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Essential powder base for face and body cream

Essential powder base for face and body cream

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Discover this highly innovative, patented powder base for making face and body care products for the whole family. Anaé's essential base is made from natural clay, which stabilises and enhances the ingredients in your cream.

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A customisable neutral powder base

Gentle and enriched with nourishing, protective and softening active ingredients, it will leave your skin more supple and hydrated. This powder base has been specially developed so you can customise it as you wish.

A highly innovative and patented essential powder base for making face and body creams for the whole family.

It's so easy to make your own face and body cream, simply by adding water and the organic vegetable oil of your choice (tips : camelina or hemp) to this powder base. You can also personalise your cream by adding other ingredients of your choice.

Once the vegetable oil has been added, this powder base is suitable for all skin types, even delicate, sensitive skin. It nourishes, protects, moisturises and softens the skin. Its creamy texture, obtained by adding a high proportion of xanthan gum, makes it easy to apply to the face, hands, feet and body in general. The cream is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it soft, supple and nourished, with no greasy film. 

The resulting face and body cream is a creamy emulsion with great stability and viscosity, combining the beneficial effects of plant oils : suppleness, great softness, long-lasting hydration, etc.

Ultra economical and zero waste, this 30g jar of powder allows you to make 300g of cream (i.e. 6 x 50g jars) for around 6 months' skincare.

Made from 99.4% natural ingredients, the essential powder base is made from natural clay, which stabilises and enhances the ingredients in your cream.

Use this powder to create your own face and body cream

Advantages of this powder base

+ Excellent base for making your own personalised skincare cream
+ Nourishes, moisturises and soothes your skin.
+ Creamy texture. Penetrates easily and leaves skin supple.
+ Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated skin
+ 1 jar of 30 grams = approximately 6 months of care
+ Cosmetic quality that respects the balance of your skin
+ Ultra economical and zero waste
+ Cosmos Organic certified organic ingredients
+ 100% recyclable packaging
+ Made in France

Its main active ingredients

Active ingredients bentonite clay, corn starch and xanthan gum

Bentonite clay : Grey-white in colour and made up mainly of montmorillonite (magnesium aluminium silicate) and a smaller proportion of crystalline silica, bentonite clay is rich in minerals and is reputed to be an excellent detoxifier, purifier, disinfectant and healing agent. Bentonite clay is suitable for all skin types, but is particularly effective on oily skin. Its absorbent action is highly effective in eliminating excess sebum. For people prone to acne, bentonite clay purifies the skin and eliminates the bacteria responsible for acne. Bentonite clay is an ideal facial treatment to use as a detoxifying face mask to eliminate all impurities from the skin and reduce visible pores and acne pimples. This clay has multiple benefits for the skin.

Zea Mays Starch : Zea Mays Starch is an ingredient widely used in cosmetics for its absorbent and softening properties. It is made from maize kernels, which are separated from their husks and processed into a fine powder. Zea Mays Starch can be used in baby powder formulas, deodorants and facial products to give the skin a soft, matte appearance. In addition, it is often incorporated into skin product formulations to help prevent excess sebum and skin shine. Due to its soothing properties, it is also often used in products for sensitive and irritated skin.

Xanthane gum : Xanthan gum is a gelling agent and thickener for aqueous phases. It is of natural origin and produced by a biotechnological process involving fermentation of glucose or sucrose by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris (fermentation of beet, cane or maize sugar). It can be used to make transparent aqueous gels (facial care gel, eye contour tightening gel, moisturising gel mask, gel lotion, etc.). With its high thickening and suspensory properties, it can be used to produce highly viscous solutions. It is not very sensitive to temperature and tolerates freezing and thawing very well. Unlike other natural gums, xanthan gum is stable in an acidic environment.

Instructions for use

To make your own face/body cream, simply add water and the organic vegetable oil of your choice (Cameline or Hemp) to your essential powder base. You can also personalise your cream by adding other ingredients of your choice. 

Our advice on using the cream to reconstitute :

What you need :
- Essential powder base
- Drinking water
- Camelina and/or hemp seed oil
- Disinfected hand whisk
- Disinfected mixing bowl
- Disinfected glass container of at least 50 ml for storing the cream

It's up to you :
1 - Using the whisk, mix 5 grams of powder base with 10 ml of the vegetable oil of your choice.
2 - Once the mixture is homogeneous, add 35 ml of cold water and mix until you obtain an emulsion.
3 - The cream to reconstitute is ready! Use within 3 months

N.B.: Small white spots may appear in the cream, but these will disappear after a few hours. The physical properties of clay may cause a slight tingling sensation on very fragile skin when first used.

1 jar of 30 grams = 6 months care

Its composition

Bentonite, Maltodextrin**, Sorbitol, Gluconolactone, Zea mays starch*, Xanthan gum, Sodium benzoate, Mica, Citric acid, Polyglyceryl-8-oleate, Sodium stearoyl glutamate, Calcium gluconate.
*Ingredient proceeding from Organic Farming
** Processed from organic ingredients
99.4 % of the total ingredients are of natural origin
22.1% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming.


COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Cosmecert in accordance with the COSMOS standard. 


Supplied in a glass jar with plastic lid. Capacity: 30 grams.

Precautions for use and storage

For adults and children aged 3 and over. Do not swallow. Do not inhale. Use under adult supervision. Do not get in eyes. The mixture will not keep for more than 3 months. Wash your hands and wear clean, disinfected gloves. Use clean, disinfected utensils and containers (bowl, whisk) (boiling water for 10 minutes or rinsing with methylated spirits is necessary). Use clean, potable water for your mixture. Pack the product in a clean, disinfected glass bottle or jar. Close tightly. Store at room temperature, preferably away from light and moisture.

Learn more about the Anae brand

Logo of the Anaé brand

Anaé® is the range of products dedicated to cleansing and hygiene for the whole family, in an ecological and economical version. Anaé Ressources® is the line of basic ingredients allowing you to make a certain number of hygiene products yourself.

– the products are simple, adaptable to multiple uses and customizable according to the desires of the moment (essential oils, glycerin, etc.).

– Anaé Ressources® products are composed of natural minerals and plant ingredients entirely from French organic farming. The cosmetic products are Cosmos Organic certified.

– Anaé® textile products in organic cotton (make-up remover pads, massage gloves, terry towels) are GOTS certified, to respect the environment and people.

Labels / certifications
Cosmos Organic
30 gr

Specific references

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Essential powder base for face and body cream

Discover this highly innovative, patented powder base for making face and body care products for the whole family. Anaé's essential base is made from natural clay, which stabilises and enhances the ingredients in your cream.

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