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When it comes to caring for our little ones, the quality of the products we use is paramount. Penn'Ty Bio offers a range of products dedicated to babies and children. From birth to toddlerhood, these products guarantee the gentleness and safety that our children need.


Liniment, lime water, cleansers : the gentlest care products

Babies' skin is delicate and sensitive, requiring products that respect it. Liniment, a natural solution based on olive oil and lime water, is ideal for cleansing and protecting baby's skin. Lime water is used to soothe skin irritations and prevent diaper rash. Our solid skin cleanser, with no harsh substances, gently cleanses baby's body while preserving its natural balance.


Wipes, toothbrushes, toothpaste : natural hygiene

Penn'Ty Bio also offers biodegradable, chemical-free wipes for practical on-the-go cleaning. For your child's first teeth, a toothbrush adapted to their little hands combined with fluoride-free organic toothpaste ensures gentle brushing, encouraging good oral hygiene habits from an early age.


Talc, sun care and other essentials

Talc is naturally absorbent and soothing, perfect for keeping skin dry and comfortable. When the sun is shining, our organic suncare products offer safe protection against the sun's harmful rays, while being kind to the environment and to children's sensitive skin.


Products designed with love and care for the environment

All the products available from Penn'Ty Bio are carefully selected for their organic and natural quality. They are free from synthetic additives, parabens and other potentially harmful substances. Each product is designed with the well-being of children and the impact on the environment in mind.

Choose products that respect your little ones' sensitive skin while helping to preserve the planet. Give your children the best start in life with products that combine gentleness, safety and respect for nature.

Reduced price Baby Safety Sticks ends 100% organic cotton – x60 - Douce Nature

Baby safety sticks ends 100% organic cotton – x60

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These baby safety sticks are specially designed to safely clean your child's ear canal. The extremities are in organic cotton and the rod in rigid paper. Box of 60 sticks.

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Safe cleaning

Bâtonnet sécurité pour bébé

When it comes to hygiene, parents sometimes want to do too much. But baby's ears are very fragile and require special attention, while keeping a light hand. 

Douce Nature's Baby Safety Sticks are specially designed to safely clean your child's ears. The ends of these cotton swabs are made of organic cotton, unbleached with chlorine and bleached with hydrogen peroxide and the swabs are made of paper. The cotton used is organically grown and certified by Ecocert.

Cleaning of baby's ears, nose and navel in complete safety thanks to an adapted tip.

The tip

2 levels, a large ball for cleaning large surfaces and making the stick safe to use and a smaller ball at the end for deep cleaning of smaller parts of the body.

Advantages of these safety sticks

+ 100% unbleached organic cotton end, bleached with hydrogen peroxide

+ Sticks made of cellulose-based paper

+ Specially designed to safely clean baby's ear canal

+ Specially designed stick shape to avoid significant penetration into the ear canal.

+ Cotton cleaned and processed in France

+ Ecological packaging: recycled cardboard printed with vegetable ink

+ Not tested on animals

+ Designed and manufactured in France

Did you know ?

Cotton growing is the most polluting. It is extremely harmful to human health and the environment. 24% of pesticides used for 2.4% of the world's cultivated area. The WHO estimates that around 220,000 people die each year and 25 million are poisoned in Third World countries as a result of spraying on non-organic cotton. With organic and fair trade cotton, you are helping to protect people and the environment.

Pennty'Bio's advice 

Just like the nose or the mouth, your baby's ears need special care. But how do you go about it and make sure that you adopt the right gestures? To begin with, it is important to use the right equipment adapted to infants and above all to act gently.

Don't force it : the ear canal of very young children is shorter than that of adults. The risk of hitting the eardrum is therefore greater. The ideal time to clean baby's ears is often after the bath. Your child will be relaxed and the heat will have liquefied the earwax. 

Their composition

100% cotton* and cellulose-based paper stems.

* Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) "Organic Textile" certificate issued by ECOCERT Greenlife.

100% of the fibres are from organic farming.


Box of 60 cotton stems safety sticks. Recycled cardboard dispenser box printed with vegetable ink.

Precautions for use

The greatest caution is recommended when cleaning the external auditory canal, especially for children.

To know more about baby products ?

To find out more about baby products, please consult our thematic file.

Find out more about the Douce Nature brand

Find out more about the Douce Nature brand

Douce Nature is a brand that has been committed to respecting man and the environment since 1985. It is Ecocert and Cosmebio certified and is manufactured in France. If nature protects our skin, then let's protect nature: this is the line of conduct and values defended by Douce Nature.

The brand selects the best ingredients for its organic products so that they meet the needs of everyone. The most recyclable packaging is chosen in order to be part of an ecological and sustainable development approach for a maximum preservation of nature.

For your baby, Douce Nature has created a range specifically dedicated to his daily hygiene.

Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Specific references


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Baby safety sticks ends 100% organic cotton – x60

These baby safety sticks are specially designed to safely clean your child's ear canal. The extremities are in organic cotton and the rod in rigid paper. Box of 60 sticks.

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