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The electric diffuser with micro diffusion (nebulisation)


Composition of an electric nebulizer diffuser

Whatever the model, an electric diffuser is made up of two main parts :

diffuser pump

1 - The electric pump or motor
With very few exceptions, all motors are based on the principle of a diaphragm pump, such as an aquarium pump or, more recently, a turbine pump.

The strengths of diaphragm pumps are :

  • Low cost
  • Very simple
  • Exceptional service life

This pump supplies the compressed air needed to propel the essential oil. Its flow rate is measured in litres/hour. The more powerful the pump, the greater the diffusion. amphora glassware.amphora glassware

2 - Glassware
Although technically all pumps are similar (apart from noise and flow rate), not all glassware is identical.

The GIFFARD system or diffuser nozzle must be perfectly calibrated to obtain maximum performance. This is the very heart of the diffuser, as it transforms the essential oil into millions of tiny particles. Glassware can come in a variety of shapes, such as those we offer (standard, amphora, round), but this does not alter the quality of diffusion or the principle.

They can also be fitted with a silencer. This is not an essential part of the diffuser, but it eliminates the noise of diffusion and avoids having a stain of essential oils on the shelf above the diffuser.

How does a nebulizer work ?

Diffusion takes place in two stages :

essential oil diffusion1 - spraying of essential oils
Compressed air from the motor creates a vacuum that causes the essential oils to rise and powers the Giffard system.

When the essential oil meets the compressed air, it is propelled onto the glassware and breaks up into micro-particles of essential oil. This process is called micro-diffusion. For DIY enthusiasts, this process resembles a paint spray gun (transformation of a liquid into very fine particles). This principle is also used in pear-shaped perfume atomisers.

2 - Diffusing essential oils
If the spraying principle is the same as a paint pistol, the comparison stops there since, after bursting on glassware, essential oils are are transformed into a thin fog loaded with millions of microparticles.

essential oil mist

This 'cloud', now much lighter than air, will exit through the neck of the glassware and diffuse into the atmosphere.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not steam that is released, but a mist that has been created "mechanically" rather than thermally.

Advantages of nebulisation

1 - Good conservation of the properties of your oils
The main advantage of nebulisation diffusers is their ability to preserve all the properties of the essential oils they diffuse. This is because the oils are diffused cold. There are 2 advantages to this: the essential oils are not degraded by heat and their particles are particularly well dispersed when they are sprayed. They are therefore lighter and remain suspended in the air for longer than with other technologies. The result is an oil that is purer, healthier and, above all, better able to fulfil its intended role.

2 - Diffusion over a large area
Nebulisation diffusers are designed to meet the needs of a large room. The surface area to be covered varies from one diffuser to another. But it can be as much as 120 m2 for a device using nebulisation. This makes it one of the most efficient models you can buy, and it doesn't generate any humidity or heat.

3 - Purifies and purifies ambient air
Aromatic mist diffusers are excellent air purifiers. The essential oils increase the purifying effect and can help to clean the air and kill bacteria.

4 - Resistance and lifespan
Unlike an ultrasound diffuser, nebulisers do not use plastic. As a result, the components are not subject to corrosion from essential oils on the plastic or stagnant water at the bottom of the tank. This greatly improves its lifespan.

5 - A beautiful decorative object
These diffusers are very pretty and stylish, making them perfect decorative objects. Most of them are made from noble materials such as natural wood, glass and metal.

Our advice for optimum diffusion

1 - Never use water in a nebulizer ! Only pure, undiluted essential oils.

2 - Don't use too many essential oils! On devices with glassware, there is a nozzle inside. Never submerge it under the essential oil, to avoid destroying the motor through oil backflow.

3 - It's best to diffuse often, but only for a short time, around 30 minutes (to help you, use a timer if your diffuser doesn't have one).

4 - Do not leave your essential oils to dry inside the glassware, especially citrus oils (deposits). Diffuse regularly or clean your glassware.

How do I maintain a nebulizer ?

Regular maintenance of a nebulizer is essential to ensure optimum performance and prolong its life. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your nebulizer :

1 - Regular cleaning
- Switch off and unplug the diffuser before cleaning.
- Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the outside of the diffuser to remove any dust or residue.
- To clean your diffuser quickly and easily after use, simply apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol and start diffusing for a few minutes. This will clean the diffuser and its injectors perfectly. Be careful not to diffuse for too long or in too large quantities, and remember not to stay nearby while cleaning. There are also special cleaning products based on alcohol + lavender to remove all traces of grease. Be sure to rinse well to remove any soap residue.
- If you use your essential oil diffuser often, you'll need to give the glassware a thorough cleaning every month. Prepare a saucepan with hot water (around 60-80°C). Place the glass tank in the pan and add a small amount of mild washing-up liquid. The combination of hot water and soap will work to remove any stains, films or blockages that may have occurred. You can regularly add more hot water for more effective cleaning. Soak in detergent and hot water for at least thirty minutes. Remove your glass tank and wash it gently with tap water. Then place the appliance in a safe place to dry. Once the glass tank is dry, you're done !

2 - Changing the essential oil
- Empty the essential oil reservoir regularly, especially if you change fragrances.
- Clean the oil reservoir with a dry cloth before adding a new essential oil.

3 - Proper storage
When you are not using the diffuser for an extended period, empty the glassware and clean it before storing.

4 - Follow the manufacturer's instructions
Follow the manufacturer's specific recommendations for maintenance, as they may vary from one model to another.

By following these maintenance tips, you should be able to keep your fogging diffuser in good working order. Be sure to consult the user manual specific to your model for detailed instructions. For more in-depth advice on how to maintain your electric diffuser, don't hesitate to read our dedicated file by clicking here.

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