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INGA is the story of the maniac, the skinflint and the slacker (no, it's not the title of a new Sergio Léone film) who all wanted to consume better and throw away less, but not at any price!

Realising the disasters caused by the manufacture and consumption of household paper (billions of litres of waste, litres of water consumed, CO2 emitted, trees cut down...), the three founders of INGA wanted to offer a sustainable solution.

Sustainable, yes, but not at any price. The maniac wanted it to be as efficient as disposables, the skinflint wanted it to cost less and the lazy person wanted it to be... That it be easy to use.

And so with INGA they embarked on a mission to make people want to move from disposable to sustainable with products that are effective, last a long, long time, are practical and economical...".

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List of products by brand INGA


6 Washable tissues and their clever case

Grandad's tissues are putting up a fight! These 6 INGA washable tissues come in a soft case with 2 separate compartments : one for clean tissues, the other for dirty ones. So it's right in your...

Double-absorbent sponge - washable and...

Twice as absorbent, twice as colourful... A surface specialist, INGA's washable double-absorbent sponge is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, libraries... In short : EVERYWHERE ! And...

Double-sided flat sponge - washable and...

The INGA flat sponge is a sponge that goes everywhere, even in the most inaccessible corners for the average sponge ! Ultra-flexible , it slips behind the sink tap, into wine glasses or...

Double-sided scrubbing sponge - washable...

With the  INGA double-sided scrubbing sponge , say goodbye to disposable sponges full of germs. Just pop it in the washing machine (or dishwasher) and you've got a clean sponge. And as well as...