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What is the housefly ?

The housefly, scientifically known as "Musca domestica", is a small insect common in homes throughout the world. Small in size (generally between 6 and 9 millimetres long), its body is covered in short hairs and its colour varies between grey and black. It has large translucent wings, enabling it to move quickly through the air.i worth exploring.

The life cycle of the housefly consists of four stages : egg, larva, pupa and adult. The eggs are laid in decomposing organic matter, such as food waste and excrement. The larvae, commonly known as maggots, emerge from the eggs and actively feed on the surrounding organic matter. Once fully developed, the larvae transform into pupae, where they undergo a transformation to become adult flies. This cycle can vary in length depending on environmental conditions, but can take place in just a few days.

Houseflies are mainly attracted to decomposing food, human and animal waste and organic matter. It also feeds on liquids, using its proboscis to suck up liquid substances, enabling it to absorb sweet liquids such as leftover fruit juice or soda.


How to control houseflies ?

The presence of houseflies in an environment can pose a risk to human health. They can carry bacteria, viruses and other pathogens on their legs and bodies after coming into contact with faecal matter or decomposing waste. By landing on food surfaces, they can contaminate food and cause food-borne illnesses such as diarrhoea, salmonellosis and enteritis.

As well as posing a health risk, they can also cause major disruption to your day-to-day comfort. In the summer months and if you're in the countryside, it can quickly become unbearable. There are several ways of controlling and preventing housefly infestations. These include keeping food preparation areas clean, disposing of waste quickly and using mosquito nets or fine mesh windows to prevent them from entering buildings. At Penn'Ty Bio, you'll find fly traps, repellent diffusers, fly swatters, insecticide-impregnated granules, natural aerosols and more. A whole range of products for natural, toxic chemical-free pest control in your home.


Why use natural insecticides ?

Getting rid of flies is one thing, but wouldn't it be even better if you could also protect your health and the environment? Did you know that some particles of conventional insecticides remain in your treated rooms for several months? Fumigants are the worst because the particles fall back onto all the objects, textiles and surfaces in the room. Unless you wash each item thoroughly, you'll inevitably end up with chemical substances. Opting for natural insecticides will not only get rid of the flies, but also, thanks to the composition of our products and their low persistence, enable you to continue living in a healthy environment.

Read all our advice and discover all our products for natural fly control : Fly file

Fly mat - Kapo Green

Fly swatter

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Delivery expected from 07/26/2024

For lovers of classic fly and mosquito remedies, we offer the timeless fly swatter. An ergonomic shape that will allow you not to miss your target!

In stock (38 Items)


case-a-cocher.jpgHard to miss the target fly
case-a-cocher.jpgOriginal design
case-a-cocher.jpgAvailable in several colours
case-a-cocher.jpgExtended with a comb to better pick up eliminated flies

Too many flies ?

Lutter contre les mouches

Today, flies are not popular because they leave stains in homes: stains of excrement on furniture or on walls. But if they are seen as unclean because of their attraction to decomposing matter, the main reason for the dislike of flies is the fact that they bother us. They revolve around us and land on us with insistence. If you live near a farm, chances are you understand the concept of fly infestations very well.

The fly swatter, also called fly swatter remains one of the most effective products to eliminate this insect in your house and on the terrace.

Lutter contre les mouches avec une tapette à mouches

Even if the house is equipped with mosquito nets and if repellent products have been put in place, the swatter remains the essential tool to complete the elimination of flies.

The fly swatter allows you to eliminate flies without using chemicals. Its ergonomic shape will allow you not to miss your target !

Advantages of this fly swatter

+ Without the use of chemical active ingredients
+ A long flexible handle and a wide striking surface so you don't miss your target
+ Unique design
+ Extended with a comb to more easily pick up the eliminated flies

How to use it ?

A little elbow grease !! :)

Info + on the fly

Houseflies have a large, flattened proboscis that allow them to feed by licking liquids. Attracted by garbage, they collect on their paws, their proboscis, their hair or in their stomach quantities of formidable microbes.

Using the swatter, you can imagine, will spread these germs the moment the insect is eliminated. You will therefore ensure, after your "fly swatter" session, to pass a disinfectant product on the contaminated surfaces.

Total dimensions

46 cm including swatter = 10 cm x 10 cm


Available in 6 colors (random, depending on our availability). Do not hesitate to ask us if you want a particular color, we will then look at what we have left in stock.

Want to know more about the fly ?

To complete your strategy in the elimination of flies, do not forget to consult our special file on this subject, you will find there all our products to fight against these invasive insects.

A quick word about the Kapo Vert range

découvrez la marque Starwax Soluvert

Since 1965, Kapo has been bringing serenity and well-being by protecting your home from insects.

Kapo Vert, these are anti-insect solutions with mechanical action or of vegetable, biological or mineral origin for an effective and responsible fight.

A solution adapted to each problem, with the greatest respect for the user.



Specific references

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merci beaucoup!!

Superbes tapettes à mouches


tapette pas top

Je le regrette, mais la tapette à mouches que vous vendez n'est pas performante. Elle est beaucoup trop rigide, une tapette doit être plus souple pour être efficace, et le manche n'est pas du tout ergonomique!
J'étais ravie de les découvrir sur votre site l'année dernière. Grande utilisatrice de ces tapettes depuis ...trèèèès longtemps, j'en ai commandé plusieurs, or je constate que je ne les utilise pas! j'en ai racheté de plus souples.
Je suis désolée pour ce commentaire négatif, mais il faut revoir votre fournisseur!


Très bien

Plutôt rigide, solide et très efficace. J'aime bien sa grande taille. ça permet de surprendre les mouches à distance.



J'en avais achetée une en grande surface, elle a durée moins d'une semaine. Celle-ci est solide, plutôt ergonomique et radicalement efficace au vu du nombre de mouches que nous avons cette année. Accessoire indispensable !!!!!!!

Leo L

une tapette bien faite

Sur le marché des tapettes il y a tout et n'importe quoi. Il y en a qui cassent, qui s'effritent ou qui se plient même neuves. La tapette KAPO est bien profilée et est faite en plastique de qualité. Bravo!

Béatrice R

pas assez ergonomique

Le bout du manche est trop large et plat, ce qui n'est pas très ergonomique pour la préhension. On fait tout de suite la différence avec les plus fins.



Il est rare de trouver des tapettes à mouches aussi efficaces...

Marc-Antoine P

Parfait !

Super produit, le plastique est suffisamment rigide pour bien taper (contrairement au tapettes dans le commerce où se sont des spaghettis qui bougent dans tous les sens). Bonne longueur du manche. Bonne qualité de fabrication, ça à l'air robuste. Aucun défaut, je recommande. Et service client du site au top !



Pas de commentaire superflu à cet article qui a prouvé son efficacité depuis des décennies; sain, naturel, pratique, écologique et sans suites négatives

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Fly swatter

For lovers of classic fly and mosquito remedies, we offer the timeless fly swatter. An ergonomic shape that will allow you not to miss your target!

Write your review