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Naturally beautiful hair with organic hair care products

Healthy, shiny hair is what many people want, and it's now possible thanks to the organic hair care products available from the Penn'Ty Bio online shop. This selection of natural products offers a gentle and respectful solution for caring for your hair in an eco-responsible way.

Certified organic hair care products : The hair care products offered by Penn'Ty Bio are certified organic, guaranteeing the quality and naturalness of their ingredients. They are free from aggressive chemical substances, such as sulphates and silicones, protecting the health of your hair while respecting the planet.

Nourishing and conditioning shampoos : Penn'Ty Bio's organic shampoos are formulated with natural ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter and aloe vera, which deeply nourish your hair and provide it with essential nutrients. These shampoos help to strengthen your hair, reduce split ends and restore shine and vitality.

Detangling and moisturising conditioners : Our organic conditioners make detangling easy while providing intense hydration for your hair. Thanks to their natural formulation, they leave your hair soft, supple and easy to style, while preventing the build-up of harmful residues.

Specific care for all hair types : Whether you have dry, oily, curly or colour-treated hair, Penn'Ty Bio has specific care products for all hair types. From repairing hair masks to serums for damaged ends, each care product is designed to meet the specific needs of your hair.

An eco-responsible approach : By choosing our organic hair care products, you're opting for an eco-responsible approach. These products are made from natural ingredients from organic farming, and the packaging used is often recyclable, for a sustainable, environmentally-friendly approach.

After-shampoing care detangling and nourishing citrus - 70gr - Lamazuna

Miracle conditioner - 74 ml

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This solid conditioner detangles, nourishes and adds shine to all hair types. Special mention for your curls which will be redesigned as desired! 100% of natural origin, it is certified COSMOS Organic and glides on your hair on its own. With its citrus and basil notes, it's a real pleasure in the shower and an impression of leaving the hairdresser after it!

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Detangles, nourishes and shines !

Lamazuna organic solid conditioner

Lamazuna continues to innovate with a solid conditioner ! This conditioner can be used on all hair types and is suitable for both men and women. Its sweet vanilla scent is particularly pleasant. The solid conditioner facilitates styling, intensely nourishes the hair and gives it a real silky feel ! Its shape has been designed for a perfect grip and easy application. 

All its ingredients are 100% natural and it is certified BIO COSMOS Organic! You will love its exotic fragrance and your hair will be soft after the treatment! It does not contain any essential oils and is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Using this solid conditioner avoids a lot of plastic bottles and all its ingredients are 100% of natural origin! As for its packaging, it is made of 100% recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable ink. It can therefore be composted without question. A zero waste approach that has been the spearhead of the Lamazuna brand since its creation.

Benefits of this solid conditioner

+ Detangles, nourishes and shines all hair types

+ Contains a 100% bio-based hair conditioner (beetroot/rapeseed)

+ No application time

+ Shine and suppleness thanks to organic shea butter

+ Softness and shine thanks to organic corn starch

+ Suitable for daily use

+ No essential oils: perfect for pregnant and breastfeeding women

+ Quaternary ammonium free

+ Citrus and basil fragrance

+ A large and flat shape for a perfect grip

+ A Cosmos Organic certified formula

+ Zero waste: no plastic and 100% recycled and recyclable packaging

+ Vegan

+ Handmade in France

Its main active ingredients

Actifs conditionneur capillaire, beurre de karité et huile de tournesol

Organic hair conditioner
This hair conditioner is 100% bio-based, made from sugar beet and rapeseed and manufactured in France. It is used for its detangling action and the soft touch it leaves on the hair!  In addition, it effectively coats damaged or chemically treated hair and reduces its porosity, which helps maintain hydration, softness and shine. This hair conditioner is non-irritating and very respectful of the natural balance of the skin. It has a volumizing effect on fine and flat hair but also strengthens brittle or split hair. It leaves the hair very soft, with a feeling of nourished and strengthened hair, and it prevents the drying out of the hair and the formation of split ends. It is particularly useful for dry, porous hair and bleached or coloured hair, as it restores the hydrophobicity of the hair and thus protects it from drying out, frizzing and the "straw" effect.

Organic shea butter
The shea tree can grow up to 15 metres high. It grows in the African savannahs. It is from its nuts, which contain up to 50% lipids, that shea butter is extracted, which is now so highly valued throughout the world. Shea butter is ideal for skin and hair care because of its lipid-replenishing and smoothing properties. It provides protection against skin dryness thanks to the presence of vitamin A. These same vitamins make your hair more supple and shiny. Shea also contains vitamin E, an anti-oxidant with anti-ageing properties. Finally, the fatty acids contained in shea butter moisturise the hair fibre in depth. And when the hair fibre is hydrated, the hair is magnified. Well-hydrated hair is much more resistant, supple and above all, soft, unlike dry hair. 

