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Organic Calophylle Plant Oil – 30 ml – Direct Nature

Organic Calophylle vegetable oil – 30 ml – Direct Nature

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Organic Calophylle vegetable oil is a treatment in itself thanks to its powerful active ingredients with circulatory and healing properties. An essential to treat dark circles, blotches, redness and varicose veins. It also offers a valuable regenerating and anti-inflammatory action for the skin. 30ml bottle.

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Calophyllum ou Tamanu

The Calophyllum, also known as Tamanu by the Tahitiens or Fohara by the Malgaches, is a tropical tree with a tortuous trunk of about ten meters, up to 25 meters high. Calophylle oil is extracted from the almond locked in the fruit of this tree. The oil, unlike most vegetable oils, does not exist in the ripe fruit when it falls from the tree. Its oil is gradually formed during the drying phase (fresh almonds are completely devoid of oil).

The vegetable oil of calophylle is an essential ingredient in the treatment of circulatory problems like heavy legs, cutose, varicose, hemorrhoids or superficial phlebitas, but also for all inflammations of the athletes. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it helps to calm joint and muscle pain. This oil is also well known for improve blood circulation the body by fluidizing the blood and limiting the formation of blood clots.

Cicatrist, it accelerates the regeneration of skin cells and provides flexibility and elasticity to our epidermis. Studies have proven that Calophylle Inophyle's vegetable oil accelerates the healing of injuries and burns. It is therefore healing for mucous membranes and skin. It can apply on wounds, acne buttons, on eczema, zona, rods and streaks.

Composed of about 1/3 of monounsaturated fatty acids (omega 9), 1/3 of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 6) and one last 1/3 of saturated fatty acids, they have all the assets necessary to achieve tone blood circulation and keep light legs, regenerate and purify tissue skin.

This oil, very rich in pulp and antioxidant active ingredients (vitamin E and polyphenols), sanitizing (inophyllin A) and repairers (Calaustraline and inophyllolide) is used as an ingredient in your preparations. It is an ideal oil to create care for skins with imperfections, delicate, or for the realization of care to fight against streaks.

Zoom on Calophylle vegetable oil

Huile végétale de Calophylle bio

Botanical name : Calophyllum inophyllum, from organic farming.
This tree has always had a sacred dimension in many countries. In Polynesia, he was often planted in the enclosure of the royal maraes because the gods loved his shading. The Polynesian chants of creation of the world report that Tane gave man the epidermis of the Ati for the spotted aspect, the flyness of his wood. Calophylle's vegetable oil has a slightly thick texture that fluidizes with heat, a greenish color and a pronounced odor reminding curry or coffee, but you must not stop at it! This vegetable oil has many therapeutic properties. It will inevitably find its place in the family pharmacy so many of its uses can be for our daily lives. It takes 100 kilos of seeds to supply only 5 kilos of cold pressed vegetable oil!

Properties of Calophylle vegetable oil

Cicatrist : Promotes tissue regeneration and provides flexibility and elasticity to the skin
Blood fluid : stimulates blood circulation (ideal against heavy legs and varicose veins)
Muscle and joint pain : Antalgic and anti-inflammatory, it relieves muscle, joint and rheumatic pain.
Purifying: perfect imperfection skin
Antiseptic: recommended in case of mycose, herpes, zona, or even gale or teigne.
+ Antioxidant and skin regenerator
+ Softening
+ Lymphatic sponsor

Calophylle: what skin types ?

Calophylle oil is particularly effective for imperfection, dry, uncomfortable, injured, irritated or reactive skins. Its rather thick texture makes it moderately penetrating and rather oily to the touch compared to other vegetable oils but its benefits on the skin are undeniable.

What about the hair ?

Calophylle oil is not the one found in the top 5 of the hair oils. In spite of all, we know that it prevents hair loss through its toning properties. It protects hair fiber, strengthens it and nourishes it deeply. The hair becomes soft again. It will therefore have to be combined with other oils such as jojoba, sesame and a few drops of essential oils such as lavender and geranium to make a repair mask for dried and damaged hair.

Calophylle oil is indicated in case of

- Spread redness
- Skins with imperfections
- Squamous skin, dry
- Care of skin subject to discomfort
- Allows you to fight against locks
- Lightweight
- Joint discomfort

Instructions for use

- massage on the body and face
- in gel against heavy legs
- in restorative care oil
- neutral basis for diluting essential oils
- in care against diffuse redness
- in anti-wrinkle or anti-wrinkle care

The info +

Calophylle oil has regenerating and anti-wrinkle properties that will delight mature skins. Thanks to its healing and anti-radical action, the skin of the face is renewed and regains flexibility and elasticity. This oil with multiple benefits also takes care of the skin after exposure to the sun.

Examples of uses of Calophylle vegetable oil

Against the feeling of heavy legs
The double fluidizing blood and toning of the circulatory system will allow this oil to protect both capillary, arteries and veins by toning them and thus limit circulation problems, but also to fluidize blood and limit the formation of blood clots. This makes it perfect to mitigate the feeling of heavy legs. Just massage your legs from the bottom up with a few drops in the morning and evening.

Against rheumatism and muscle pain
Calophylle oil is known for its antalgic properties. Pained by anti-inflammatory action, it is particularly effective against joint, muscular and nerve pain. Just massage with a few drops on the painful areas. By incorporating 1 drop of essential gaulthery oil, it will make the effect even more powerful.

Against the caves
Who says circles, often says bad traffic. The circulatory and fluidizing properties will ease the observed kernels. It will be enough to massage under the eyes with a drop of Calophylle in the morning and in the evening.

To heal wounds, buttons, scratches, wounds ...
Calophylle's vegetable oil has a lactone (calophyllolide) with antibiotic properties that cause these exceptional healing benefits. Its healing and skin regenerative virtues will be very useful to promote good healing of the skin. As soon as it is damaged and ignited, Calophylle can help you. Think about it!

For cut skin
Clean the face with a soft product and apply the floral water of helicopre (without drying) Pour 2 drops of Calophylle oil (50)% and 2 drops of Macadamia oil (50)% into the hollow of the hand and apply to the face.

Against cellulite and vergetures
Once again, the excellent circulatory properties of Calophylle coupled with its rich composition in omega 6 and 9 will allow both to stimulate blood circulation by disloding accumulated fats in buttocks and thighs but also to bring flexibility and elasticity to the skin. To do so, it is sufficient to massage the areas concerned in a long and effective manner.

His composition

Calophyllum inophyllum seed oil
(*) Ingredient from organic farming.


30 ml brown glass bottle. Plug with integrated drop break (oil flows in thin net).

Precautions and storage

Calophylle oil is slightly ruby-free, it gives a feeling of heat and can cause slight inflammation after application on sensitive skins. In a massage oil, limit the amount of Calophylle oil to 10-20%. Keep your vegetable oils properly closed and out of reach of children. Generally, keep away from light and heat. If you use your vegetable oils for cosmetic use, you can add 8 drops of vitamin E For 100 ml of oil (directly in the bottle) to protect your vegetable oils from oxidation and preserve their intact properties throughout the conservation period.

30 ml

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Organic Calophylle vegetable oil – 30 ml – Direct Nature

Organic Calophylle vegetable oil is a treatment in itself thanks to its powerful active ingredients with circulatory and healing properties. An essential to treat dark circles, blotches, redness and varicose veins. It also offers a valuable regenerating and anti-inflammatory action for the skin. 30ml bottle.

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