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Solid eye and face masking Lamazuna

Solid make-up remover for face and eyes - Jojoba and grapeseed - 30 ml

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Lamazuna organic solid make-up remover is a true zero-waste make-up remover for the face and eyes! Its vegetable oils and shea butter eliminate the most stubborn make-up while taking care of sensitive areas such as eyelashes and eyelids.

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Clean, soothed and nourished skin

Démaquillant solide Lamazuna

Make-up removal allows you to get rid of all the impurities accumulated during the day (pollution particles, dust, etc.), the excess sebum produced by the skin naturally and, of course, your make-up.

Lamazuna's solid make-up remover is a real make-up remover with a zero waste objective for the face and eyes! Its vegetable oils (jojoba and grape seed) and shea butter remove the most stubborn make-up while taking care of sensitive areas such as eyelashes and eyelids. As for the pink clay it contains, it gives this make-up remover purifying, softening and soothing properties.

The result ? Clean, soothed and nourished skin. All this is combined in a half-sphere that rolls over your face for a pleasant, gentle make-up removal without disposable cotton pads!  

Its formula is 100% natural, Cosmos Organic certified and vegan. It is suitable for all skin and eye types.

And the real plus ... it's a solid cosmetic. No more unnecessary packaging! This solid make-up remover was created with a zero waste approach. It is economical, eco-responsible and practical.

Benefits of this solid make-up remover

+ Nourishing and protective thanks to shea butter and sunflower oil

+ Softening and soothing thanks to jojoba oil

+ Anti-oxidant thanks to grape seed oil

+ Purifying and softening thanks to pink clay

+ Allows the absorption of impurities thanks to corn starch

+ Fragrance-free: contains no essential oils

+ Contains a gentle non-ionic surfactant

+ Suitable for all skin and eye types

+ Active ingredients of natural origin

+ Ideal for travel or weekends

+ Fits easily into a toiletry bag

+ Zero waste objective: No plastic bottle and packaged in a recyclable cardboard box

+ Handmade in France

What is solid cosmetics ?

Shampooing solide développé et fabriqué en France

Just like its long-established liquid counterpart, the purpose of solid cosmetics is to clean. The difference is that it comes in the form of a bar of soap. The advantages are numerous :

1 - Very effective : Yes, solid cosmetics are just as effective as liquid cosmetics, or even more so. As there is hardly any water in this solid cosmetic, the concentration of active ingredients is much stronger.

2 - A healthy product : The Lamazuna brand is committed to working with the most natural formulas possible. The surfactant used in this solid cosmetic is perfectly adapted and non-aggressive. Polyglyeryl-4-oleate does not lather but removes grease and therefore make-up. It is very gentle and does not attack the skin or the environment.

3 - More economical : Although the purchase price is a little higher than a classic liquid cosmetic, you will save money over time because a solid cosmetic lasts longer.

4 - More ecological : Using a solid cosmetic is an ecological act. The manufacture of solid cosmetics reduces the impact on the environment by using recyclable cardboard packaging and reducing water consumption. You are helping to reduce the use of plastic and therefore helping to reduce the amount of waste associated with your consumption. It's a real commitment to preserve the planet. This solid make-up remover allows you to avoid bottles of make-up remover and thousands of disposable cotton pads. It lasts longer than its liquid alternative thanks to ingredients carefully chosen for durability and hardness. So it doesn't melt like butter, far from it !

5 - Ease of transport : Solid cosmetics are easy and convenient to carry. They are small and light, perfect for travelling with you! Carrying a bottle of liquid is always perilous. And, if you're flying, there's the question of how much liquid you can carry. With a solid cleaner, you won't have this problem. All you need is a soap box to carry your cosmetics without fear.

Its main active ingredients

Actifs beurre de karité, huiles végétales de jojoba et de pépins de raisin, argile rose

Shea butter
The shea tree can grow up to fifteen metres high. It grows in the African savannahs. It is from its nuts, which contain up to 50% lipids, that shea butter is extracted, which is now so appreciated throughout the world. Shea butter is an ideal skin care ingredient because of its lipid-replenishing and smoothing action. It provides this solid make-up remover with excellent nourishing and protective properties.

Virgin Jojoba Oil
Jojoba is a shrub native to Arizona and Mexico. It is also called "desert gold" or "sheep nut" because it grows mainly on dry land. It is cultivated mainly for its seeds, which produce a protein-rich oil. In cosmetics, this oil has a moisturising and protective effect on the skin and provides nourishing care for the hair. The jojoba oil in this make-up remover has a composition very similar to our sebum, which gives it a great affinity with the skin and therefore penetrates very easily, soothing and softening the skin.

Grape seed oil
Naturally rich in antioxidant compounds such as polyphenols, procyanidin and tannins, grape seed oil offers one of the best nourishing and anti-ageing plant oils for the skin. Particularly light, grape seed oil is a dry oil with a fine texture. It penetrates easily into the skin without leaving a greasy film on the surface. This vegetable oil is a powerful anti-oxidant, ideal for caring for sensitive areas such as the eyes.

Pink clay
Pink clay is a subtle blend of 2 ultra soft clays (red and white). It therefore combines the benefits of these two types of clay. It takes care of the most delicate skins with infinite softness. Both emollient and neutral, pink clay respects the pH of the epidermis, delicately refines the skin's texture to bring it a rare softness and reveal its natural radiance. This clay is rich in minerals. It gives this make-up remover excellent purifying, softening and soothing properties.

