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Logo Lamazuna


Lamazuna, A French brand in Georgian name!

In 2010, Laëtitia, founder of the brand, had a great idea: to replace the 5 disposable cottons thrown every day and the product that accompanied them with simple ultra soft and reusable microfiber wipes of hundreds of times. A great idea yes, but who asked to be confirmed. So she enlisted some girlfriends to act as a tester and, lucky, they were also packed!

It was worth finding a name. She wanted "a" sounds and if possible a Swahili word (from the "hakuna matata" style). But finally it was Nika, his Georgian roommate, who found "Lamazuna". "Jolie young girl" in her tongue, pretty name, right? =)


A "ecolonomic" range

The very first version of www.lamazuna.com was released in December 2010. At the time, the towels were just offered with a washing net, the storage box arrived later. Thanks to the mouth-to-mouth and the swelling of beauty bloggers for these non-standard de-maquile wipes, Lamazuna took shape and slowly developed.

2 other ecological and innovative products have arrived: menstrual cutting Lamazuna, that she called the Women's Cup, and the Oriculi, this funny instrument that replaces life-long cotton tarts. Thanks to them and to the towels, the daily routine is simplified while significantly reducing the waste in the bathroom. Important detail, they represent a small start-up investment, then make savings from the first year of use. They are economical as they say =)


Replace tiled cotton

That's all because his mom banged the cotton tarts at home!

They were supposed to produce ear caps. So instead, they wrapped a little cotton on a toothpick at the cutting edge. It was a little laborious, so they didn't do it often, and their ears were doing very well.

Then came the adolescence and the need for deodorant. She didn't really need it, but it was "too shame" not to put it after the sport in college dressing rooms. Unless his mom didn't want us to use it, anti-transpiracy would block toxins inside the body and be likely to promote breast cancer. As a result, she was eager to go and buy it in a fresh way and hide it at the bottom of her closets. It was not in the spirit of contradiction, it was simply that it seemed IM-POS-SIBLE that we could find in stores products that would be harmful to us. If they were really, other people that his mother had to know and forbade them.


The ease of planned obsolescence

By inventing reusable wipes 300 times, she realized that she was only going to sell it once every 3 years to a single customer. There, she understood why we created the planned obsolescence.

Then she discovered the social charges, the VAT to pay, the corporate tax, and then she understood that it was going to have to ensure. She hesitated to take plastic jars, much cheaper, for her natural cosmetics rather than the pretty glass jars that can be recycled to the infinite, but she made the choice of sustainable. She found a website that could print the labels of her products at very low prices, but she opted for a nearby printer, a little more expensive but less transport pollution and more contact. She discovered that the price of an organic cotton pouch for the Women's Cup is 5 times higher than that of a classic pouch, but she made the choice of sustainable, even reducing its margin to stay in the same price range as its competitors.


Anyway, she made choices.

Choosing choices that Mr.Coton-tiges did not by choosing the disposable to the sustainable, Mr. deodorant either by choosing the toxic but easier to promote (effectiveness 72 hours!) to the reasonable and unsafe for health. His mom was right...

So yes, Lamazuna It will be difficult to enter ACC 40 since this brand does not aim for maximum profit. But after 7 years of development, it has just created 13 jobs. Nina and Emilie take care of the relationships with the shops that sell the products, Lucho, Fahim and Crisitan prepare the packages of professional customers, Roxane those of the orders placed on their shop and answer all the questions, Bianca organizes with brio all the events including their Tour de France, Raffaele grows Lamazuna In Italy, Delphine ensures the proper operation of the site and communicates on social networks, Anna welcomes customers in their Atelier-Boutique located in Paris.

And it's finally being ecolole, it's not being militant, it's just coming back in the right direction.

And because Lamazuna is not alone in this adventure and their initiatives must be known, it has created the Bio and Ecolo Gift Market. This event brings together some 30 young French brands involved in bio, ecolo or ethical approaches. But to find out more, go to this site: www.marche-bio-ecolo.com


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