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Expert in organic products and insect control since 2002
Concentrated Anti flies – Aries - 50 ml

Fly repellent concentrate – 50 ml

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The anti-fly concentrate is a repellent which naturally repels flies and possibly other insects and which, moreover, pleasantly perfumes your living rooms. 50ml bottle.

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case-a-cocher.jpgKeeps flies and other flying insects away
case-a-cocher.jpgActive for several hours
case-a-cocher.jpgOnly 30 drops per litre of water
case-a-cocher.jpgComposed exclusively of active ingredients of plant origin

Fight flies naturally

Spray anti-mouches Arie

A clever concentrated emulsion based on essential oils that pleasantly perfumes your living rooms, while repelling flies and other flying insects for several hours.

It is easily diluted in water and can be added to the water used to wash floors, windows, etc.

The lavender essential oil that makes up this repellent is the active ingredient of this product, highly concentrated at 50%. You don't have to use a lot to be effective.

The manufacturer ARIES recommends 30 drops of concentrate per liter of water. You can of course increase or decrease this concentration according to the applications.

How to use this fly killer concentrate

1 - To spray on textiles, dilute 30 drops in 1 liter of water. Use a manual sprayer.

2 - For surfaces, apply a few drops directly to a cloth or add a few drops to the floor washing water. Possibility also to use on a sponge which is used to clean your garden furniture for example.

3 - To diffuse in the ambient air, put a few drops in a cup and let evaporate.

Our advice : Do not hesitate to renew the sprays, especially if the weather is hot and therefore the product evaporates more quickly.

What surfaces should it be applied to ?

This anti-fly solution based on a complex of essential oils can be applied to many surfaces: curtains, textiles, objects, garden furniture, window surrounds, dustbin lids, etc.

Review Penn'Ty Bio

Product with a very pleasant smell, which is normal when you see the composition. Still a great complementary product to sticky tapes and fly swatter.

What attracts flies to homes ?

House flies are so called because they easily enter our homes. Why ? Because with us, it's cozy! In addition to warmth, they find :

- Our bins : a multitude of organic waste more or less within their reach.

- Fruits and vegetables : flies love sugar.

- Animal food : the croquettes of our dear companions are a feast for the flies.

- The presence of animals nearby: cows, horses, sheep... all animal farms are real nests for flies since they feast, among other things, on their excrement.


Active substance

Lavandin essential oil 50 ml / 100 ml. Product type: TP19 - liquid concentrate.

Its composition

Lavandin essential oil, blend of essential oils (orange peel, peppermint), food emulsifier.


50 ml glass bottle.

Precautions for use

Hazard. Contains Peppermint essential oil (Mentha arvensis, extract), Petitgrain Orange oil, lavender oil. May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. Can cause cutaneous allergy. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, call a poison control center/doctor immediately. In the event of contact with the skin, wash carefully and abundantly with water and soap. Do not induce vomiting. Keep under lock and key. Dispose of contents/container safely.

Want to know more about flies ?

To learn more about flies, do not hesitate to consult our special file on this subject.

Learn more about the Aries brand

Aries, une marque engagée

A company committed for more than 30 years that offers anti-insect solutions formulated from active ingredients used in organic farming.

A responsible company : Aries is CSE certified (Certified Sustainable Economy). This certification implies strict specifications at the product level, but also at the level of the socio-ecological behavior of the company.

Certified products : Nature Care Product is an ecological label that certifies everyday consumer products. This certification controls the choice of raw materials according to a positive list of ingredients and ensures that the manufacturing process is respectful of the environment.

Controlled ingredients : In order to best respect humans and their environment, Aries excludes from its formulations ingredients commonly used in conventional anti-insect solutions: PBO, DEET, synthetic active ingredients. To ensure optimum performance of all the products in the range, Aries uses high concentrations of plant-based active ingredients which guarantee the expected effectiveness.

Types of insects
Flying insects
Concentrate to dilute
Mode of application
To be sprayed
Mode of application
Treatment against
Treatment against
Treatment against
Fruit fly
Treatment against
Blue fly
50 ml

Specific references


Safety Data Sheet

FDS Aries fly control concentrate

Download (126.9k)

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Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

Bonjour Qazar,
Merci pour votre retour sur ce produit. Nous sommes désolés qu'il n'ait pas répondu à vos attentes.

En fonction de la configuration de votre pièce et du nombre de mouches en extérieur, il peut être nécessaire de renouveler le produit régulièrement. La problématique des mouches est toujours compliquée pendant les périodes de fortes chaleurs ! Ce produit est un bon complément aux rubans collants par exemple.

Et soyez vigilent à ne pas laisser d'aliments à dispositions (pains, fruits, croquettes pour animaux, poubelle à compost non hermétique, poubelle non fermée, ...) pour ne pas les attirer dans votre logement.

Bien cordialement.
Penn'Ty Bio



aucune efficacité


Très efficace

ld seul problème c'est que l'efficacité est limitée à quelques heures. Nécessité de renouveler au bout de 4h environ


concentré anti-mouches

aucune efficacité



Je verse les gouttes sur des 1/2 citrons dans lequel j'insère des clous de girofle ce qui renforce les effets... genial !


anti mouches

Efficace contre les petites mouches attirées par le toilette sèche!! Par contre, n'a pas fonctionné sur les grosses qui continuent à tourner dans la maison.

Ruellé Michelle

indispensable de l'été

très efficace et tient ses engagements

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Fly repellent concentrate – 50 ml

The anti-fly concentrate is a repellent which naturally repels flies and possibly other insects and which, moreover, pleasantly perfumes your living rooms. 50ml bottle.

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