Organic sunflower oil
It nourishes and protects the hair and is suitable for most hair types. We preferred it to coconut oil because of its French supply. Sunflower oil is rich in active ingredients that are extremely beneficial to hair health. These include vitamin E, essential fatty acids, oleic acid and omega-6. Together, these components are particularly well known for combating dehydration of the hair while maintaining its softness and shine.

How to use this conditioner ?

Its wide and flat shape has been designed for a perfect grip of the product and to facilitate its application ! 

After shampooing, apply the detangling and nourishing conditioner to your hair lengths and ends, it glides on by itself! No need to leave it on for a long time, but don't forget to rinse well. To prolong its life, keep it dry.

INCI Ingrédients

Helianthus annuus seed oil, Arachidyl/behenyl alcohol*, Zea mays starch**, Cetearyl alcohol, Arachidyl/behenyl betainate esylate*, Butyrospermum parkii butter**, Coco-glucoside, Parfum, Tocopherol, Geraniol***, Linalool***.
* ingredients that help detangle the hair
** ingredients from organic farming (49.3%)
ingredients of natural origin (100%)
*** naturally present in essential oils

Back and explanations on the other ingredients

Zea mays starch : The carbohydrates present in organic corn starch are super humectants/moisturisers that coat the hair fibre and provide softness and shine.
The fragrance : full of pep and freshness with notes of citrus and basil for a pleasant moment. Made in France from molecules whose origin is a manufacturing secret.
Cetearyl alcohol & coco glucoside : makes the product easier to use and helps our conditioner to rinse off effortlessly!
Tocopherol : Anti-oxidant of plant origin (Vitamin E), helps prevent the rancidity of vegetable oils; contained in sunflower oil. It may seem like an insignificant ingredient, but it plays an important role in the durability of the product.


Ingredients 100% natural origin and certified BIO Cosmos Organic. 

Dimensions and weight

Conditioner 8 cm diameter x 2.8 cm height - 74 ml. Packaged in a biodegradable cardboard box. It is more appropriate to speak in mL rather than grams. Our solid cosmetics are all handmade, they are cast in a mould of a certain volume, the density of our solids can vary from one batch to another as it depends on the hygrometry, the heat in the room, the density of the raw material batches. If the density varies, the weight varies, whereas the volume does not! A question of precision, therefore :) 


Between uses, keep your conditioner on a classic soap dish or on our magnetic soap dish so that it dries properly. This will guarantee a long life! 

Precautions for use

For external use only, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women or children under 12 years old. 

Frequently asked questions about this solid conditioner

▼ Does the conditioner fit in the Lamazuna glass jar ?
No, the certified organic conditioner and the detangling and nourishing conditioner do not fit in the glass jar. They're too big. :)
▼ Does the conditioner contain essential oils ?
No, it does not contain essential oils. However, allergens are present in the fragrance, which is why it is not recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women and children under 12.
▼ Is it suitable for all hair types ?
Conditioner is suitable for all hair types. Your curly or frizzy hair will also be detangled and nourished! And your curls will be redefined to perfection!
▼ Does the conditioner need to be left on the hair before rinsing ?
It doesn't need to be left on, but you can run your fingers through your hair to help detangle even more. Don't forget to rinse well !
▼ What's the difference with the solid conditioner with vanilla notes ?
The major difference is the 100% biobased conditioner present in this new conditioner. It's thanks to the conditioner that this conditioner is detangling and nourishing, whereas the vanilla notes conditioner is a hair care product that complements a shampoo. What's more, one has sweet vanilla notes and the other citrus and basil. All you have to do is choose ! :)

Find out more about the Lamazuna brand

Logo de la marque Lamazuna

Since its inception, Lamazuna has been a green cosmetics brand. The story begins in 2010 with a click of the founder, Laëtitia Van de Walle, which will be a precursor and founder for the brand. At that time, Laëtitia decided to replace her classic cotton pads with washable microfibre make-up remover wipes. From 5 disposable make-up removal pads per day, she went to zero and thus began to reduce her impact on the environment. And she didn't stop there...

As the years went by, the new Lamazuna eco-friendly product ranges continued to develop. The menstrual cup, the Oriculi, toothbrushes with refillable heads, not forgetting of course all the solid zero waste cosmetics ! Lamazuna's goal since the beginning is to offer green and zero waste beauty products for an ever more committed beauty !

In order to respect their values, they have imposed constraints on the manufacture of their products. They must all be :
- With a zero waste objective
- Vegan
- Made as locally as possible (they are gradually moving towards 100% French production)

Labels / certifications
Cosmos Organic
Labels / certifications
Slow cosmetic
Labels / certifications
74 ml
By type
After shampoo

Specific references

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Miracle conditioner - 74 ml

This solid conditioner detangles, nourishes and adds shine to all hair types. Special mention for your curls which will be redesigned as desired! 100% of natural origin, it is certified COSMOS Organic and glides on your hair on its own. With its citrus and basil notes, it's a real pleasure in the shower and an impression of leaving the hairdresser after it!

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