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Who is the bed bug ?

The bed bug (Cimex lectularius), also sometimes called a bed bug, is a particularly resistant blood-drinking insect. Very small (5 to 8 mm) and wingless, the adult bedbug is recognizable by its red-brown color and its oval, flattened body. Not liking the light, it hides in every nook, crevice and small hole, which makes the fight difficult. It particularly affects the surroundings of your bedding, because feeding on blood, it can easily and quickly reach you to bite at night. It is causing great concern in many households around the world. Although these parasites are small creatures, their impact on daily life can be enormous.

Flat and oval in shape, they usually measure only a few millimeters. They are adept at hiding in cracks in beds, mattresses, box springs, furniture, and even electrical outlets. Their small size and ability to hide in the most unlikely places make them difficult invaders to eliminate.


Bed bugs in your home ?

Bed bug proliferation can be rapid, as a single female can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime. The eggs hatch within weeks, and the hungry nymphs immediately begin searching for their next meal of human blood. Although their bites are generally not dangerous to health, they can be a source of stress, frustration and anxiety. Severe infestations can also disrupt sleep and impact the general well-being of home occupants.

To be effective, the fight against bedbugs must be carried out over the long term. We at Penn'Ty Bio have several natural products that will help you with this. Using our plant insecticides, methodically spray all the elements of the bedding (frame, slats, box spring, etc.), the grooves in your floors, at the level of the baseboards, without forgetting all the interstices whatever they may be that can lodge bedbug larvae. Do not hesitate to renew the treatment 1 week after the first to make sure you destroy all the bugs which have evolved from the egg stage to the adult stage in the meantime and which you would not have reached on the first pass.

Preventing bedbug infestation is often easier than eliminating them. When traveling, carefully inspect your bedding and luggage to avoid unintentionally bringing bed bugs home. Regularly wash your sheets, carpets and textiles at high temperatures, and use our special mattress and pillow covers to protect them.


Why use natural insecticides ?

Getting rid of bedbugs is one thing, but wouldn't it be even better if you could also protect your health and the environment ? Did you know that certain particles of conventional insecticides remain in your treated rooms for several months ? Fumigants are the worst because the particles fall back onto all the objects, textiles and surfaces in the room. Unless you wash each item thoroughly, you'll inevitably end up with chemical substances. Opting for natural insecticides will not only get rid of bed bugs, but also ensure that you can continue to live in a healthy environment, thanks to the composition of our products and their low persistence.

Read all our advice and discover all our products to fight bedbugs naturally : bed bug file

Kpro Green bed bugs

Bed bug traps - x4

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These bed bug traps detect and eliminate them as early as 12 hours. Excellent for detecting the presence of bedbugs and preventing new invasions. 4 attractive traps to capture bedbugs and stop being bitten.

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case-a-cocher.jpgBed bug alert
case-a-cocher.jpgEliminates bed bugs within 12 hours
case-a-cocher.jpgNo insecticide active ingredient
case-a-cocher.jpgQuick and easy to apply

Overview bed bug trap

bed bug trap Kpro Vert

These bed bug traps are the ideal solutions to detect and control if bed bugs are present in your home.

They can be used preventively because they will neutralize egg-carrying bedbugs, but also as a cure for all bedbugs entering the trap.

These were designed after studying the behavior of insects in the laboratory and in the field. They have been designed as a perfect refuge that attracts bedbugs thanks to small nooks, an entrance with an appreciated granulosity, an absence of glue at the level of the legs of the insects. Bedbugs will enter, stick in the trap and attract each other with their pheromones. This effective capture technique has been approved by an independent laboratory. From the moment they stick to the sticky surface, it is impossible for them to get out. They die like this.

Simple to use, non-toxic, made from 100% recyclable materials, these traps catch a very large number of bed bugs by trapping them when they come out of hiding.

After treatment, these traps are essential to alert us in the event of a new infestation.

Pesticide free, so safe for children and pets. These traps are also suitable for eradicating bed bugs in the presence of people suffering from asthma, allergies and for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Advantages of this bed bug trap

Anti-bed bugs

+ Without insecticide active ingredient
+ Consistently attracts insects that die and get stuck in the trap
+ Effectiveness tested in an independent laboratory
+ Double effect: Preventive (neutralizes eggs) and curative (eliminates bedbugs)
+ Detects and eliminates bedbugs from 12 hours
+ Easy to use and set up
+ Clean and odorless
+ Effective thanks to attractive baits
+ Suitable for individual houses, apartments, rentals, hotels, etc.

Our opinion on this trap

Be careful, do not think of overcoming bedbugs only with these traps. They will eliminate a certain number of individuals but certainly not all. They are, however, good indicators of the presence of bed bugs. In the event of an infestation, we advise you to carry out a treatment using our insecticides which you will find in our special file on the bed bug. In parallel and as a complementary product, the use of these traps will allow you to know, after insecticide treatment, if your treatment has been sufficiently effective. 8 to 10 days after your insecticide treatment, if the sticky surface of the trap remains free of bedbugs, your treatment has been conclusive.


