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Box of 5 safety razor blades - Caliquo

Box of 5 safety razor blades - Caliquo

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These 5 stainless steel blades with a platinum finish ensure a quality shave. Compatible with safety razors. Box containing 5 blades.

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Delivery expected from 02/01/2023

Lame de rasoir de sûreté

This is Lot of 5 razor blades will allow you to easily replace those worn. These blades are compatible with the safety razor Caliquo sold on this shop but as they are universal at the level of their dimensions, you can without difficulty buy them for any safety razor.

They are made of stainless steel with a platinum finish.

It is sometimes difficult to find good safety razor blades. Especially since the vast majority of blades come from China. It is still unhappy to buy a razor made in France and to have to buy blades made in Asia.

At the same time, it is impossible to make safety razors blades in France. The company Caliquo is therefore go to look for good blades as far as possible from home: in the Czech Republic. Quality and efficiency is excellent.

Using a safety shaver offers the big advantage of shave close, without irritation. Unlike a cartridge razor (multi-lames), the safety razor has only one blade, replaceable as soon as you wish.

Thanks to the use of asafety razor, you find this traditional technique and the pleasure of having a unique object designed for optimal shaving, for a clear and precise finish.

These blades are individually packed in paper and contained in a recyclable cardboard box.


The + of these safety razor blades
+Cardboard box containing 5 razor blades protected in paper film
+ Perfect for traditional quality shaving
+ A clear and precise finish
+ Stainless steel with platinum finish
+ Compatible with safety razors
+ Minimal packaging
+ Little transport: they are made in Czech Republic, much closer to China, the world's leading manufacturer

How to put in service your safety razor blade?
Changer la lame de votre rasoir de sûreté

Nothing simpler! First thing before first use, dispel the head of the sleeve. Then untie the head comb to slip your blade (attention! A blade catches on non-cut sides). Put the blade on the head and put the comb in the right direction. Finally, see everything on the sleeve. The head will slightly tilt the blade to ensure maximum safety during shaving.

After each shaving, remove the blade and rinse it, to avoid rust. Let it dry on a cloth in height (without the small, of course!) and store it until the next use.

How often does his razor blade change?
The frequency varies depending on the razed surface, the type of hair, the number of passages of the blade and how you keep them between two uses. On average, we recommend changing them every 3 to 4 shavings!


What do we do with blades once we've worn?
Blades are considered medical waste, so they are burned. However, it is possible to request a collector from pharmacies (some barbers have this type of box as well). But, these yellow boxes are burned so we can throw them in the trash by careful to pack them properly so that it doesn't pierce the bag or hurt someone. Terracycle (specialized in the recycling of so-called "non-recyclable" wastes) has nothing to offer in Europe for the moment on recycling these blades but currently in the United States, this is in the testing phase. So it's progressing.


Lames de rasoir de sûreté

Can we sharpen his safety razor blades?
Yes, it is possible, but make sure to be very careful, otherwise bobos assured:) Put an old jeans on a flat and hard surface then rub the safety razor against the jeans going from the top to the bottom of the legs. Repeat this action 10 to 20 times then do the same by going this time from the bottom to the top of the legs so as to sharpen the razor blades. However, be sure to adopt the right speed and the right pressure. Indeed, exercise is not a demonstration of force. If your gesture is too squeezed or too brusque you would risk to damage, even break and not sharpen your safety razor blades. It is also possible to sharpen the blades thanks to a stone to sharpen. The sharpened stone has a long life and can be used to sharpen all your sharp objects.

There you go! Your razor blades are almost as new. Thanks to these tips, you can use your razor blades on a larger number of shavings to shave your beard, so you can make a move for both your wallet and the environment. Consider to finish drying your blades after each shaving to avoid any form of corrosion, for a durable and comfortable shaving take care of your razor blades.


Learn more about the brand Caliquo
What is the common point between a toothbrush, a cable to recharge your phone and a trash bag? Well, all these objects, very useful in everyday life, are made from plastics!

In 2017, plastic production increased by 3.9% to 348 million tons. The European share represents 18.5% or 64.4 million tons. It is important to know that global production has almost doubled in less than 20 years.

The problem, we all know it: the management of the 100 million tons of plastic objects found everywhere in our cities, our forests, our countryside, our seas and our oceans.

Home Caliquo, we try, through our eco-friendly products, to propose an answer to these two questions:

1 - What to do to limit plastic consumption?

2- What to do to produce otherwise?

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Box of 5 safety razor blades - Caliquo

These 5 stainless steel blades with a platinum finish ensure a quality shave. Compatible with safety razors. Box containing 5 blades.

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