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Whitening powder machine - 1 Kg - Lerutan

Whitening machine powder - 1 Kg

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Delivery expected from 09/26/2023

Product currently out of stock. Restocking scheduled for fall 2023. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The bleaching powder Lerutan was developed to give shine to white textiles. It is used, both by hand washing and by machine, in addition to laundry, liquid or powder. Pot 1kg.

Unavailable for the moment

Product currently out of stock. Restocking scheduled for fall 2023. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Laundry whiter than white !

Whiteners are used to whiten laundry, prevent dullness and help remove stubborn stains such as tea, coffee, wine, fruit juice, tomato, beetroot, etc.

The Gravier Laboratory has reworked the original formula of the bleach to allow it to be more effective but above all to act at a lower temperature, thanks to Sodium Percarbonate.

Sodium Percarbonate is made from hydrogen peroxide and soda ash. Mixed with water, sodium percarbonate releases hydrogen peroxide (recognized whitener)

The new formula is active from 40°C instead of 60°C. It does not contain chlorine or optical brighteners.

The Machine Whitener is a complement to the detergent, it will help you preserve the whiteness and shine of your white laundry.

Energy saving and ecology go hand in hand : easily and quickly biodegradable, this new Whitener is more environmentally friendly and naturally preserves the whiteness of your white linen, even after numerous washes. This product can be used for washing whites or colorfast colors in addition to your detergent.

Estimated number of machine washes

With this 1 kg pot, you can do up to 33 washes.

Benefits of this laundry whitener

+ Helps preserve the whiteness and shine of your white laundry

+ Effective from 40°C

+ Free of chlorine and optical brighteners

+ Certified by Ecocert

+ Not tested on animals

+ Recyclable packaging

+ Optimum biodegradability

+ Developed and manufactured in France

Usage tips

For washing white linen, we advise you to use Lerutan detergent and add 30 grams of bleach (for a 4 to 5 kg machine). To reduce the environmental impact, respect the recommended doses of use. To respect the environment, run your washing machine at full load, favor low temperature wash cycles and follow the dosage instructions.

Review Penn'Ty Bio

Can be used with liquid detergent or color powder, which does not contain bleach. Very effective product. One of Lerutan's bestsellers for years.

Its composition

Among other components, this product contains : More than 30%: sodium percarbonate. Also contains sodium carbonate.

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin


Eco-detergent based on organic ingredients certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert standard.


Pot of 1 kg, delivered with a pod inside.

Precautions for use

Danger. May intensify fire; oxidizer. Harmful if swallowed. Causes serious eye damage. Contains sodium percarbonate. Keep out of reach of children. In case of consultation with a doctor, keep the label or the container at hand. Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. NO SMOKING. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling this product. Wear eye protection. If swallowed, call a poison control center if you feel unwell. In case of eye contact, flush cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if the victim wears them and if they can be easily removed. Continue rinsing. Call a poison control center immediately. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local regulations.

Learn more about ethoxylated surfactants

Accédez à notre dossier sur les tensios-actifs éthoxylés

This product does not contain ethoxylated surfactant. To fully understand what this is about, do not hesitate to consult our thematic file on this subject.


Learn more about the brand Lerutan

Lérutan is a range of cleaning products formulated from natural ingredients of plant origin and of organic quality, entirely manufactured in France by the Gravier Laboratory for more than 45 years. Lérutan products are distinguished by their highly concentrated formulas, using rigorously selected active ingredients, which makes it a range of highly effective cleaning products.

Lérutan is also the first range with ingredients of plant origin and organic cultivation that is formulated without ethoxylated surfactants of the anionic type, without lauryl ether sulphate, without polycarboxylates, without TAED or EDTA. and which benefits from the Ecocert mention “ecological detergent”. An irreproachable brand that has everything to please !

Labels / certifications
1 kg

Specific references




Super blanchissant/détachant qui respecte aussi les textiles délicats



utilisé en machine notamment sur du linge qui était devenu gris, il n'a pas récupéré sa blancheur d'origine, mais il est nettement plus blanc qu'avant, j'espère qu'au bout d'une dizaine de lavages, il retrouvera encore un peu + de blancheur. Aide aussi pas mal pour éliminer les tâches sur le blanc


Blanchissant poudre Lerutan

Super. Très contente de ce produit. Je recommande

Carole R.


Très satisfaite de ce produit. super efficace sur les textiles blancs qui ressortent vraiment sans taches

Nanou 88


Enfin un produit naturel et efficace pour retrouver le blanc des torchons et autres



J'utilise ce produit depuis pas mal d'année. J'en suis très contente.


Très efficace

Très efficace à partir d'une utilisation à 40°C dans la machine

Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

merci d'avoir pris le temps de nous faire part de votre expérience.
Concernant les modèles de machine à laver avec bac à lessive, l'eau qui y arrive est froide. Elle est souvent autour de 15°C. Les poudres n'arrivent pas à se dissoudre dans une eau froide et donc s'agglomèrent mais cela est vrai aussi pour les liquides qui, à longue, laissent des dépôts, raison pour lequel la plupart des lessiviers fournissent des boules que l'on met directement dans le tambour, utilisable aussi bien pour les poudres que les liquides. Le blanchissant contient de "l'oxygène actif" qui, à une époque, ne fonctionnait qu'à partir de 60°c. Désormais, c'est 40°C .
A bientôt
Penn'Ty Bio

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pas d'effet flagrant

je me suis demandé si j'utilisais mal le produit blanchissant. Comme j'utilise du produit à linge liquide, le blanchissant en poudre coagule et donne des petites boulettes qui restent coincées dans le bac. Devrais-je le mettre directement dans le tambour, avec le linge ?

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Whitening machine powder - 1 Kg

Product currently out of stock. Restocking scheduled for fall 2023. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The bleaching powder Lerutan was developed to give shine to white textiles. It is used, both by hand washing and by machine, in addition to laundry, liquid or powder. Pot 1kg.

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