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Healthy hair with organic shampoos

Caring for our hair with natural, environmentally-friendly products has become a priority for many people who are concerned about their health and the planet.

On the Penn'Ty Bio online shop, a wide range of organic shampoos is available, offering a gentle and effective solution for healthy, shiny hair.

Natural, beneficial formulas : The organic shampoos offered by Penn'Ty Bio are formulated with natural and organic ingredients, carefully selected for their beneficial effects on the hair. Free from sulphates, silicones and parabens, these shampoos respect the balance of the scalp while preserving the health of your hair.

For all hair types : Whether you have dry, oily, curly or coloured hair, Penn'Ty Bio has shampoos to suit all hair types. Specific formulas are also available for sensitive scalps or those prone to dandruff, offering a personalised solution for everyone.

Radiance and softness : Thanks to their natural, nourishing ingredients such as argan oil, aloe vera and camomile, Penn'Ty Bio's organic shampoos restore your hair's radiance and softness. They help strengthen hair, reduce frizz and soothe the scalp, for healthy, silky hair.

Respect for the environment : These shampoos are made from organically grown ingredients, reducing their impact on the planet. What's more, the packaging used is often recyclable, for a completely ecological approach.


Why choose Penn'Ty Bio organic shampoos ?

Choosing your organic shampoo from Penn'Ty Bio means choosing quality, protecting the health of your hair and preserving the environment. These products offer a natural alternative to conventional shampoos, while giving you visible, long-lasting results.

Discover them in liquid, solid or powder form. There's a shampoo for everyone !

Our organic shampoos are much more than just a hair product. They embody a respectful approach to beauty, highlighting the power of natural ingredients for healthy, radiant hair.

Choose Penn'Ty Bio organic shampoos and give your hair the best that nature has to offer !

Ortie clay hair shampoo - 500ml - this bio

Nettle Clay Oily Hair Shampoo - 500 ml

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This organic shampoo limits excess seborrhea thanks to the extracts of nettle and yarrow and contributes to the balance of the scalp by the regulating action of the clay. 500ml bottle.

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Less greasy and coated hair

Laboratoire Gravier's Ce'Bio Oily Hair Shampoo is naturally gentle and effective. It is suitable for daily family use.

It has been specifically formulated to combat hair that tends to be greasy, thanks in particular to 2 ingredients : clay (bentonite and kaolin) and nettle.

Clay has purifying and absorbing properties that are very interesting against dandruff.

Thanks to the polycyclic compounds of the extract of nettle (urtica dioica), this shampoo appreciably reduces the appearance of a seborrhea excess. By reducing the activity of the sebaceous glands, your hair becomes less greasy and more beautiful.

This shampoo is paraben-free, PEG-free and dye-free. It is composed of 100% natural ingredients and 14% of the total ingredients are from organic farming. 

Advantages of this shampoo for oily hair

+ Limits excess seborrhea

+ Contributes to the balance of the scalp

+ Less greasy hair, sheathed

+ Gives off a pleasant scent

+ Without paraben, without EDTA, without GMO

+ Without perfume of synthesis, without dye

+ Without element resulting from the petrochemical industry of the type kerosene, silicone or PEG

+ Not tested on animals

+ Ecocert certified

+ Recyclable packaging

+ Developed and manufactured in France 

Its main active ingredients

Zoom sur les argiles blanches, vertes et l'ortie

Clays (green and white)
Green clay (Bentonite) : Green clay is an earthy rock with a very fine texture, it comes from the decomposition of pre-existing rocks such as granite, micas, feldspars. Green clay has long been used as a remedy for wounds, but it is also a very good treatment for the face and body. It heals wounds, softens, purifies and absorbs toxins from the skin. The most famous treatment is the clay mask, also used for oily hair because it absorbs sebum. 

White clay (Kaolin) : White clay has a light color and a very fine granularity. It is rich in kaolin (aluminum silicate). It was discovered in China and is formed under a hot and humid climate. When in contact with water, clay swells and forms a gel of pleasant consistency that absorbs impurities and excess sebum like a blotter.

