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Natural exfoliant galet - 120 gr - Lamazuna

Natural exfoliating tablet - 120 gr - Lamazuna

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Discover the natural exfoliating tablet for face and body. Made from 100% natural French clays, this pebble can be kept for life! The ideal solution for exfoliating the skin before waxing, relieving a sting or treating yourself to a deep exfoliation! Pebble of 120 grams.

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Galet exfoliant naturel LamazunaThis is exfoliant consisting ofFrench clays is handmade in France, in the Drôme, in Nyons.

It takes care of your body and your face in a 100% natural way. Finish the sandstones that grind, offer yourself a soft scrub with this natural clay pebble for eliminate impurities and find one smooth, soft and bright skin.

Nothing but clay with soothing and healing virtues that will take care of your body, your feet and elbows, your legs before hair removal, and even your face and imperfections, or even your mosquito bites!

Forget the pumice that gropes, liquid exfoliants and their microplastic balls, opt for this unusable scab with French clay.

This cake can be kept alive, a real zero waste solution. And small bonus, it can tackle the tenacious tasks on many fabrics!

The cake is declined in three different colors but these are identical in use.This does not affect the properties of clay. The colors delivered are random according to our remaining stocks.


The + of this natural exfoliant cake
+ Exfoliate your skin naturally
+ Bring softness and finesse to your skin
+ Activate traffic and energize your silhouette
+ Ideal before a hair removal to avoid hair under skin
+ 100% natural and 100% French clays
+ Effective and unusable
+ Reusable for life
+ Zero waste goal: packed in recyclable cardboard packaging
+ Handmade in France


The assets of this exfoliant cake

Actif argile

The cake is made of 100% French clay. It is either white or red, but they have the same soothing, softening and healing properties. Playing with both simply allows to bring color to the pebbles. Clays are mineral and non-plant components, so they cannot be certified organic but are 100% natural.

White clay (Kaolin) has a clear color and a very fine granulosity. It is rich in kaolin (aluminum salicate). It was discovered in China and formed in a warm and humid climate. In contact with water, the clay swells, forms a pleasant consistency gel that absorbs excess impurities and sebum as would a drink.

Red clay:A natural source of minerals, the red clay contains natural resources to make the skin very soft and reveal all the brilliance. His secret? Its richness of ferric oxides that illuminate the skin and illuminate it with a deliciously velvety natural shawl. The red clay rebalances the skin and enhances its brightness. Cleanses gently and purifies the skin by absorbing toxins.


Galet exfoliant naturel Lamazuna

Instructions for use
Once humidified, massage the body (before a hair removal it is perfect to prepare the skin!) or the face (depending on your sensitivity) with circular gestures, without overpressing. Farewell dead skins and hello purified and soft skin! It is important to wet the cake before use to avoid the risk of burning.

How do you hold it?
Let dry your exfoliating pebble before storing it in a dry place (e.g. carry soap). Attention to the falls that could damage the scab. If ever a shine is made on your scab, you can "close" it with a stone to sharpen so that it returns as new:)

Anecdoteon the product
Released in December 2020, the company Lamazuna wanted to offer a zero-waste alternative to conventional gomming products, but also a smoother and pleasant experience than sandstones or other utensils. Each cake is handmade in the Drôme. These are clay balls of different mixed colors, then pressed, dried and cooked.


Composition:In 100% French clays of Yonne.


Shampooing solide développé et fabriqué en France

Colour: White, orange or hammered (alternative, according to our availability)


Packaging: Packaging in a recyclable cardboard packaging.


Frequently asked questions about this exfoliant cake Lamazuna

What are the precautions of use when using the scab?
Apply your soap or facial cleansing according to the part of the body. Then rub the pebble, applying a very light pressure by forming circles on your skin. It is strongly recommended to use it on very sensitive parts such as the neck or the eye contour.

Can the pebble be used for other uses?
Yes, it is. The pebble is a natural healer, so you can use it on your buttons (acne or black stitches). But also for itching, mosquito bites, remove odours (transpiration, garlic on the hands after cooking etc), eliminate callos (talons, elbows, knees, hands ...)

Can be used pebbles on children (to relieve children) stingmosquitoes? If so, from what age?
Yes, it is. For the youngest children, make sure to accompany him so that he doesn't scrub the scab and get hurt!

Awhat frequency can the pebble be used?
The pebble can be used at the frequency you want, depending on how your skin supports it:) Some people can use it every day without problems, the most sensitive skins can ask for a little more time between every use!

Can we use the pebble every day on the face?
It is not recommended to exfoliate the face on a daily basis, in fact it may aggravate the skin! We recommend that you use it maximum 2 times a week on the face.

Can exfoliant scab be used by a pregnant or breastfeeding woman?
Absolutely, there's no contraindication! :)


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Natural exfoliating tablet - 120 gr - Lamazuna

Discover the natural exfoliating tablet for face and body. Made from 100% natural French clays, this pebble can be kept for life! The ideal solution for exfoliating the skin before waxing, relieving a sting or treating yourself to a deep exfoliation! Pebble of 120 grams.

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