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Engaged artisanal cosmetics

Anaïs bouilly created the society Grain in 2018 in guipel (35). the adventure started in 2016 when she bought a plot with friends to launch a micro-ferme project. followed by the selection of medicinal plants for their virtues for the skin and their adaptability to the Breton climate, then their implantation in a garden of about 300 m2 on buttes made to the shovel (yes yes, this muscle a little!) and covered with mulching.

Anaïs Bouilly en plein travail

She is convinced that we need alternatives to our current consumption that have for many lost the bulk at all levels. the range of cosmetics it has created is therefore composed of macerats of medicinal plants and 100% French ingredients and made by small independent producers. Grain offers an artisanal, engaged and militant cosmetic.

There is no added fragrance, no essential oil in anai products. The smell is that of the ingredients that make them, subtly vegetal.

Grain being less than 5 kilometers away from penn'ty bio, it was an evidence for us to work with anaïs to support his militant approach.


A listening to nature

What has nourished this project is the desire to offer healthy, natural and basic products, containing the least possible ingredients but only good ones! Anaïs works on living soil, in organic farming. This implies never leaving the soil naked so that life develops there, that moisture is preserved and that the decomposition of the foliage nourishes the soil. it passes through a mesh-based mesh or simply based on the fawn plants it leaves in place.

The more organic matter, the more nourished the soil, the more beautiful the plants and the more good the products that come from it are for you !

Les producteurs des cosmétiques Grain


Of passionate producers

A range of products made up of beautiful ingredients, by passionate producers. conscious consumption as a call in common sense ...

- the plants are produced in organic (reine of the meadows, conude) on living soil, harvested and processed by hand at home, on its micro-ferm to guipel (35)
- cameline oil (very rare in artisanal cosmetics) is produced by daniel, in the center of france. it produces its plants, harvests its seeds, the press and sends it the first cold pressure of its oil (family of the linen, very good for the skin). It received the mention "slow cosmetic 2018" for this oil.
- Melissa hydrolat is produced by audrey and Julian, also centre in living soil. they harvest their plants, distill them, and they send them their hydrolat to meleisse all fresh.
- the bee wax is produced by christian, beautiful island at sea, in organic. It preserves the black bee of bretagne and nothing but for that, it's magical.


A comprehensive approach

The products of the range are packed in 100% recyclable plastic bottles, the most ecological of this type of market. It is very difficult to find real alternatives in terms of packaging because the plastics are reserved for the industry and the glass poses environmental problems as well. labels are made of 100% biodegradable corn starch, glue is vegan and renewable energy machines.

2022 : Award of the Slow Cosmetics label
Like the Michelin guide, which awards stars to the restaurants it deems the best, the Slow Cosmétique Association awards the Slow Cosmétique® Label each year to cosmetic brands that are worth a detour.

The Label is an additional means of guiding consumers towards products and services that are part of a global approach committed to more reasonable beauty.

"it is not enough for a cosmetic to be organic to change the world, the company that offers it must be committed or innovate in the right direction!"

Anaïs Bouilly en plein travail


Small zoom on the macerats that anaïs prepares

Cosmetics of the range Grain are composed of macerats of the medicinal plants it cultivates on its micro-ferm of guipel (35).

Among these plants:


Its use is ancestral also, the druids considered it a sacred plant as it possesses virtues. the queen of pres is toning and astringent it is recognized to tighten the skin tissues. Also soothing and restorative, the queen macera is rich in fatty acids which allows it to regenerate the hydrolipidic film of the skin and to maintain its elasticity.


Consude is native to Europe and grows in wetlands. It was extremely used in antiquity but its use dates back to prehistory, this plant has always been used by man to treat or treat animals.

It will look away for its nutrients: its root, once installed, plunges 1.5 m or 2m depth! No herbaceous plant goes so far. cicatrisante, vulnerary (heals wounds,) astringent (results,) refreshing (calms the thirst, decreases the body temperature,) softening (calms inflammations,) the consoude has multiple virtues. it is medically proven that it activates the renewal of muscle and bone cells through the strong presence of allantoins and accelerates the healing of superficial wounds.
Moreover, it is very mellifer, it is the favorite plant of the spoilers of its 2 hives !

Les ingrédients des cosmétiques Grain

After harvesting and drying of its plants, they masked in camel oil for 1 month to extract its active ingredients.

The cameline oil it has selected has excellent properties for the skin. it is of French origin (produced by daniel in the center of the france,) in a short circuit concern. This oil is rarely used in artisanal cosmetics. It is of excellent quality. rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it nourishes the skin and maintains its elasticity. It's a dry oil, so with a non-fat touch.

Last step, after 1 month of maceration, this oil is filtered. then becomes the main ingredient of cosmetic products. the processing is 100% handmade and cold to keep the plant assets (except bee wax which is very slightly heated for the making of balm). Everything is happening in his little laboratory on the farm.

Products are packed in airless bottles (100% recyclable) so that the air and the outside bacteria are not in contact with the product, which allows for little preservatives.

Products are also without added fragrance, the simplest and natural ones possible to suit all skins and even children !


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And to follow the news of this society, here is facebook page Grain

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