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Who is the mosquito ?

The mosquito, with its tiny size and annoying buzz, is an insect that may seem insignificant at first glance. However, despite its small size, it has a huge impact on human health and the ecosystem.

Mosquitoes are blood-sucking insects. Females need blood to develop their eggs, while males mainly feed on flower nectar. These prolific little creatures are found in almost all parts of the world except for extremely cold places.

Besides the itchy and irritated skin caused by their bites, mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases. They are responsible for transmitting serious diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, Zika virus and yellow fever. Each year, millions of people are infected with these diseases, causing considerable human suffering and social and economic disruption in the affected regions.

The consequences of mosquito-borne diseases are not just limited to humans. Wild and domestic animals can also be infected, disrupting local ecosystems and impacting biodiversity.


How to fight against mosquitoes ?

Mosquito control is a constant challenge for health authorities and communities. Preventive measures such as using mosquito nets, removing standing water (buckets, clogged gutters, flower pots, used tires, basins, etc.) where mosquitoes lay their eggs, and using repellents can help reduce the risk of bites and disease.

Research is also being carried out to develop innovative and sustainable mosquito control methods, including the use of genetically modified mosquitoes to reduce their populations, or the implementation of biological control techniques by introducing natural mosquito predators in certain areas.

At Penn'Ty Bio, we offer many ecological solutions to fight against mosquitoes. Vegetable insecticide, repellent, mosquito net, diffusers, essential oils, anti-bite and anti-itch lotion or roll on... By adopting preventive measures, you will help reduce mosquito bites and minimize their impact on your daily life.


Why natural insecticides ?

Getting rid of mosquitoes is one thing (although very difficult, let's face it!), but if you could also preserve your health and your environment, wouldn't that be even better ? Did you know that some conventional insecticide particles remain in your treated rooms for several months ? Smoke is the worst because the particles fall on all objects, textiles, surfaces in the room. Unless you thoroughly wash each item, you will inevitably end up with chemicals. Opting for natural insecticides will allow both to get rid of mosquitoes but also, due to the composition of our products and their low persistence, to continue to live in a healthy environment.

Read all our advice and discover all our products to fight mosquitoes naturally : Mosquito file

Recharge for anti-moustic electric diffuser - Aries

Refill for electric mosquito repellent diffuser

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Delivery expected from 06/25/2024

This geraniol refill and its 10 pads will allow you to put your Aries electric diffuser back into service for 80 hours.

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case-a-cocher.jpgAllows you to recharge your Aries anti-mosquito diffuser
case-a-cocher.jpgEffective for 10 nights in a row
case-a-cocher.jpg Tested and approved by an independent French laboratory
case-a-cocher.jpgMade exclusively with active ingredients of plant origin

Up to 80 hours of peace of mind

Prise électrique anti-moustiques Aries

The Aries Mosquito Repellent electrical outlet is the 1st mosquito repellent diffuser on the market with its liquid refill without any synthetic active ingredients.

If you have already purchased the broadcast wall outlet, you do not need to buy a new one to reactivate the device. This electrical outlet refill, with its 10 ml geraniol concentrate and its 10 pads will allow you to set off again for 80 hours of protection against flying insects.

The active concentrate used is geraniol. Geraniol is an odorous volatile molecule naturally present in essential oils from plants. This molecule is a repellent regularly used against mosquitoes and ticks.

Advantages of this refill for mosquito diffuser

+ Recharge your Aries broadcaster without buying the complete device
+ based on geraniol, 100% of natural origin, reputed to be 5 times more powerful than citronella against mosquitoes
+ Tested by an independent French laboratory
+ Effective for 10 nights (8 hrs/night), i.e. 80 hours of protection
+ Repellent effect: it repels mosquitoes even with slightly open windows.
+ Can be used anywhere in the house: bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen...
+ DEET-free

This box contains

- 10 pads to soak
- 10ml concentrate

If you do not yet have the electrical outlet

To use this geraniol concentrate and the platelets, you must have the electrical wall outlet that goes with it. You can get it by following this link.

How to use the mosquito repellent plug ?

1) Pour 1 ml (15 drops) of concentrate onto a new wafer.

2) Slide the plate under the protective grid. Wash your hands if there has been contact with the product.

3) Plug the electric diffuser into an outlet, let it diffuse between two to eight hours maximum and unplug.

4) Renew the strip after 8 hours of diffusion. To replace the worn pad, slide the new pad under the protective grid by pushing the old one.

Penn'Ty Bio advice : To optimize the effectiveness of the anti-mosquito plug, install a fan in the direction of the bed, mosquitoes do not like wind and fresh air.

Focus on géraniol

Also called Rhodinol, Geraniol is naturally present in the form of a molecule in plants of the Geraniaceae family. (Geranium, Pelargonium, Erodium, ...)

It is considered to be 5 times more powerful than citronella (which has been removed from the list of authorized insecticides by the European Directive).

It is obtained by fractional distillation from the Cympobogon Winterianus Jowitt extracting all the impurities without any chemical means.

Geraniol in aqueous solution acts in two ways on insects, whatever the stage of metamorphosis (egg, larva, adult): by suffocation and by dehydration. Geraniol is one of the best larvicides on the market.


Its composition

Geraniol CAS 106-24-1 (10% m/m), citronella essential oil, vegetable emulsifier, water - TP19 (Repellent).


NCP (Nature Care Product). The NCP standard was created in 2015 to fill the regulatory gap in the non-food category and provide essential benchmarks for “ecological natural products”. This standard more specifically covers detergents and cleaning products, textile and leather care products. Its starting point are the EC834/2007 and 889/2008 regulations on products from organic farming.

Precautions for use

Hazard. Causes skin irritation. Can cause cutaneous allergy. Contains Citronella oil, Geraniol. Causes serious eye damage. If medical advice is needed, keep container or label at hand. Keep out of reach of children. In the event of contact with the skin, wash carefully and abundantly with water and soap. In case of eye contact, flush cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if the victim wears them and if they can be easily removed. Continue rinsing. Call a poison control center/doctor immediately. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local regulations.

Want to know more about the mosquito ?

To find out more about the mosquito, do not hesitate to consult our thematic file on this subject.


Learn more about the Aries brand

Aries, une marque engagée

A company committed for more than 30 years that offers anti-insect solutions formulated from active ingredients used in organic farming.

A responsible company : Aries is CSE certified (Certified Sustainable Economy). This certification implies strict specifications at the product level, but also at the level of the socio-ecological behavior of the company.

Certified products : Nature Care Product is an ecological label that certifies everyday consumer products. This certification controls the choice of raw materials according to a positive list of ingredients and ensures that the manufacturing process is respectful of the environment.

Controlled ingredients : In order to best respect humans and their environment, Aries excludes from its formulations ingredients commonly used in conventional anti-insect solutions: PBO, DEET, synthetic active ingredients. To ensure optimum performance of all the products in the range, Aries uses high concentrations of plant-based active ingredients which guarantee the expected effectiveness.

Types of insects
Flying insects
Mode of application
To be broadcast
Treatment against
Labels / certifications
Nature care product
10 ml

Specific references


Safety Data Sheet

FDS Aries Mosquito Repellent Concentrate

Download (103.35k)

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Refill for electric mosquito repellent diffuser

This geraniol refill and its 10 pads will allow you to put your Aries electric diffuser back into service for 80 hours.

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