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Natural repellents based on powerful ingredients : an effective defence against insects in our homes

The fight against crawling and flying insects invading our homes can be waged naturally thanks to a range of powerful plant-derived ingredients. In addition to insects, these natural active ingredients can also act as repellents for other animals, such as moles, slugs and even snakes. These repellents offer an environmentally and human health-friendly alternative to harsh chemicals. Let's find out how ingredients such as geraniol, eucalyptus citriodora, margosa, vegetable pyrethrum and essential oils can play a crucial role in defending our living spaces.

1. Geraniol : Geraniol, a natural compound found in certain essential oils such as citronella and geranium, has repellent properties against a variety of insects, including mosquitoes and flies. Geraniol-based products can be sprayed into rooms or applied to the skin to keep insects away.

2. Eucalyptus Citriodora : Eucalyptus citriodora essential oil is known for its strong lemony aroma. It is effective against mosquitoes and other biting insects. Mixed with a carrier oil, it can be applied to the skin or used in diffusers to keep insects at bay. Penn'Ty Bio offers a range of lemon eucalyptus products to protect you from insect bites

3. Margosa (Neem) : Margosa extracts, derived from neem seeds, have well-established insect repellent properties. The bitter odour and repellent action of margosa make it a valuable ingredient in sprays and lotions for protection against insects.

4. Plant pyrethrum : extracts of plant pyrethrum are obtained from the flowers of certain varieties of chrysanthemum. They are used to make natural contact insecticides or repellents. Pyrethrum is effective against a wide range of insects, including ants, flies and cockroaches.

5. Essential oils : As well as geraniol and eucalyptus citriodora, many other essential oils can be used as natural repellents. Peppermint, clove, lavender and lemon are just a few examples of oils with repellent properties. They can be mixed with water to create sprays or added to cleaning products.

Using natural repellents based on these ingredients offers a solution that is not only effective, but also without the drawbacks of traditional chemicals. However, it is important to note that although these options are natural, some people may be sensitive to essential oils or plant extracts. Before using these products, it is advisable to carry out a skin patch test and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

By adopting natural repellents, you can create a hostile environment for unwanted insects, while keeping your home and the surrounding ecosystem safe.

Repulsive mouse and small rodents - 500 ml - Penntybio

Mice and small rodent repellent - 500 ml

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This 100% natural repellent, made up of leguminous extracts and margosa extract, provides long-lasting protection for the garden, outbuildings and home from damage caused by rodents. With this repellent, create a repellent olfactory barrier against mice, field mice and other small rodents. 500ml bottle.

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case-a-cocher.jpgCreate an effective barrier against mice and small rodents
case-a-cocher.jpgIdeal for protecting your home or outbuildings
case-a-cocher.jpg Safe for your pets
case-a-cocher.jpgMade exclusively from active ingredients of plant origin

Keep small rodents away

Souris ou petit rongeur

At the onset of fall, small rodents such as mice, field mice and shrews are looking for a warm place, shelter to nest and a source of food. They are often found in the attics of homes, garages, warehouses, sheds, boiler rooms or even garbage rooms. When they have found the ideal place near a source of food, they will make their nest to spend the winter with paper or plastic bags shredded into small pieces, insulation materials, etc.

The mouse and small rodent repellent is a ready-to-use 100% vegetable product that degrades without leaving harmful residues on the ground. With a gelatinous liquid appearance, its smell of vegetables and dehydrated green plants is pleasant for us. However, this smell is particularly unpleasant for mice and other small rodents. There are in particular extracts of nettles and olive trees. These plant extracts have been fermented and stabilized. Please note that this product is not suitable against rats. You will have to find a suitable product.

This repellent acts as a protective barrier. In order to most effectively repel rodents from your home, it is important to put the product in as many places as possible. The mouse, field mouse and small rodent repellent is the solution for protecting foodstuffs and kibble from pets that are kept in pantry or garages. This repellent is safe for humans and pets under normal use. 

Application of the rodent repellent

1 - For your garden :
Against moles and voles, level the mounds of earth then pour the next day 2 capfuls of repellent into each tunnel entrance without filling them up. Perform checks once a week. The operation must be repeated until the total disappearance of the pests. To keep its effectiveness the repellent must be protected from the rain. Otherwise, inevitably, it will be washed out and lose its repellent properties.

2 - For your house and your outbuildings :
Identify places where rodents pass. Pour 20 ml per linear meter using the measuring cap, over a sufficient length to create an effective repellent barrier. The operation must be repeated until the total disappearance of the pests, once or twice a week in the event of heavy infestation. To protect a specific area such as boxes of clothes or books, simply make a repellent circle around this area.