Instructions for use

This solid make-up remover only needs a little warm water. Run it under water, apply it directly to your face, eyes or lips without fear. Massage it in with your hands for extra effectiveness, then rinse! Enjoy the clean, soothing feeling without any greasy film on your skin. You can complete your make-up removal with our washable make-up remover wipes, especially for removing eye make-up.

INCI Ingrédients

Butyrospermum parkii butter*, Glyceryl stearate, Polyglyceryl-4 oleate, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, Copernicia cerifera cera*, Zea mays starch*, Montmorillonite, Vitis vinifera seed oil*, Illite, Kaolin, Tocopherol, Helianthus annuus seed oil.

* from organic farming

57.8% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

Return and explanations on other ingredients

Démaquillant solide Lamazuna

Polyglyeryl-4-oleate : This is a non-ionic surfactant that does not foam but removes oil and therefore make-up. It is very gentle and does not attack the skin or the environment.

Zea mays starch : This is corn starch. It gives the make-up remover its softness while absorbing the oil so that nothing is left on the skin.

Glyceryl stearate : Derived from olive and rapeseed, it gives a creamy texture and makes the make-up remover easier to use.

Copernica cerifera cera*: This is carnauba oil. It provides hardness and resistance to the product.

Litsea cubeba fruit oil*: essential oil of lemon litsea, purifying and cleansing.

Tocopherol/helianthus annuus seed oil**: antioxidant of vegetable origin (Vitamin E) which prevents the rancidity of vegetable oils. It is contained in sunflower oil and is very important for the durability of the product.

Frequently asked questions about this solid make-up remover

▼ How do you remove make-up from your face and eyes?
Everyone has their own routine! It all depends on your make-up habits, your lifestyle and what you prefer. Solid make-up remover also cares for your skin, nourishing and soothing it, for a real soft-skin effect. So it's highly recommended for caring for your eyes and other important sensitive areas. It's a real ally for complete, gentle make-up removal !
▼ Can I continue to use washable make-up remover wipes ?
The whole point of solid make-up remover is to take care of your skin, eyes and lashes. We tend to forget about our eyelashes, but it's very important to take care of them, just like your hair! It nourishes, soothes and protects your skin.
Make-up remover wipes are a great way to finish off your make-up removal. Fold them up and you can easily remove the last traces of mascara from under your eyes (yes, we can all see what it is!). On a daily basis, you can slip them on anywhere to fix those little marks. They're also enough on their own to remove make-up from face and eyes, but they don't have the merit of taking care of your skin, so it all depends on what you're looking for !
▼ Does this solid make-up remover remove waterproof make-up ?
Thanks to its plant oils and shea butter, our solid make-up remover is extremely effective, removing stubborn, waterproof make-up while caring for sensitive areas !
▼ What's the difference with solid face cleanser ?
Lamazuna face cleansers are not designed to remove make-up per se. It's important to take care of your facial skin and its sensitive areas. Use a make-up remover or wipes to remove make-up, then a facial cleanser to remove impurities and leave your skin healthy, and finally apply your skincare product.
▼ Is your make-up remover suitable for my skin type ?
Solid make-up remover is suitable for all skin types. Its gentleness and fat content take care of sensitive, reactive and mature skin. Non-comedogenic, with no greasy feel, it is also recommended for normal, combination, oily and even problem skin.
▼ Is solid make-up remover suitable for pregnant women ?
As it contains no essential oils, it is perfectly suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Do not use on children under 3 years of age.

Precautions for use

To ensure a long life for this solid make-up remover, like all our other solids, keep it dry on a soap dish in a storage jar between uses. It contains no essential oils and is therefore suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not use on children under 3 years old.

Shelf life

This product can be used for 12 months after the first use. 


30 ml solid "sphere". Packaged in a recyclable cardboard box.

Find out more about the Lamazuna brand

Logo de la marque Lamazuna

Since its inception, Lamazuna has been a green cosmetics brand. The story begins in 2010 with a click of the founder, Laëtitia Van de Walle, which will be a precursor and founder for the brand. At that time, Laëtitia decided to replace her classic cotton pads with washable microfibre make-up remover wipes. From 5 disposable make-up removal pads per day, she went to zero and thus began to reduce her impact on the environment. And she didn't stop there...

As the years went by, the new Lamazuna eco-friendly product ranges continued to develop. The menstrual cup, the Oriculi, toothbrushes with refillable heads, not forgetting of course all the solid zero waste cosmetics ! Lamazuna's goal since the beginning is to offer green and zero waste beauty products for an ever more committed beauty !

In order to respect their values, they have imposed constraints on the manufacture of their products. They must all be :
- With a zero waste objective
- Vegan
- Made as locally as possible (they are gradually moving towards 100% French production)

Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
Cosmos Organic
Labels / certifications
Slow cosmetic
30 ml
By type
Facial care
Key assets
Shea butter
Key assets
Grape seeds
Key assets
Key assets
Pink clay
Your needs
Your needs
Make-up remover
Your needs

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Démaquillant solide lamazuna

J'adore ce produit. Je n'utilise plus que lui depuis que je l'ai découvert.


démaquillant solide

Très efficace et surtout pas d odeur

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Solid make-up remover for face and eyes - Jojoba and grapeseed - 30 ml

Lamazuna organic solid make-up remover is a true zero-waste make-up remover for the face and eyes! Its vegetable oils and shea butter eliminate the most stubborn make-up while taking care of sensitive areas such as eyelashes and eyelids.

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