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Mint and Ortie without Fluor and HE - Lamazuna

Mint and Nettle chewable toothpaste without Fluoride and without HE

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A playful, practical and ecological format for fresh breath, you will love this chewable toothpaste! Remineralizing nettle powder helps reduce bleeding and inflammation. The mint aroma brings a real freshness in the mouth. Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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Chew, brush, rinse !

Dentifrice à croquer Menthe Ortie Lamazuna

Do you want to start an efficient and hygienic Zero Waste approach in the bathroom? Switch to chewable toothpaste to clean your teeth. Chew, brush and rinse ! It's that easy !

You'll love this COSMOS Organic certified toothpaste and its fun, practical and ecological format!

Its remineralising nettle powder helps reduce bleeding and inflammation to maintain a healthy mouth and relieve everyday aches and pains. Its mint aroma, enriched with menthol, brings a real freshness in the mouth, softened by the herbaceous taste of the nettle!

1 tablet = 1 toothbrush, it's as easy as pie and zero waste

Very practical to carry when you are travelling or at lunchtime at your place of work, it takes up little space and limits pollution: as it is dry, there is no need for a plastic tube ! A bag of 120 tablets is equivalent to two tubes of toothpaste. 

This toothpaste is free of fluoride and essential oils. It is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Benefits of Nettle Mint Toothpaste

Dentifrice à croquer, fabriqué en France

+ Fun, practical and ecological format for fresh breath

+ Contains no fluoride or essential oils = ideal for pregnant and breastfeeding women

+ 1 tablet = 1 toothbrush

+ 1 bag of 120 tablets = 2 months of brushing

+ With chewable toothpaste, no waste! The ultimate zero waste product

+ Foams as well as toothpaste in a tube

+ Very easy to carry. Take only the number of tablets you need!

+ Ideal for travel or weekends

+ Cosmos Organic certified toothpaste

+ A single material paper bag made from FSC wood

+ Made in France

Chewing your toothpaste means less waste !

Dentifrice à croquer poudre d'ortie et Menthe

Every year in France, no less than 180 million tubes of toothpaste are used and then thrown away. Often not recyclable, they are part of this waste found in nature. Zero Waste enthusiasts already knew about solid toothpaste, but it has some limitations. Here is a brand new solution: chewable toothpaste! The plastic tube of toothpaste is not only polluting, but also inconvenient. Indeed, you have all noticed that when you reach the end, it is difficult to extract the residue still stuck inside. Moreover, it is difficult to measure out the necessary quantity, not to mention the fact that sometimes the dab on the toothbrush ends up at the bottom of the sink before it has even been used. In other words, not only is the traditional tube of toothpaste a blight on the planet, it's also not at all practical or economical.

Chewable toothpaste revolutionises zero waste

Pastilles dentifrice à croquer, fabriqué en France

Already pre-dosed, one tablet corresponds to the right dose needed to clean an adult's teeth. It fights against dental plaque and prevents cavities. It protects the gums and remineralizes the teeth. It foams as well as a classic toothpaste. What's more, the tablets are easy and discreet to carry, even at work or on the plane. Everything is 100% natural. Even the packaging has been thought through. Made in France from a single paper material, it has a recycling rate of over 94%. It is much more ecological than doypacks (70% recyclable) or multi-material toothpaste tubes that are impossible to recycle. The bag is made from FSC wood from Northern European forests.

Instructions for use

1 tablet = 1 toothbrush! Chew one tablet to create a paste and then brush your teeth as usual (about 2 minutes) after having slightly moistened your brush. For a better conservation of your lozenges, keep them in an airtight jar rather than in their original bag (this will prevent them from getting wet and losing their effectiveness). The absence of a zip on the sachet is deliberate on the part of the manufacturer. In order to make the chewable toothpaste bag as recyclable as possible, the manufacturer has chosen not to add a plastic zip for a hermetic closure.

One bag contains 120 tablets. You will have enough for 2 months of use, brushing your teeth twice a day!

Comment utiliser le dentifrice à croquer ?

The ingredients of this toothpaste under the microscope

1 - Ingredients that work against plaque and clean your teeth : 
- Corn starch (ZEA MAYS STARCH*) and abrasive agent (MICROCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE) to remove stains from teeth and give you a bright smile.
- The surfactant (SODIUM LAUROYL GLUTAMATE) which cleanses and gives a nice foam.

2 - Ingredients for fresh breath and good oral hygiene :
- SORBITOL and XYLITOL for a soft and fresh taste without risk of cavities.
- Nettle powder (URTICA DIOICA LEAF POWDER*) remineralises and prevents bleeding and inflammation.
- Menthol from mint (MENTHOL*), and mint flavour (AROMA**) for freshness and mint taste.

* from organic farming

Binding ingredient : MAGNESIUM STEARATE. It is a vegetable aid necessary during the pressing of the pastilles.

INCI Ingrédients

*organically grown - 10.5% of the total ingredients are organically grown
** Ingredients of natural origin - 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin

Precautions and storage  

Recommended for pregnant women. Not recommended for children under 12 years. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Do not use in case of allergy to any of the ingredients. Store in a cool, dry place, away from light.

Find out more about the Lamazuna brand

Logo de la marque Lamazuna

Since its inception, Lamazuna has been a green cosmetics brand. The story begins in 2010 with a click of the founder, Laëtitia Van de Walle, which will be a precursor and founder for the brand. At that time, Laëtitia decided to replace her classic cotton pads with washable microfibre make-up remover wipes. From 5 disposable make-up removal pads per day, she went to zero and thus began to reduce her impact on the environment. And she didn't stop there...

As the years went by, the new Lamazuna eco-friendly product ranges continued to develop. The menstrual cup, the Oriculi, toothbrushes with refillable heads, not forgetting of course all the solid zero waste cosmetics ! Lamazuna's goal since the beginning is to offer green and zero waste beauty products for an ever more committed beauty !

In order to respect their values, they have imposed constraints on the manufacture of their products. They must all be :
- With a zero waste objective
- Vegan
- Made as locally as possible (they are gradually moving towards 100% French production)

Labels / certifications
Slow cosmetic
Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
Cosmos Organic
By type
In the form of
Contains fluorine

Specific references

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Mint and Nettle chewable toothpaste without Fluoride and without HE

A playful, practical and ecological format for fresh breath, you will love this chewable toothpaste! Remineralizing nettle powder helps reduce bleeding and inflammation. The mint aroma brings a real freshness in the mouth. Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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