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Ladrôme, plants, a brand

Their products are structured around 4 themes dedicated to the well-being and defense of the body:

- Aromatherapy: essential oils, floral waters, vegetable oils for cosmetic use, derivatives, etc.

- Phytotherapy: extracts of fresh plants, gemmotherapy, syrups and herbal drinks.

- Floral elixirs (Bach flowers): the strength of flowers to harmonize its emotions.

- Propolis

A team of specialists is constantly working on new formulations to design an offer of natural products tailored to the needs of the body.

Ideal environment

In 1993, the ladrôme laboratory brand was born in Die between Vercors and Provence... A region renowned for the richness and variety of local medicinal plants, at the crossroads of Mediterranean and alpine climates.

Since 2018, their headquarters has taken place in new, more functional and environmentally friendly premises!

Now find them in Saillans, in the heart of Biovallée®, between Crest and Die.

Ladrôme laboratory... it is above all a team of about 45 people who share values and a real passion for aromatic and medicinal plants. Their desire is to offer plant-based organic well-being products to take care of themselves, in a meaningful and environmentally responsible approach.


- 60 to 70% plants are cultivated in Drôme and Ardèche; 80% plants come from France.

- Partners of producers and committed to maintaining and developing local cultures.

- Distille, extract, formula and condition to Saillans.



- Distillery and extraction machines.

- Packaging line.

- Laboratory of analysis and internal control.

- Laboratory R✱D.

- Regulatory service supervised by a herborist and ethnobotanist pharmacist.


Quality of products and user satisfaction

- Quality of raw materials and respect for practices.

- Concentration in assets.

- Formulas developed and synergistic.


Ethics and commitments

Their commitment is to offer the best of plants in respect of the planet and men. When possible, they supply locally, to benefit from freshly harvested plants which are then processed and then conditioned on their production site in Saillans.

Their passion also leads them to discover and work with endemic plants from other countries, always in a perfect awareness of the resources of nature. They are also a member of the "1% for the Planet" group or they are committed to remit 1% of their annual turnover to environmental causes.

- 99% of products are controlled and certified according to the repositories of biological production modes.

- Sustainable development applied to products (packaging, printing) and to the company (installations and equipment) Ladrôme.


Demand and Quality

Faithful to her ethics, La Drôme Provençale is committed to respecting her "Charter of Quality".

This commitment translates into:

- A strict quality system to guarantee complete safety and satisfaction of its customers.

- A complete and complete traceability, from the origin of the plants used, to the products put on the market.

- An active HACCP approach.

- The establishment and monitoring of the quality charter of food supplements, in collaboration with the Synadiet union.

- The implementation in its premises of the Good Manufacturing Practices of cosmetic products.

- Analysis of each batch of products on the market (organoleptic, physico-chemical and microbiological analyses); chromatographic profiles of essential oils ... ).


Since 2012: A Bio Solidaire Commitment

Faithful to his principles, Ladrôme prefers local plant supplies. In 2012, the company committed to the Blue and Thym sectors of Drôme. Since then, others have followed.

Being BIO is being audited every year by certification bodies that verify that ladrôme laboratory respects their repositories:

- “Rights and fragrances of natural and biological origin”

- Ecological and Biological cosmetics

- Cosmos

- Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007

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