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Plant insecticide All Insects - Lemon essential oil

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Arcyvert plant insecticide aerosol is a universal insecticide made from pyrethrum, enabling you to control a wide range of insects, both crawling and flying. Available in 300 ml or 500 ml bottles.

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case-a-cocher.jpgImmediate action on all flying and crawling insects
case-a-cocher.jpgPleasant scent thanks to organic lemon essential oil
case-a-cocher.jpgComposed exclusively of active ingredients of plant origin
case-a-cocher.jpgWide spray pattern for better insect targeting

Target all insects

Fight crawling and flying insects naturally with Arcyvert insecticide

Fight crawling and flying insects naturally with Arcyvert insecticide

This insecticide has been formulated to destroy all insects on contact, whether flying (mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, moths, flies, horseflies, etc.) or crawling (ants, spiders, fleas, cockroaches, weevils, cockroaches, aphids, etc.).

It's made from plant pyrethrum, a powder extracted from the dried flowers of the chrysanthemum plant, which has a formidable effect on insects. Combined with organic lemon essential oil, it leaves a pleasant scent after spraying.

his aerosol can is used like a traditional insecticide can. Simply press the valve and spray directly onto the insect or infected area. 

You can use it in any room in your home, but also in the office, a waiting room, etc.

Advantages of this ecological insecticide

+ Composed of natural plant pyrethrum extract,
+ Acts immediately on all flying and crawling insects
+ Also acts on mites and other parasites.
+ Scented with organic lemon essential oil
+ Guaranteed PBO* and synthetic component free
+ Leaves no harmful compounds in your home
+ Environmentally-friendly active ingredients and packaging.
+ Recyclable packaging. No colourants. Biodegradable.

*PBO : adjuvant widely used to increase the effectiveness of pyrethroids, but considered a possible carcinogen. 

Instructions for use

For best results, apply short bursts, without prolonged spraying, to both flying and crawling insects. Persistence of action is increased in the absence of light (UV). Outdoors, it is preferable to use it in the evening to prevent it being damaged by the sun.

Its composition

Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium 0.03%, Perfume, limonene, Citrus limon zeste*, Pure and natural essential oil.

*Ingredients from Organic Farming.


300 ml pressurised aluminium aerosol. Also available in 500 ml.

We answer your questions

▼ Where should this insecticide be applied and on what type of insect ?
This insecticide is ideal for hitting and destroying flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, midges, adult moths ...). Its action will be just as effective on most insects, even crawling ones as long as the application is then made by direct spray on the insect.
▼ Is it a problem if this insecticide is sprayed in a kitchen (presence of food) ? Is pyrethrum toxic if ingested by humans ?
Before spraying surfaces with this insecticide, make sure you remove all unprotected foodstuffs (open bag, fruit basket, etc), and this is to avoid ingestion of pyrethrum. This product has the advantage of containing no additives. It is therefore relatively short-lived. In just a few hours, the pyrethrum will break down and disappear. On the other hand, if you touch food during treatment, the molecule is bound to penetrate inside and you'll end up ingesting it at some point.
▼ Can this Arcyvert insecticide also be sprayed on the skin ? Or is pyrethrum a problem in contact with human skin ?
No, this insecticide is not designed to be sprayed on the skin, only on surfaces. There is a risk of allergic reaction. Although pyrethrum is of natural origin, it is not harmless. To protect yourself from the bites of biting and sucking insects such as bedbugs, you should use our eucalyptus citriodora-based product. This product is specifically formulated for cutaneous application.
▼ Is it a problem if this insecticide is sprayed on clothes ? Or does it risk damaging them ?
We advise against using this insecticide on textiles. The essential oils it contains are likely to leave traces.
▼  I'm pregnant and have an asthmatic child at home. Is this insecticide contraindicated ?
This insecticide contains plant pyrethrum and a synergy of essential oils. If you are pregnant, it is recommended that the treatment is carried out by someone other than yourself, to avoid exposing yourself to the odours of the essential oils contained in the product. The same applies to your asthmatic child. Even if they remain in small proportions, it is still preferable that you do not expose yourself to them. The advantage of this product is that it contains no additives or synergisers in the formula to increase the persistence of the products. If the treatment is done in the morning, you can reinvest the treated rooms in the afternoon without worry.
▼ Can this insecticide be delivered anywhere in the world ?
This insecticide is an aerosol. It is therefore under pressure. As aerosols are banned in the air network, it can only be shipped to destinations where the goods arrive by road or sea. In this case, this product can only be ordered from the following countries: Metropolitan France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland.

Precautions for use

As with all aerosol products, handle and use with care. Dangerous product. Extremely flammable, pressurised aerosol: may burst when heated. Causes severe eye irritation. Toxic to aquatic organisms, causes long-term adverse effects. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from heat and all sources of ignition. Do not smoke, spray on any source of ignition. Avoid breathing and wear protective gloves. Keep in a cool, dry place. Contains Limonene, may trigger an allergic reaction.

Warning : product cannot be shipped by air

Warning : pressurised product not suitable for air shipment

This product can only be ordered from the following countries :

Metropolitan France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland. 

Aerosols are not permitted in the air. If you order this product and you live in any other country of the European Union as well as in the French overseas departments and territories, you will have to pay the postage costs for resending your parcel (as your parcel will be returned to us).

Arcyvert, 35 years of know-how, a pioneer in ecological maintenance

Arcyvert logo

Founder Daniel Mauban began in 1979 to design cleaning products, first for septic tanks and then for sanitary facilities, based on active principles that respect the environment. Precursor of an ecological offer on cleaning products, ARCYVERT is created. This is the start of the "septic tanks - pipes" range, the formulations of which remain unchanged to this day.

The range was then extended to household cleaning products, with the birth of organic store networks in France. Working hand in hand with the organic circuit, the company has continued to grow by developing new products closer to consumer needs, while remaining on a human scale.

Today the torch has passed to the next generation: Thierry Mauban thus perpetuates the values of the family company and social commitment, in particular with the Specialized Establishment for Work Assistance (ESAT), Les Ateliers de L'Espoir in Rennes (35), for packaging.

Types of insects
Flying insects
Types of insects
Crawling insects
Mode of application
To be sprayed
Treatment against
Saw-toothed grain beetle
Treatment against
Flour mite
Treatment against
Treatment against
Dust mite
Treatment against
Treatment against
Treatment against
Silver fish
Treatment against
Carpet beetle
Treatment against
Food moth
Treatment against
Treatment against
Treatment against
Treatment against
Scleroderm domestic
Treatment against
Wheat weevil
Treatment against
Fruit fly
Treatment against
Drugstore beetle
Treatment against
Larder beetle
Treatment against
Treatment against
Treatment against
Treatment against
Floor flea
Treatment against
Treatment against
Clothes moth
Treatment against
Treatment against
Attagen of carpets
Treatment against
Blue fly

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FDS Insecticide végétal Arcyvert

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Plant insecticide All Insects - Lemon essential oil

Arcyvert plant insecticide aerosol is a universal insecticide made from pyrethrum, enabling you to control a wide range of insects, both crawling and flying. Available in 300 ml or 500 ml bottles.

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