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Food mites at home?

The food mite is a small butterfly of about 2 cm. You will find it when you see it fly from the opening of a package of flour, semolina or dried vegetables. The female food mite come to lay directly in the packets. The caterpillars of the food machine produce silky threads that make the foodstuffs unfit for consumption. You will then have to dispose of contaminated food at this point. You can protect yourself by repacking your food in hermetic boxes, jars or vacuum bags. Once the invasion is declared, insecticide treatment is recommended. We offer several natural products to combat food mite: liquid pyrethre-based insecticide, aerosol, sachet, trap, smoke. All means are good to eradicate this insect that can really infester our food reserves.


Why natural insecticides?

Ending up with food mites is one thing, but if you could also preserve your health and your environment, wouldn\'t it be better? Did you know that some conventional insecticide particles remained for several months in your processed parts? Fumigen is the worst because the particles fall on all objects, textiles, parts of the room. Unless you carefully wash each item, you will find yourself inevitably with chemical substances. Opting for natural insecticides will allow both to get rid of food mites but also, by the composition of our products and their low remanence, to continue living in a healthy environment.

Read all our tips and discover all our products to naturally fight against food mites: food mites

Flour moth, or food moth

Catching a pack of flour, you see a small butterfly fly? It's probably a food moths. Find in this folder a set of natural responses and products that will allow you to fight this insect, fried with your food.

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Get to know the food moth

(identity, feeding mode, reproduction, ...)


Fight against the food moth

(action method, natural insecticides, ...)


La mite alimentaire - Ephestia kuehniella

Who's the food moth ?

Latin name : Ephestia kuehniella
Order : Lepidoptera
Family : Pyralidae
Size : about 2 cm
Location : kitchen and reserve
Period : all year


What you need to know about the food moth

larves de mite alimentaire Native to the inde, this insect can only live in homes. with a clear preference for flour, this insect can also attack cereal grains, biscuits, noodles, chocolate, croquettes of your pet, dried fruit, etc.
Caterpillars, of a size between 12 and 25 mm, produce silky threads that quickly make foodstuffs unfit for consumption.


Biological cycle of food moth

Food moths belong to the butterfly family. they have a wings of 25 mm, their wings are grey blue (ephestia) or copper (plodia).
The female lays about 200 eggs from which the larvae hatch. larvae feed on food that they then pollute their cocoons and excrements.
Become a butterfly, the food moth tries to reproduce and the cycle resumes (2-4 generations per year).


How to eliminate the food moth ?

La mite alimentaire - Ephestia kuehniellaMethodically:
1. Take a large trash bag and throw everything that is not in a fully hermetic box, even the products that seem impeccable.
2. pass the vacuum cleaner in all corners and corners of the closet or reserve.
3. fill a hot water basin + product dishes + disinfectant ( bio of course!). has the help of a brush, rub the whole closet without forgetting any corners.
4. When everything is dry, deal with our insecticide 4j diluted to 5% the whole closet (see 500ml for 5m2 treated surface). to treat large surfaces, prefer this same insecticide but under its concentrated form. then you will make the dilution with water in a 5% sprayer (50ml insecticide for 950 ml of water)

5. put in various places in the closet a few food anti-moths bags.

6. put in various places in the closet or in rooms of food moths traps (brand Aries or Kapo). for a major invasion or large parts, you can opt for the trap xxl of the mark Aries (action field = 70 m2).

7. All you have to do is put all your food back in the closets, but still in totally hermetic boxes.
8. if there are still butterflies that fly, either in the room or in your closets, you can eliminate them permanently using our aerosols, or using the Insecticide Ecodoo Or flying insecticide Aries. composed of pyrethra, a synergy of essential oils but also alcohol, these products have the advantage of staying suspended longer and thus obtaining good results on flying insects and the treatment of closed volumes.

9. finally, in the field of fumigation,the fogger habitat Biovétol Will give excellent results on this type of insect. insecticide based on plant-based assets (pyrethre + géraniol) for the background treatment of habitat. very volatile, the solution is deposited in the smallest corners where pests and insects are located. immediate and prolonged action, up to 4 months.


All our customers who followed this procedure quickly solved the problem of food moths on their reserves.


The products you need against food moths

Directly access the detailed product data sheets to combat food moths.

4J Plant Pyrethrum Insecticide Concentrate...

