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Baby package

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With the Penn'Ty Baby Kit, find the essential organic products for the baby's daily toilet. Pack with 4 products.

This pack contains

Baby soft towels in organic cotton at the Aloe Vera – x40 – Douce Nature

Soft baby wipes in organic cotton with Aloe Vera – x40 – Douce Nature

x 1
Baby Safety Sticks ends 100% organic cotton – x60 - Douce Nature

Baby safety sticks ends 100% organic cotton – x60 - Douce Nature

x 1
Liniment limestone organic - 500 ml - anaea

Organic oleo-calcareous liniment - 500 ml - Anaé

x 1
Dermo-cleaning solid body & baby hair - 85 grs - Cosmo Naturel

Baby body & hair solid dermo-cleanser - 85 grs - Cosmo Naturel

x 1
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The Penn'Ty Baby Kit will allow you to make the baby toilet every day by taking care of its body so fragile.

Le Dermo-cleaning solid body and baby hair: has been specially formulated to respect the fragile skin of your baby and your children. The organic calendula and fresh almond vegetable oil that composes it will both calm and nourish the epidermis. 2 in 1, it can be used for the body but also for the hair.

The liniment olea-calcaire Anaé: It is a very famous toilet milk that is used for everything: the change, the face and the baby body. But it can also be used for the largest in masking face or soothing milk for irritated skins. 500 ml bottle.

Baby linen made of organic cotton at the Aloe vera: at the Aloe vera, organic calendula extract and organic camomile floral water. These 100% organic cotton wipes are biodegradable. Soft and resistant, they are ideal for the delicate baby skin toilet (hands, face, seat). The skin is clean and clean. Bag of 40 towels.

To finish baby safety sticks : These baby safety sticks are specially designed to clean your child's hearing drive safely. The ends are made of organic cotton and the rigid paper stem. Box of 60 sticks.


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1 - Dermo- Solid Bio Cleaner -Cosmo Naturel
Composed of organic Calendula and organic soft almond vegetable oil, it gently acts on the skin of the child. These assets soothe and nourish the epidermis without attacking it. It is without soap, developed in neutral/physiological pH, 100% natural and suitable for all skin types. It can be used both for the body and hair toilet. A 2 in 1 practical good that avoids multiplying products.

The + of this product : Contains organic Calendula and organic sweet almond: Soothing and nourishing, 2 in 1 : body and hair toilet, soothing formula with neutral pH, without soap, ideal for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, plant active 100% organic, very economical, 1 bread of 85g equals 2 products of 200 ml, ideal for travel or weekend, 100% of the total ingredients is of natural origin, zero waste objective: No plastic bottle and conditioned in a recyclable cardboard packaging, certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Cosmecert according to the COSMOS repository, manufactured in southern France by the Gravier laboratory

To learn more about this product, access the detailed information sheet


2 - The liniment oleo-calcaire - Anaé
The liniment oleo-calcaire is a liquid mixture of 50% vegetable oil (in this organic sunflower) and 50% lime water (a mixture of limestone powder and water) that restores the natural pH of the skin. Its extra soft and creamy formula is suitable for the hygiene of the most sensitive babies. The coating can be used throughout the baby skin as a cleaning product. It allows to clean the baby's butt and protect it from the fessier rythms. It is also very effective against milk crusts. But the liniment is not exclusively reserved for buttocks and baby toilets. This product can also be used without restriction in adults! Because it is fat and soft at a time, it makes an excellent masking and can serve as a soothing care in case of eczema.

The + of this product : Leave a protective film on the skin, which is then less in contact with the acidity of the urine and stools, does not fade, ideal for the toilet and changing of a baby, basic composition and 100% natural: Without emulsifying, without preservatives, without emollient or moisturizing acidity corrector, important product in the range puériculture, effective against erythemes, can be used for the whole family: change of baby, disembarkation of the largest, removal of mom's face, certified product Cosmos Organic by Bureau Veritas, made in France with French organic vegetable oil

To learn more about this product, access the detailed information sheet


3 - Biodegradable baby towels - Douce Nature
Most often for a matter of practice, the traditional cleaning with water and soap was gradually replaced by cleaning wipes without rinsing for babies. But as we all know, there's no more delicate than a baby's skin, especially on the window area, where cleaning is usually done. Among the countless baby wipes present in the current market, the bio and biodegradable towel is the one that will respect both the baby's skin and the environment. The extract of Aloe Vera Bio and calendula bio moisturizes. As for the floral water of Camomille organic soothes the skin and calms the irritations.

The + of this product : Sweet formula composed of Aloe vera bio, extract from organic calendula and organic camomile floral water, particularly soft ingredients that calm the irritations and soothe the skin of baby, active ingredients of plant origin, soft, resistant and biodegradable wipes in 100% organic cotton, without soap, without alcohol, without paraben, without synthetic fragrance, without foaming agents tested on

To learn more about this product, access the detailed information sheet


4 - Baby Safety Sticks -Douce Nature
the Baby Safety Sticks Douce Nature are specially designed to clean your child's ears safely. The ends of these cotton stems are made of organic cotton, not bleached with chlorine and bleached with oxygenated water and stems are in paper. The cotton used comes from organic farming and certified by Ecocert. Cleaning ears, nose and baby navel safely with a suitable tip.

To learn more about this product, access the detailed information sheet

N.B.: If this Penn'Ty Kit is not available for purchase at this time, it is only a product (or several) is missing and is being restocked. Once this product(s) is returned to our stocks, the addition to the basket will be available again.


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Baby package

With the Penn'Ty Baby Kit, find the essential organic products for the baby's daily toilet. Pack with 4 products.

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