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Innovative and cosmetic products 100% natural, vegan and zero-waste. All concocted in our colorful universe! These products enable savings from the first use for many years.

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List of products by brand Lamazuna


100% French stainless steel transport box

100% made in France and silicone-free , this transport box is the responsible alternative to plastic, glass or even cork containers and their indispensable chemical glue. Lightweight and...

Anti-waste net for solid cosmetics

The anti-waste net, a practical accessory to put an end to the pile of bits of soap or solid shampoo! Giving a second life to the little bits, such is its mission! To make them foam, such is his...

Chewable toothpaste Ginger powder and...

One bite of this COSMOS Organic certified chewable toothpaste and your taste buds will be awakened for the day thanks to its original taste, fresh and full of lemon and ginger pep! 1 tablet = 1...

Face Wash - Dry and Sensitive Skin -...

Try Cocoon soothing , which gently cleanses your skin and protects it from tightness and dryness. Organic sweet almond oil protects your skin from drying out. White clay softens and repairs dry,...

Feminine cup with organic cotton pouch

The Lamazuna Women's Cup replaces tampons and sanitary napkins for a period of 10 years. Free of latex, phthalates and bleaches. 100% hypoallergenic. Guaranteed medical platinum silicone. Made in...

Glass Storage Jar for Solid Cosmetics

Solid cosmetics are becoming more and more common. To make it easier for you to store them after use or to help you simply carry them wherever you want, this little glass jar will be of great...

Make-up remover wipes, washable and...

If you are in a process of reducing your daily waste , then these washable make-up remover wipes are made for you. Reusable over 300 times. Hand or machine washable. Wooden box of 10 wipes.

Mint and Nettle chewable toothpaste...

A playful, practical and ecological format for fresh breath, you will love this chewable toothpaste! Remineralizing nettle powder helps reduce bleeding and inflammation. The mint aroma brings a...

Mint arvensis chewable toothpaste with...

If you like mint, you'll love this COSMOS Organic certified toothpaste with arvensis mint essential oil! The arvensis mint, with its high concentration of menthol, promises you an invigorating...

Miracle conditioner - 74 ml

This solid conditioner detangles, nourishes and adds shine to all hair types. Special mention for your curls which will be redesigned as desired! 100% of natural origin, it is certified COSMOS...

Natural exfoliating tablet - 120 gr

Discover the natural exfoliating tablet for face and body. Made from 100% natural French clays, this pebble can be kept for life! The ideal solution for exfoliating the skin before waxing,...

Organic solid deodorant with palmarosa -...

Zero waste goal in the bathroom. Thanks to this organic solid deodorant with palmarosa, the bacteria (responsible for the development of odors) are nibbled away. Result: perspiration is not...

Oriculi : ecological ear cleaner in...

Adopt your new zero waste accessory guaranteed for life! Here is our Oriculi in bioplastic 100% biosourced and made in France! You all know the cotton swab of course! Maybe not the Oriculi yet?...

Refill of 10 washable make-up remover wipes

A white side for foundation and a pink side for lipstick and mascara. Opt now for washable and reusable make-up remover wipes. A simple daily gesture. Simply use with water. Ideal for sensitive...

Solid cocoa butter with frangipani - 54 ml

If cocoa butter is the ingredient that makes chocolate so caloric, it is also good for our beauty because it has many cosmetic properties. This cocoa butter is very nourishing. It will therefore...
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Solid cosmetic transport box La Baroudeuse

Light, practical and handmade, La Baroudeuse will replace shampoo and soap bottles without a head socket! It can contain many solid cosmetics in particular palet formats such as savons or...

Solid cosmetic transport box La Voyageuse

Ultra practical, the Traveler allows many to travel solid cosmetics without asking questions. It can contain many solid cosmetics from the market, including rectangular classic formats ....

Solid facial cleanser for combination to...

This solid face cleanser with grapefruit essential oil deeply and gently cleanses your skin every day! Thanks to its cleansing, purifying, astringent and exfoliating formula, it removes...

Solid make-up remover for face and eyes -...

Lamazuna organic solid make-up remover is a true zero-waste make-up remover for the face and eyes! Its vegetable oils and shea butter eliminate the most stubborn make-up while taking care of...

Solid shaving bar - 55 gr

Enriched with shea butter , this solid shaving bar is ideal for an ecological shave of the beard, legs or armpits. Wet the soap under tap water, pass over the skin, shave then rinse with clear...