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Food mites at home?

The food mite is a small butterfly of about 2 cm. You will find it when you see it fly from the opening of a package of flour, semolina or dried vegetables. The female food mite come to lay directly in the packets. The caterpillars of the food machine produce silky threads that make the foodstuffs unfit for consumption. You will then have to dispose of contaminated food at this point. You can protect yourself by repacking your food in hermetic boxes, jars or vacuum bags. Once the invasion is declared, insecticide treatment is recommended. We offer several natural products to combat food mite: liquid pyrethre-based insecticide, aerosol, sachet, trap, smoke. All means are good to eradicate this insect that can really infester our food reserves.


Why natural insecticides?

Ending up with food mites is one thing, but if you could also preserve your health and your environment, wouldn\'t it be better? Did you know that some conventional insecticide particles remained for several months in your processed parts? Fumigen is the worst because the particles fall on all objects, textiles, parts of the room. Unless you carefully wash each item, you will find yourself inevitably with chemical substances. Opting for natural insecticides will allow both to get rid of food mites but also, by the composition of our products and their low remanence, to continue living in a healthy environment.

Read all our tips and discover all our products to naturally fight against food mites: food mites

Food anti-mite pellets – 10x 10gr – Penntybio

Anti-moth food granules - 10x 10 grs

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Delivery expected from 06/12/2023

These repellent bags will help you to protect your foodstuffs against food moths. They will find their place in any cupboard or wardrobe in your home. Pack of 10 packets of 10 grs.

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La mite alimentaire - Ephestia kuehniellaHave food moths made an appearance in your kitchen or food stores ? This little moth is similar to the clothes moth, but feeds on the food in your kitchen cupboards : flour, pasta, sugar, cereals, chocolate, etc. They can quickly do damage by laying eggs and therefore contaminating your food.

The best way is to discourage them from coming near your food. Our food moth proofing bags have been designed for this purpose.

These moth repellent sachets are made of corn-based granules, in which an insecticide-repellent has been "trapped", all impregnated with essential oil of noble laurel, a smell they hate above all else. 

This natural repellent is very easy to use and handle. It will find its place in every cupboard to fight against food moths. It can be used as a preventive measure to create an olfactory barrier and thus protect your foodstuffs by keeping adult moths at bay.

How to use these sachets ?

As they act by "diffusion", we recommend that you distribute the sachets evenly in the volume(s) to be protected.

They can be placed near your foodstuffs (this is even recommended), on shelves, in cupboards or drawers (for spices for example!).

How many sachets should you use ? 1 sachet for a small cupboard, 3 for a medium cupboard and 5 for a large cupboard.

How long do the sachets work ?

The impregnation on the granules allows the smell to be diffused for several weeks. Over time, the smell will become less and less pronounced. If you no longer smell the odour, you should know that the moths can still smell it. Finally, keep in mind that the higher the temperature of the room in which the bags are placed, the more the granules will dry out and thus lose their diffusing power. 

What else needs to be done ?

While placing repellent bags in your cupboards is an excellent solution to discourage them from going near them, it is also essential to ensure that no crumbs are left lying around, or even that your food packages are left open. We recommend isolating your foodstuffs as much as possible in airtight jars and regularly cleaning them (vacuuming + disinfecting) to prevent them from having the pleasure of settling in.

Composition of the anti-moth food sachets

1% margosa extract (CAS: 84696-25-3) and perfumed with laurel essential oil. Product class: TP19, insect repellent.


10 packets of 10 g porous paper sachets packed in a sealed aluminium bag.

More information on food moths ?

To find out more about food moths, please consult our thematic dossier on this subject. 

Mandatory regulatory information

Safety advice (CLP) : P102 - Keep out of reach of children. 

EUH phrases : EUH208 - Contains EO Laurel leaf. May cause an allergic reaction.

Additional phrases : Read the label before use. Contains essential oils. Dispose of empty packaging at a waste disposal centre. Use biocides with care and if necessary with appropriate protection.

Types of insects
Flying insects
Application mode
A spread
Food mite
Wheat grille
Vrillette of bread

Specific references


Data sheet and security

Fds granules anti-mite food penn'ty bio

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Efficace !

Protection en place (après nettoyage par aspiration/lavage au produit vaisselle) depuis 2sem contre "la vrillette du boulanger" : dans le placard alimentaire et la panetière : aucune récidive, et ça sent délicatement bon !!


très bien

repousse efficacement les mites...

nicole b

anti-mites alimentaire

très facile d'utilisation
on ouvre le paquet, on dépose les anti-mites dans les placard !






Je l’utilise également contre les anthrenes.
Depuis que je mets ces sachets, plus une seule dans mes habits. Et autant dire que je les cherche
Je recommande fortement.
Je mets deux petites gouttes d’huile essentielle de cèdre d’atlas pour renouveler ces sachets


Bon produit

Produit efficace pour éviter que les petites bêtes survivent



J'ai pris tout un arsenal, et je retrouve encore des bêtes, pas vers sachetsdirectement, mais bon ?


Trés bien

J’utilise depuis longtemps, toujours aussi satisfaite.

Beatrice Robert


produit correspond bien à la description, je recommande


Bon produit.

Utilisé comme répulsif dans les placards. Fonctionne très bien.

Carla M

Bon répulsif

Ravie de ces granulés. Je ne les revoit plus depuis. Merci

anne klockenbring

n'ais pas aimer

n'a servit strictement à rien les mites rentrais toujours dans le placard meme en doublant les doses ne recommande pas

akuga D

Excellent !!

J'ai été tres vite débarrassée de ces mites .Je recommande vivement

Michel C

Mon avis favorable

Produit efficace qui m'a libéré des angoisses ressenties lors de la découverte de ces mites.


Granulés anti-mites

C'est une amie qui me l'a conseillé et je ne regrette pas, produit efficace


Ca marche !

Depuis le temps que j'en achète, alors si ca ne marchais pas ...


Efficace pour faire sortir les mites des placards

Un sachet dans chaque placard pour faire sortir les mites ... qui viennent se coller dans les pièges disposés au dessus des meubles.

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Anti-moth food granules - 10x 10 grs

These repellent bags will help you to protect your foodstuffs against food moths. They will find their place in any cupboard or wardrobe in your home. Pack of 10 packets of 10 grs.

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