4J insecticide concentrate to dilute. Effective against a large number of crawling and flying insects in our homes. Bottles of 125,...
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4J insecticide diluted 5% - All insects -...

4J insecticide diluted at 5% ready to use. With this concentration, you will destroy most flying or crawling insects very quickly....
In stock

Refill food moth traps - Aries

Food moth traps. Natural and ecological solution to get rid of it. These traps detect and attract male moths to prevent reproduction....
In stock

Fogger Habitat with plant-based active...

This is fogger composed of plant-based assets is intended for the background treatment of the habitat in case of infestation by mites,...
In stock

*pae: ready for employment


Discover our complete range of natural products that allow you to fight food moths

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Frequently asked questions about the food moths

Q: I live in a building, and since 2 summers, I have faced a problem of food moths in my apartment; I know the problem doesn't come from my home necessarily; after investigation, my neighbors have, but don't feel concerned. For 2 years, I have taken all the necessary precautions; cleaning closets, products dumped or put in boxes. traps engluted from different brands inside the closets. nothing does; I'm invaded from March to September. Moreover, the traps engluted, only attract the males... then the problem can last long. Not counting what it costs to me in product I saw that you were selling food anti-moths insecticides in bags; Can you tell me more? Is it possible to address the notice? Does this insecticide destroy the moths, where is it only to push them back? if it destroys them, is it also valid for females? In summary, I look for the miracle product that will permanently destroy the dietary moths, males, females, larvae.

R: All clients who have followed our treatment process have eliminated the problem. It is likely that the moth come from outside. In the spring, therefore, preventive or curative action may be required.

Q: Can the pure 4j insecticide with pyrethra be sprayed in a food closet to get rid of unwanted moths ?

R: Of course, on condition of emptying the closet before, so as not to put in contact the insecticide on food.

Q: I once had food moths at home. Not anymore, but I'd like to know if they're dangerous to our health ?

R: We have no records that indicate that the moth can carry diseases. It is probably less than the fly that can carry many bacteria.

Q: Where can I find the 4j insecticide for flour moths?

R: You can use our insecticide 4j diluted to 5% available on our site.

Q: I come back from vacation and I find in my grocery closet on all the boxes of the little white point that moves like fine semolina about. what is it? How do I get rid of it I wash everything and throw all the boxes started? what else to do in my opinion my cleaning will not be enough. Thank you for answering me as soon as possible.

R: This may be white flour worms that will give you food moths, we have a special page on our site on the treatment of the food moth, but it may also be moths.

Q: Is this dangerous to health food moths ?

R: Not especially, but it's dangerous for cereals.

Q: Food in which moths have passed (farin, pasta, biscuits). do they lay their eggs in food? They leave species of filandrous wire. Is it harmful, can we still consume them or should we throw them away? and how do these insects get into these foods while the packages are not always started?

R: All our answers on the food moth file.

Q: Food moths make their larvae in the nespresso machine exactly in the water supply. !!! can we find some elsewhere? what solutions are possible?

R: I don't see too much what these larvae are going to eat to develop, since they normally only feed on cereal products (farin, cake, dog croquette,). I invite you to consult our specific file on the food moth. We explain the basic rules to eliminate them. Do not hesitate to get closer to us if necessary.

Q: Would I have wanted to know if you had an insecticide product to kill food moths?

R: Yes our insecticide 4j kills moths perfectly (adults, eggs and worms). you can complete after treatment by our anti-moth food granules Penntybio.

Q: What do you have to fight food moths, I've found the mit'clac traps, but that's not enough.

R: For the food moth you can use our 4j insecticide to destroy them and/or our anti-moth granules to remove them. these two products are very effective and safe.

Q: We have been infested with food moths for about 2 years now, and it doesn't work out! At present, it is the asticots that frog on the ceiling: it's disgusting! we remove them, we crush them, the next day we have to do everything again, there are as many. what is your miracle thing, how to get it? What's his cost ?

R: "the miracle trick" is our insecticide that destroys from the egg to the adult by going through the asticot with the advantage of being bio therefore safe on health and food. all customers who have the same problem as you have managed to get rid of it but it usually takes some time. the closets where they have settled, treat all surfaces and kidneys to insecticide, destroy all foods where they have been able to lay and wait for the insecticide to be dry. These asticots can also be fly worms !