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Healthy hair with organic shampoos

Caring for our hair with natural, environmentally-friendly products has become a priority for many people who are concerned about their health and the planet.

On the Penn'Ty Bio online shop, a wide range of organic shampoos is available, offering a gentle and effective solution for healthy, shiny hair.

Natural, beneficial formulas : The organic shampoos offered by Penn'Ty Bio are formulated with natural and organic ingredients, carefully selected for their beneficial effects on the hair. Free from sulphates, silicones and parabens, these shampoos respect the balance of the scalp while preserving the health of your hair.

For all hair types : Whether you have dry, oily, curly or coloured hair, Penn'Ty Bio has shampoos to suit all hair types. Specific formulas are also available for sensitive scalps or those prone to dandruff, offering a personalised solution for everyone.

Radiance and softness : Thanks to their natural, nourishing ingredients such as argan oil, aloe vera and camomile, Penn'Ty Bio's organic shampoos restore your hair's radiance and softness. They help strengthen hair, reduce frizz and soothe the scalp, for healthy, silky hair.

Respect for the environment : These shampoos are made from organically grown ingredients, reducing their impact on the planet. What's more, the packaging used is often recyclable, for a completely ecological approach.


Why choose Penn'Ty Bio organic shampoos ?

Choosing your organic shampoo from Penn'Ty Bio means choosing quality, protecting the health of your hair and preserving the environment. These products offer a natural alternative to conventional shampoos, while giving you visible, long-lasting results.

Discover them in liquid, solid or powder form. There's a shampoo for everyone !

Our organic shampoos are much more than just a hair product. They embody a respectful approach to beauty, highlighting the power of natural ingredients for healthy, radiant hair.

Choose Penn'Ty Bio organic shampoos and give your hair the best that nature has to offer !

Solid Shampoo Flower Fatty Hair – 85 gr – Douce Nature

Solid shampoo flower oily hair – 85 gr

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Here is a non-liquid ecological shampoo! The Shampoo Flower oily hair by Douce Nature, based on green clay and organic stinging nettle, regulates excess sebum. Flower of 85 gr.

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The beautiful shampoo flower

Fleur de shampooing Douce Nature

A real concentrate of natural active ingredients to take care of oily hair.

Organic shea butter is used here for its nourishing properties. Its adapted dosage brings softness and suppleness to the hair without re-greasing it. The surfactants (foaming agents) used in this shampoo are gentle and derived from palm or coconut oil from sustainable development.

Fragrance of "Crumpled Mint". 

Its advantages

+ Its original flower shape is very practical to use in the shower and makes it easy to hold.

+ Ideal for travel.

+ Ecological and long-lasting product (1 shampoo flower = 1 bottle of 300 ml)

+ Detangling effect (no need for conditioner)

+ Presented in the form of a solid soap bar, its packaging requires less plastic than that of a classic liquid shampoo.

+ Rinses off very easily (saves water in the shower).

+ Its water-free formulation is much more environmentally friendly than traditional liquid formulations, it is composed of active ingredients only, with no superfluous ingredients!

+ Suitable for women, men and children alike.

+ Packaged in a 95% recycled cardboard box

+ Designed and manufactured in France

A real shampoo, not a soap

This product innovation, developed by Douce Nature, is still being talked about. Presented in the form of a flower, the Fleur de Shampoo range presents ecological and organic cosmetic products certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT standard and labelled Cosmébio.

The shampoo flower is a natural organic solid shampoo made in France. It is a shampoo without dyes, preservatives, parabens, synthetic active ingredients, petrochemical derivatives or animal products.

Very economical, one 85g flower gives you the same number of uses as a 400ml bottle of liquid shampoo. Emulsified on your hair, it offers you a creamy and generous foam with a very pleasant fruity smell.

Bonus info

The shampoo flower is made from certain ingredients with the Demeter label, which means that they are produced according to the rules of organic and biodynamic agriculture (using only natural methods and taking into account seasonal rhythms and cosmic influences).

Directions for use

Moisten the shampoo flower. Wet the hair well, rub it with the flower, massage the scalp and rinse thoroughly. 

Its composition

Mild cleansing agent, consistency factor of vegetable origin, organic wheat starch, hydrogenated castor oil, vegetable glycerin, mild cleansing agents, organic shea butter, organic argan oil, clays, fragrance 100% natural origin, purified water, salt.

INCI Ingrédients

Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Triticum vulgare (Wheat) Starch*, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glycerin**, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Coco Glucoside, Stearic Acid, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter*, Bentonite, Parfum (Fragrance), Illite, kaolin, Montmorillonite, Sodium chloride, Limonene, Eugénol, Aqua (Water).
*ingrédients issus de l’Agriculture Biologique

**processed from organic ingredients

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

19% of the total ingredients are from organic farming

Avantages de la Fleur de shampooing Douce Nature


Ecological and Organic Cosmetic Certified by ECOCERT greenlife according to the Ecocert standard, labelled Cosmébio. 

Period of use after opening

18 months.


1 x 85g Shampoo Flower packed in a 95% recycled cardboard box. This range is available in 4 references: Oily hairnormal hairdry hair and anti-dandruff.

Find out more about the Douce Nature brand

Find out more about the Douce Nature brand

Douce Nature is a brand that has been committed to respecting man and the environment since 1985. It is Ecocert and Cosmebio certified and is manufactured in France. If nature protects our skin, then let's protect nature: this is the line of conduct and values defended by Douce Nature.

The brand selects the best ingredients for its organic products so that they meet the needs of everyone. The most recyclable packaging is chosen in order to be part of an ecological and sustainable development approach for a maximum preservation of nature.

Douce Nature shampoos have been created to meet the different needs of your hair. For dry and damaged hair, the brand offers you the nourishing cream shampoo, ideal for nourishing and moisturising your hair. Douce Nature offers you different shampoos to answer your problems, such as the shampoo for blond hair, ideal to give shine to your hair.

Labels / certifications
Cosmos Organic
Labels / certifications
85 gr
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Solid shampoo flower oily hair – 85 gr

Here is a non-liquid ecological shampoo! The Shampoo Flower oily hair by Douce Nature, based on green clay and organic stinging nettle, regulates excess sebum. Flower of 85 gr.

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