There aren't many places on the planet where nettles don't grow. Despite its invasive nature, this plant is high in minerals, flavonoids, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and trace elements. Used as an ingredient in hair care products, nettle is effective against dandruff and hair loss. It also brings more shine to the hair.

Usage tips

Apply to wet hair, massage gently and rinse thoroughly. Renew if necessary.

The opinion of Penn'Ty Bio

Good shampoo. It gives very good results on oily scalps. The clay is deposited at the bottom of the bottle, so it must be shaken before use.

Its composition

Water, foaming agents derived from vegetable oils and sugar, organic lavender floral water*, organic yarrow and nettle extracts*, salt, vegetable glycerin, clays, 100% organic essential oil fragrance*, organic alcohol**, lactic acid (pH corrector of natural origin). 

INCI Ingredients

Aqua, Sodium coco-sulfate, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) water*, Achillea millefolium Extract*, Urtica dioica (nettle) Extract*, Coco-glucoside, Coco-betaine, Sodium chloride, Glycerin, Kaolin, Bentonite, Parfum* (100% organic* essential oil), Alcohol**, Lactic acid, Limonene(1)
* ingredient from Organic Agriculture
** processed from organic ingredients
(1) naturally contained substance in essential oils
100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin
14% of the total ingredients are from Organic Agriculture.


Ecological and Organic cosmetic shower gel certified by ECOCERT Greenlife.


Presented in a 500 ml pump bottle. 

Shelf life

12 months after opening.

Learn more about the Ce'Bio brand

Logo de la marque Ce'Bio

Ce'Bio is a brand of Laboratoire Gravier which has very strict requirements in terms of composition and origin of ingredients. The Ce'Bio brand offers organic cosmetics made in France for everyone. Discover products with concentrated formulas for the body and hair on a 100% vegetable base. 

The products are formulated without petrochemical elements and their foaming bases are ultra-soft, allowing a daily use. These body and hair care products have 100% natural fragrances with fruity and gourmand scents and all the packaging of the brand is recyclable and economical. Products not tested on animals. 

Labels / certifications
500 ml
Type of hair

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On l’adore!

Shampoing efficace pour les cheveux gras. Il faut bien le mélanger. Il fait partie de notre quotidien depuis des années!

Sylvie L


Très bon shampoing pour cheveux gras. Il régule bien le sébum et permet d'espacer les lavages.


Très bon shampooing

Adepte depuis plusieurs années déjà!

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Sylvie L

Super shampoing

Excellent produit. Les cheveux sont lumineux et restent propres longtemps. Je recommande

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Excellent produit

J'adore ce shampoing. Il n'aboutit pas les cheveux.

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Très bien

C'est un produit que ma fille utilise depuis des années et vers lequel elle revient à chaque fois.

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Très bien

Shampoing qui mousse bien et dégraisse.

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Christophe H

Bon produit


  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Yvon Trinquet

Shampooing Cheveux Gras Argile Ortie - 500ml – Ce'Bio

Très bon shampooing qui convient très bien pour les cheveux gras. Agréable à utiliser. Yvon

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Super shampoing qu'on peut utiliser quotidiennement. L'odeur est sympa et depuis que je l'utilise j'ai la pointe de mes cheveux beaucoup moins abîmée. Il faut le secouer avant usage pour bien répartir l'argile.

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Charrier Guy


voir le titre


Très satisfaite

Très satisfaite.



Je suis très exigeante concernant mes cheveux à tendance grasse. J'ai banni les shampoings industriels et je ne m'intéresse qu'aux produits naturels destinés aux cheveux. Ce produit m'enchante, je suis conquise.

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Menard Michelle


Efficace sur cheveux gras

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Efficace & économique

Excellente idée que le doseur.
Remuer avant usage.

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Efficace, agréable, économique


  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Shampooing Cheveux Gras Argile Ortie - 500m

Rien à dire, shampoing efficace. J'aime beaucoup le bouchon poussoir tellement pratique.

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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Nettle Clay Oily Hair Shampoo - 500 ml

This organic shampoo limits excess seborrhea thanks to the extracts of nettle and yarrow and contributes to the balance of the scalp by the regulating action of the clay. 500ml bottle.

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