreté. J'en rachèterais.

renée o

Bon produit

Frais, agréable mais pour la blancheur des dents il faudra attendre ....

Emeline L


Un dentifrice au goût citronné très efficace contre les tâches ( tabac, café). Je l'utilise en alternance avec le dentifrice à la sauge pour une hygiène dentaire parfaite.

Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

merci de partager votre expérience avec nous. Effectivement, un temps d'adaptation peut être nécessaire pour certains produits naturels ! Nous sommes très heureux de savoir que ce produit vous convienne. Continuez de nous faire partager vos avis, cela est important pour l'amélioration constante des produits que nous vous proposons.
A bientôt.
Penn'Ty Bio.


Très agréable

Ce dentifrice, tout comme celui à la sauge que j'ai pris également, présente une texture plus pâteuse (l'argile sans doute) que les dentifrices vendus dans le commerce et ne laisse pas, lorsque l'on inspire profondément, l'habituelle impression de fraîcheur, voire de froid, que laissent les dentifrices mentholés. Et pourtant sa composition semble moins abrasive tout en laissant un goût citronné extrêmement agréable. Je pense que l'on s'est habitué à la consistance des produits industriels à un point tel que l'on est quelque peu décontenancé lorsque l'on retrouve celle de produits plus naturels. Personnellement, j'aime beaucoup, et ce dentifrice me semble de surcroît très efficace.
Ma petite fille n'apprécie guère le dentifrice à la sauge (que j'apprécie personnellement beaucoup aussi) mais aime bien ce dentifrice au citron.

mimi cracra

il faut le temps pour s'adapter

le texture de l'argile est un peu difficile d'être habitué. il faut du temps pour m'adapter...

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Natural Intense Whitening Organic Lemon Clay Toothpaste – 75 ml

Restore your teeth to their natural shine! The purifying and whitening active ingredients of this natural Cosmo toothpaste with organic lemon essential oil will restore shine and whiteness to your teeth. 75ml tube.

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