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Ladrôme, in the heart of the 1st organic department of France Aromatherapy, phytotherapy, floral elixirs, propolis, the specialist of herbal BlO health products... extracts in the heart of nature.

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List of products by brand Ladrôme

Helichrysum italiana organic (Immortelle)...

Organic Italian Helichrysum essential oil is particularly active on major circulation disorders, easily relieving bruises, haematomas and bumps. It also helps to even out skin prone to redness....

Organic Argan vegetable oil – 100 ml

The argan oil is extracted by first cold pressure of the amendons of the argan tree. This vegetable oil has for main property to regenerate but also helps to revitalize and to hydrate the skin....

Organic black spruce - Needles - 10 ml -...

The essential oil of black spruce is used in particular for its purifying properties. Stimulating, it is an unconditional of the winter periods. Powerful tonic, the essential oil of black spruce...

Organic Borage vegetable oil – 100 ml

At Penn'Ty Bio, we don't like waste! Instead of throwing our stock, we lowered the price of this product because the Minimal Durability Date (DDM, formerly DLUO) is exceeded. But no panic, this...
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Organic Cajeput - Leaves - 10ml -...

Thanks to its richness in monotorpenes, cajeput essential oil is a general tonic and stimulant for the body. Purifying, it is traditionally used to clear the airways. It is also appreciated as a...

Organic clary sage - Flowers - 10ml -...

Clary Sage essential oil is traditionally recommended to promote female comfort, especially during menopause. The essential oil is also known to fight against hair loss. Regulating, clary sage...

Organic cornflower hydrolat – 200 ml

Cornflower floral water has almost the same cosmetic virtues as chamomile hydrosol (soothing, purifying, anti-inflammatory, calming and regenerating), with the additional feature of being able...

Organic Lavender Hydrolat – 200 ml

Lavender floral water is multi-use. It can be used for example as a hygiene and beauty product in cosmetics, as an eau de toilette or make-up remover. It is ideal for normal, oily or fragile...

Organic Linden hydrolat – 200 ml

The organic Linden hydrosol will be very suitable for situations of stress, sleep disorders, and chronic anxiety. Soothing and calming, Linden hydrosol is particularly useful for composing care...

Organic Tarragon - Aerial part - 5 ml -...

Known for a long time for its calming and soothing properties, in particular on the digestive sphere, the essential oil of Tarragon gives off a very pleasant aniseed scent. It has in particular...

Organic vegetable coconut oil - 150 ml

Made from coconut pulp, Ladrôme Organic Coconut Oil cares for your hair and skin and gives them a soft, exotic fragrance . A 100% pure, virgin, cosmetic-quality vegetable oil with...

Propolis nose stick – 1 gr

The Ladrôme Nose Stick is a pocket inhaler based on 100% organic essential oils. It helps clear blocked airways. It is an entirely natural product of well-being and comfort without...

Roll on soothing – 10 ml

Lavender Soothing Roll-On to enjoy the summer in peace! To relieve insect bites and minor burns. 100% organic, rich in essential oils. Guaranteed without preservatives or additives. Roll-on of...

Roll on summer lemongrass – 10 ml

Lemongrass Summer Roll-On to enjoy the summer in peace! Mosquito repellent stick. 100% organic, rich in essential oils. Guaranteed without preservatives or additives. Roll-on of 10 ml.
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