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Baby Cream for Change Organic Fresh Almond Eryzinc – 75ml – Alphanova - View 3

Baby diaper cream Eryzinc organic sweet almond - 75 ml

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ERYZINC® is a dermo-pediatric ointment intended for the prevention and care of redness of the buttocks. Atopic skin, rough, damaged, attacked by the cold. Formula of natural origin* with lily and organic sweet almond oil*. 75ml tube.

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Ideal for diaper rash

Eryzinc® by ALPHANOVA bébé® prevents, soothes and repairs baby's reddened bottom. Its high concentration of Zinc gives it absorbent and insulating properties that prevent the appearance of redness. Alphaprotect, an innovative patented active ingredient, stimulates the saprophyte flora and the natural protection of baby's skin.

Its natural formula is enriched with soothing sweet almond oil, centella asiatica and allantoin, which promote rapid repair of baby's irritated skin.

Eryzinc baby diaper cream is a dermo-paediatric ointment for the prevention and care of diaper rash.

It is suitable for atopic, damaged, rough or cold skin.

Advantages of this baby diaper cream

+ Natural* formula with lily and organic sweet almond oil*.

+ High concentration of zinc oxide with insulating and absorbent properties.

+ Hypoallergenic (formulated to minimise the risk of allergy) and dermatologically tested.

+ Paraben free, phenoxyethanol free, triclosan free, formaldehyde free, essential oils free, allergens free, colouring free, animal ingredients free, phthalates free, nitro and polycyclic musks free<

The innovative use of Alphaprotect®, a patented natural active ingredient, stimulates the natural protection of baby's skin.

Its main active ingredients

Principaux actifs de la crème de change bio pour bébé

Sweet almond oil : Native to Central and Eastern Asia, the almond tree has pinkish-white flowers. Their fruit, the almond, is an oilseed rich in fat, protein, minerals and vitamins A, B and E. For these reasons, almonds are beneficial for health and for the beauty of the body and hair because they nourish, smooth and soften.  

Lily extract : The lily is found mainly in Europe, Asia, India, Japan and the Philippines. The petals of these flowers can be white, yellow, red or sometimes have coloured patterns. The white lily flower is the one with the most interesting properties: a symbol of beauty and purity, it facilitates the regeneration of the skin and softens the tissues.

Squalane : Vegetable squalane is extracted from olive oil. It is an oily active ingredient with a non-greasy silky feel. Squalaner is one of the best natural emollients. It spreads very well and is very quickly absorbed by the skin, without leaving a greasy residue. It does not stain. Its properties are numerous: anti-dehydrating, softening, emollient, protective, repairing, nourishing.

Zinc oxide : Zinc oxide is a white matte pigment, very useful for making cosmetic products. Known for its protective and purifying properties, it is also used in the manufacture of ointments and care products for irritated skin. Zinc oxide is also known as an anti-UV protective filter. Its anti-inflammatory, purifying and healing properties are well known. It is found in many baby care products for its soothing properties. It is naturally present in nuts, hazelnuts and seafood.

Instructions for use

To prevent redness : use the cream in the evening after the last change.

In case of redness : apply a thick layer to clean, dry skin at each diaper change.

Penn'Ty Bio's opinion

The baby products in the Alphanova range are made with natural ingredients (minimum 99%). They are quality products at very reasonable prices.

INCI Ingrédient

Aqua*, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis oil**, Zinc oxide* Cetearyl Alcohol*, Glycerin*, Parfum, Squalane*, Allantoin*, Cetearyl glucoside*, Lactilol* Xylitol*, Lilium Candidum Bulb Extract*, Centella Asiatica Extract*, Oxidized Corn Oil*,Glucose*, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Citric acid.

* natural origin

** organic origin .

99.2% of ingredients of natural origin.

10.6% of ingredients (excluding water).

Shelf life

12 months after opening. 


75 ml tube.

To know more about baby products ?

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A few words about this Alphanova baby range

Already chosen by hundreds of thousands of mothers, ALPHANOVA bébé BIO combines safety for your baby with respect for the environment. Our formulas are hypoallergenic and tested under medical supervision. Our products are natural, often vegan and certified organic by ECOCERT. We systematically eliminate all potentially harmful or polluting ingredients. Our ecological commitment is daily: all our cosmetics are made in France, our packaging is recyclable, our bottles and tubes are made of recycled or vegetable plastic.

75 ml

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crème change

Très efficace sur mon p'tit lou. Je recommande



Produit très très efficace. mon fils a souvent fait des érythèmes fessiers difficiles a faire disparaître. pour ma fille j'ai voulu essayer quelque chose d'autres: la crème pour le change Eryzinc. Je fais vraiment la différence. un jour de poussé de dent avec des rougeurs aux fesses très très importantes, 2 jours de tartinage et on en parle plus. je suis conquise et c'est aujourd'hui ma référence.

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Baby diaper cream Eryzinc organic sweet almond - 75 ml

ERYZINC® is a dermo-pediatric ointment intended for the prevention and care of redness of the buttocks. Atopic skin, rough, damaged, attacked by the cold. Formula of natural origin* with lily and organic sweet almond oil*. 75ml tube.

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