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window-side catch-mouths – ecological drug

10 window edge fly swatters – La Droguerie Écologique

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These fly trap strips are placed on the edge of your windows. The attractive stripes attract them and they stick to the sticky surface of the trap. Without chemical insecticide, discreet and very effective.

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Delivery expected from 02/01/2023

Lutter naturellement contre la mouche domestique

Ecological footage of flies
As soon as temperatures rise, flies arrive in large numbers. A difficult plague to contain and which inevitably disrupts your daily life. And a real calvary when the weather becomes stormy. It is sometimes waves of several dozen flies that enter the housing.

We know that flies come mostly from outside. So they penetrate into your home very often by the windows ... and get there. They like direct sun exposure. It is therefore very common to see them evolve on the frame of your windows. A perfect place to trap them!

Catch-mouth bands Ecological Drugs are extremely easy to use. Just position them on the edges of your windows. The attractive stripes of the bands will attract flies. The sticky part of the trap will do the rest. They're going to land on it and will stay stuck on the surface.
These bands have the big advantage of not containing any chemical insecticide and toxic products. Moreover, they are completely harmless to humans and domestic animals.
Depending on the period of the year, the band is to be replaced regularly every 2 to 3 weeks (unless the catch-band is saturated in the meantime)


The + of these gangs catch-mouches
+ Very simple to put in place, particularly effective and economic
+ The brilliance of the band and the illustrations of flies irresistibly attract flying insects on the engluted surface
+ Without chemical insecticide or toxic products
+ Works on domestic flies and flyers
+ Totally harmless to humans and animals


Area of application of catch-mouche bands
Private accommodation, offices, restaurant cuisine, equestrian center, waiting room, stable, cheese manufacturing room, etc ...


Implementing the trap

Mise en place des bandes attrape-mouche bord de fenêtre

Packaging: Case of 10 sticky/peeches 1.5 cm x 20 cm


Learn more about the brand Le Droguerie Ecoologique
Created by Ecodis, Ecologic Drugs is a French brand specializing in the manufacture of everyday products for simplified use. The brand is distinguished by the culture of the spirit of creativity to allow its consumers to customize accessories and maintenance products. Certified ECOCERT, FSC and AB, each product has been designed to have a minimum impact on the environment and nature.

For more information on the domestic fly, please consult our thematic dossier on this subject.

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très déçue produit nul totalement inefficace NUL TOTALEMENT NUL


saletés de mouches

Bande collante efficace. Le nombre de mouches cette année ... hallucinant !


Très bien

recrudescence de mouche sur septembre cette année. J'ai testé cet attrape mouche et il a très bien fonctionné. L'astuce, le placer sur un bord de fenêtre exposé au soleil. ça attire encore plus les mouches dessus ! Je recommande



Le meilleur attrape mouche que j’utilise depuis des années
Sait ce faire discret
Très pratique


Très bien

Pas encore mises au bord des fenêtres car c'est l'hiver actuellement. On verra au printemps.

Nicole C


Mieux que tous ls produits anti mouches


10 bandes attrape-mouches bord de fenêtre

très efficace, ce qu'il y a de mieux !

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10 window edge fly swatters – La Droguerie Écologique

These fly trap strips are placed on the edge of your windows. The attractive stripes attract them and they stick to the sticky surface of the trap. Without chemical insecticide, discreet and very effective.

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