How to use this trap?

1 - The traps are supplied with adhesive strips on both sides. Start by sticking the double-sided adhesive tape (first the white protection) on the back of the trap (unprinted part).

2 - Then, remove the second adhesive protection (brown or gray protection). Be careful, the protective film of the adhesive can sometimes be difficult to remove. Feel free to corner one end slightly to facilitate removal. Stick the trap near the suspected presence of bed bugs (bed frame, slats, headboard, armchair structure, etc.). Black spots from their droppings may be a clue to their passing. It is best to position the trap entrances downward to avoid dust accumulation. We recommend placing at least two devices per bed, chair, etc.

3 - Regularly check the traps. On average, the first bedbugs are attracted between 12h and 24h, they will come and get stuck in the trap. As soon as some of them are caught, they will attract their congeners by sending pheromones.

4 - Discard the traps when they are full of insects.

Kapo Green Bed Bug Trap Instructions


4 traps in a recyclable cardboard box.

We answer your questions

I've positioned each trap so that the opening faces downwards. But how do I check if there are bugs inside: should I lift the part printed in green to see through the plastic underneath ? And then put it back on to prolong the use of the trap ?
You can do this, but there's a risk that the green part (which is the sticky part that the bugs stick to) won't snap back into place after a visual check. The best thing to do, if possible, is to peel off the double-sided side of the trap that you used to position it. This way, you can carry out a visual check, then replace the trap without running the risk of peeling off the green sticky part.

Precautions for use

Keep out of reach of children.

Want to know more about bed bugs ?

To learn more about bed bugs, do not hesitate to consult our thematic file.

A word about the Kpro Vert range

Find out more about the Kpro Vert range

Since 1965, the Kpro brand has been providing peace of mind and well-being by protecting your home from insects.

Kpro products are still developed, tested and, for the most part, manufactured in France at Noyelles-les-Seclin, near Lille. Every day, almost 145 people put their experience and know-how at your service.

Kpro Vert offers mechanical, plant-based, biological and mineral anti-insect solutions for effective, responsible pest control.

Our brand has always been attentive to environmental impact in the development of its products, while at the same time being effective with a more responsible range. The brand is therefore pursuing its CSR* approach and developing :
- its packaging for its 1L spray format with 100% recycled plastic RPE packaging
- with the creation of a compostable pack that reduces plastic by 60% compared to an equivalent format
- as soon as possible, the elimination of all unnecessary packaging and the replacement of over-packaging with other, more environmentally-friendly materials.

KPRO is a solution adapted to every problem, with the greatest respect for the user.

Types of insects
Crawling insects
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Treatment against
Bed bug

Specific references


Safety Data Sheet

FDS Kapo Green bedbug traps

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Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

Hello Sourav,
Thank you for your review of this product. We are sorry that it did not meet your expectations.

However, when properly positioned, it is effective in detecting bed bugs. Of course, this is not a solution for eliminating bed bugs.
Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department to discuss how you have used this product.

Best regards.
Penn'Ty Bio.


Worthless Product

This product is complete cheat and government should take action against such fake product and fake laboratory



Marche bien pour surveiller la présence ou non des punaises. C'est très facile à installer (faut lire sur l'emballage) et ça colle bien.



produit simple et efficace



Les explications sont tres simples à comprendre. Il faut juste lire l emballage.



Ok. piège efficace


plutôt performant

bon indicateur de présence (ou pas)

Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

Bonjour Colette C.,
Désolé pour le souci d'utilisation. Les informations fabricants sur l’installation du produit manquent en effet de clarté. Les pièges sont fournis avec des bandes adhésives sur les 2 faces. Commencez par coller la bande adhésive double face (d'abord la protection blanche) sur le dos du piège (partie non imprimée).
Puis, enlever la seconde protection adhésive (protection marron ou grise). Attention, le film de protection de l'adhésif peut être parfois difficile à retirer. N'hésitez pas à corner légèrement une extrémité afin de faciliter le retrait. Coller le piège à proximité de la présence soupçonnée de punaises de lit.
En espérant que ces précisions vous aideront. N’hésitez pas à revenir vers nous si besoin.
Penn'Ty Bio

Colette C

Piège à punaise de lit

Pour moi très compliqué de comprendre l'explication du collage, j'ai l'impression d'avoir perdu 18€.
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M'as bien aidé pour repérer leur présence


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Je ne comprends pas du tout comment l’installer !!! Grosse merde

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piège punaises




Les explications d’installation ne sont pas claires du tout !

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Je ne comprends pas comment les installer

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mode d installation incomprehensible donc inefficacité totale


Mise en place

Je n’ai pas compris comment il faut les installer...

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Pas efficace chez moi

Je n'ai capturé aucune punaise avec...

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Bed bug traps - x4

These bed bug traps detect and eliminate them as early as 12 hours. Excellent for detecting the presence of bedbugs and preventing new invasions. 4 attractive traps to capture bedbugs and stop being bitten.

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