The multiplication of protected areas in the same place will definitively eliminate the presence of rodents which will seek to eat or nest elsewhere. It is important to protect as many places as possible with the repellent.

Composition of our rodent repellent

Complex of essential oils and food plant extracts, 0.1% margosa extract (active ingredient CAS No. 84696-25-3), linseed oil, chilli. Biocidal product - Class TP19 - Active ingredient: Margosa extract (CAS No: 84696-25-3) - MA concentration: 0.1%. ,Type of preparation: AL (Liquid ready to use).

Toxicological classification

Without toxicological classification and exempt from biocide registration because the products used in this repellent are found in human food. Safe for humans and pets under normal conditions of use. This repellent meets the conditions of article 6 of EC regulation 1451/2OO7.


500 ml bottle, delivered with a measuring cap.

Learn about the mouse

Mice, like other rodents, can cause great damage in a home. They often consume little food (about 3 to 6 grams per night). However, they gnaw, degrade or soil many materials and materials such as clothing, wood, plastic, paper, insulating materials, cables, sheaths, electrical wires, mattresses. The odors left after their passage are nauseating and persistent (smell of ammonia). Droppings, the size of a grain of rice (0.5 to 1 centimeter long), can be very numerous.

A mouse can make up to 8 litters per year at the rate of 5 to 6 babies per litter... that can quickly make a lot of little mice. Mice live in colonies. If you see one, tell yourself that she is not alone and that she is probably looking for food for her family. The gray mouse or house mouse is a nocturnal animal. Like all rodents whose incisors never stop growing, they must gnaw regularly to wear down their teeth. So be careful with all your cables whether electrical, telephone or computer !

Our 5 tips for battling mice

1 - Use our 100% plant-based repellent

2 - Do not leave rubbish lying around, garbage bag accessible. Close the bins well with a tight lid, a mouse can pass through a space of 1 to 2 cm.

3 - Food must be stored in an airtight cupboard. Do not forget that mice can jump, swim and climb vertical surfaces (a simple shelf is not sufficient protection). In cellars, attics or garages, preferably use metal cupboards or trunks.

4 - Plug all the holes or cracks in the walls, mesh the ventilation openings, avoid self-expanding foams that they can destroy, use plaster or cement.

5 - The use of a trap of the swatter type, placed in the right places, remains an effective mechanical means.

Mandatory regulatory information

Precautionary statements (CLP) : P102 - Keep out of reach of children. P101 - If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. P103 - Read label before use.

Additional phrases : Dispose of empty packaging in the recycling center. Use biocides with care and appropriate protection if necessary. Keep away from light, out of reach of children and away from food and drink including those for animals.

Mode of application
For spreading
Treatment against
Mouse / rodent
500 ml

Specific references


Safety Data Sheet

FDS Mouse and small rodent repellent Penn'Ty Bio

Download (179.87k)

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anti rongeur

très bien. Je recommande

Claudine JUNG

Répulsif souris et petits rongeurs

Produit extrêmement puant mais très efficace ! Afin débarrasser d'une musaraigne qui me pourrissait les nuits ! Je recommande vivement ce produit !

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Béatrice H

très bien

Juste dommage qu'il ne tienne pas sous la pluie !!!

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Béatrice H

Trop tôt

Un peu tôt pour donner un avis. Je viens à peine de le dispatcher... j'utilise également d'autres moyens de défense. Mais il me semble être un bon produit.


Répulsif contre les souris

Satisfaite de ce produit. Les petits rongeurs ne s'approchent plus de mes placards.

Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

Navré que le produit ne vous ai pas donné satisfaction. Nous avons pourtant régulièrement de bons retours de ce répulsif souris et petits rongeurs. L'avez-vous placé aux bons endroits ? Avec quelle quantité ? Quelle fréquence ? N'hésitez pas à vous rapprochez de notre service client pour comprendre ce qui n'a pas fonctionné.
Penn'Ty Bio

Barthe François


aucune efficacite


Répulsif naturel souris

Satisfait. Merci


Bon produit

Cela fait 15 jours que je l utilise et j'ai constaté des résultats dès la première utilisation. Satisfaite, facile d utilisation

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Mice and small rodent repellent - 500 ml

This 100% natural repellent, made up of leguminous extracts and margosa extract, provides long-lasting protection for the garden, outbuildings and home from damage caused by rodents. With this repellent, create a repellent olfactory barrier against mice, field mice and other small rodents. 500ml bottle.

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