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Anti-larvae and mosquitoes ready to use - 500 ml

Ready-to-use Mosquito and Flea Repellent - 500 ml

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The mosquitoes invade you? Discover our ready-to-use solution anti-larves and anti-moutics 100% of plant origin.It acts on eggs, larvae and adult insects.Ideal for treating the stagnant waters of your gardens, balconies, terraces.500 ml bottle.

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mosquito breeding ground stagnant water

Our ready-to-use Mosquito and Flea Repellent is the ideal solution to fight against adult mosquitoes but also mosquito and fly larvae.

Composed of a powerful active ingredient of natural origin : Geraniol (included in the list of Biocides in Directive 98/8/EC), this product will act by suffocation and dehydration (particularly on chitin, exterminating larvae and eggs in the process)

This product, with its anti-mosquito and larvicide action, will be effective in humid, aquatic and plant environments (hedges, shrubs, flower pots, etc.) and on all types of mosquitoes, including Tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus, the mosquito that carries Dengue fever and Chikungunya).

It is non-toxic to the environment and to other inhabitants of the breeding grounds. It can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors in complete peace of mind

Advantages of the anti-larvae and anti-mosquito

+ Efficace sur tous types de moustiques, même les moustiques Tigre

+ Action insecticide immédiate (anti-ponte et larvicide)

+ Aucune préparation à faire, vous pouvez l'utiliser immédiatement

+ Formulé au géraniol (extraits purifiés du Cymbopogon)

+ Action larvicide totale en 24 heures

+ Sans substance chimique (DEET, Icaridine, IR3535)

+ Sans alcool

+ Fabriqué en France 

Its composition

Geraniol TP18/TP19. CAS No. 106-24-1 dosage 0.2%. water solubilised essential oil, vegetable dispersant, preservative. Ready to use solution.

Focus on the key asset


Also known as Rhodinol, Geraniol is naturally present as a molecule in plants of the Geraniaceae family. (Geranium, Pelargonium, Erodium, ...)

It is considered to be 5 times more powerful than citronella (which has been removed from the list of authorised insecticides by the European Directive).

It is obtained by fractional distillation from Cympobogon Winterianus Jowitt by extracting all impurities without any chemical means.

Geraniol in aqueous solution acts in two ways on insects, whatever their stage of metamorphosis (egg, larva, adult): by suffocation and by dehydration. Geraniol is one of the best larvicides on the market.


Advice for use

The treatment should be carried out in the pre-season or as soon as the first mosquitoes appear.

To destroy all egg-laying and larval habitats, spray on stagnant water, flowerpot saucers, water holes, or any other place where mosquitoes develop.

Be careful, you will have to repeat the operation after each rain or watering. 

N.B. : Be careful when using this product in ponds or pools containing fish. Geraniol is a substance that can be toxic to aquatic organisms and cause long-term adverse effects. This product is to be used on stagnant water, puddles and other puddles where fish are not present.

What surface area can be treated with this bottle ?

This 500 ml bottle is ready to use and will treat approximately 10 m².

Treating stagnant water for mosquito larvae 

Places to monitor and treat for prevention

Mosquitoes can lay eggs anywhere. A bucket out of the way that you've left to fill with water for too long, plant containers. Here are some ideas of places to monitor and treat for prevention :
- Balconies,
- Terraces,
- Patios,
- Gutters,
- Shrubs/surrounding vegetation (especially Cypress or Cedar trees which are particularly popular with Tiger Mosquitoes),
- Rainwater drains,
- Crawl space,
- Ditches and drains,
- Tree hollows, ...

Developmental stages of the mosquito

As always, in order to achieve effective control, it is important to have good bio-ecological knowledge of the target.

Eggs are laid either on a moist substrate (Aedes) or on water (Culex, Anopheles).

In the first case, the eggs deposited on flooded soil can remain viable for several weeks, months or even years. They hatch in the first few hours after being submerged, provided that the temperature and photoperiod are favourable. In the second case, hatching usually takes place one to two days after oviposition.

The larvae
All larvae live in water, without exception. The larval stage lasts from one week to several months, depending on the water temperature. The higher the water temperature, the shorter the duration of the larval stage. After passing through four successive stages, they transform into nymphs, which are also aquatic.

Unlike the larvae, the nymphs do not feed and are therefore insensitive to ingestion insecticides. Nymphs will emerge after 2 to 5 days: the flying adults.

The adults
Most species are nocturnal (Culex, Anopheles) to crepuscular (Aedes). The males, whose longevity is relatively low, remain close to their hatching site. The females can travel several dozen kilometres with the help of the carrying winds. Aedes are the best flyers and it is not uncommon to find them causing a nuisance sometimes 30 or 40 km from the hatching site. The flight range of Culex does not seem to exceed 2 to 3 km, that of Anopheles is slightly greater.

In order to effectively combat mosquito nuisance, it is therefore necessary to act from the larval stage. This is what you can do with our ready-to-use anti-larvae and anti-mosquito product Penn'Ty Bio.



500 ml spray bottle. Also available in concentrated form for dilution (see here).

Learn more about mosquitoes ?

To find out more about mosquitoes, please consult our special file. 

Mandatory regulatory information

Safety advice (CLP) : P101 - If medical advice is needed, keep container or label available. P102 - Keep out of reach of children. P103 - Read the label before use. P261 - Avoid breathing dust/fumes/gas/mist/vapours/spray. P501 - Dispose of contents/container at a hazardous or special waste collection point in accordance with local, regional, national and/or international regulations.

EUH phrases : EUH208 - Contains GERANIOL. May produce an allergic reaction. EUH210 - Safety data sheet available on request.

Types of insects
Flying insects
Ready for employment
Application mode
A spray

Specific references


Fiche de Données et de Sécurité

FDS pour Anti-larves et moustiques prêt à l'emploi - 500 ml

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Ready-to-use Mosquito and Flea Repellent - 500 ml

The mosquitoes invade you? Discover our ready-to-use solution anti-larves and anti-moutics 100% of plant origin.It acts on eggs, larvae and adult insects.Ideal for treating the stagnant waters of your gardens, balconies, terraces.500 ml bottle.

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