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Shea, clay, tea tree, lavender solid deodorant - 30 ml

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This deodorant offers a concentrate of active ingredients that both regulate perspiration and prevent bad body odours. Presented in solid form in a recycled cardboard stick tube, zero waste objective in the bathroom. 30g stick.

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A 100% natural solid deodorant

Gamme de produits Grain

Certain ingredients in traditional deodorants and anti-perspirants, such as aluminium salts, are now known to be harmful to health. Still haven't found a natural alternative to industrial deodorants? Then opt for Grain's natural solid deodorant.

This solid deodorant stick is 100% natural (with no aluminium salts, synthetic fragrances or endocrine disruptors). It is highly effective at regulating perspiration and preventing unpleasant odours, thanks in particular to the Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils it contains (known for their antibacterial and antifungal properties). White clay has absorbent, purifying and purifying properties. Shea butter is gentle, protective and nourishing. As for beeswax, it gives this deodorant healing, nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties. A must for caring for your skin and preventing body odour.

This handmade deodorant is 100% natural and made in France (in Ille et Vilaine). It's economical, ecological, practical and safe for your health. It's part of a zero waste approach. Like all the other products in the Grain range, this deodorant is made with complete respect for the ingredients it contains by Anaïs, the company's founder. A global, ethical, artisanal approach that respects the environment, from production to processing. The oils, plants and hydrolates are produced by independent French producers committed to organic and sustainable farming.

Perspiration is a natural and necessary process for your body. This deodorant doesn't prevent it, but makes it odourless. It all makes perfect sense !

Advantages of this organic solid deodorant

Utilisation d'un déodorant solide bio

+ Regulates perspiration and prevents odors
+ A deodorant that respects the way your body works
+ More effective than alum stone and deodorants without aluminum salts
+ Lasts as long as 2 regular sticks
+ Vegetable oils and butters to hydrate and repair the epidermis
+ Ideal for travel
+ Handcrafted in Brittany
+ Vegetable oils and beeswax produced by independent French producers committed to organic and sustainable agriculture
+ Organic plants
+ Planting, harvesting and processing by hand
+ No added fragrance, just plants that wish you well
+ The label, the glue and the packaging are 100% recyclable, the vegetable ink

Main assets of this solid deodorant

Principaux actifs de ce déodorant solide : Argiles, beurre de karité, cire d'abeille et huile essentielle de Tea tree

White clay (Kaolin) 
White clair has a light color and very fine graininess. It is rich in kaolin (aluminum silicate). It was discovered in China and forms in a hot and humid climate. On contact with water, the clay swells, forms a gel with a pleasant consistency that absorbs impurities and excess sebum like a blotter. In addition, it offers a protective action to the skin. A perfect ingredient to make a solid deodorant.

Organic shea butter
Shea is a tree that can reach fifteen meters high. It grows in the African savannas. It is from its nuts, containing up to 50% lipids, that shea butter is extracted, so popular today all over the world. Shea butter is an ideal active ingredient for skin care, due to its lipid-replenishing and smoothing action. It gives this deodorant a gentle, protective and nourishing action. It moisturizes to help reduce skin irritation, especially after shaving.

Organic beeswax
In cosmetics, beeswax has many virtues. Rich in vitamin A, it hydrates the skin while protecting it from the sun, cold or wind. It is also soothing and healing for problem or sensitive skin. Beeswax also has excellent restorative properties. It restores suppleness and comfort to your skin. Plus, it absorbs and retains moisture, leaving your skin fresh and supple. The beeswax contained in this deodorant is produced by Christian, in Belle île en mer, organically. It preserves the black bee of Brittany and just for that, it's magic.

Organic tea tree essential oil
The tea tree, more commonly called "Tea Tree" is native to Australia. It is a small tree with alternate needle-like leaves. Its name comes from the tea that was traditionally prepared from the leaves. Tea Tree essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves. This oil has many properties: it is healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and helps fight against itching. Broad-spectrum antibacterial, antifungal, stimulating and invigorating, Tea Tree essential oil gives this solid deodorant the ideal properties to annihilate bacteria in perspiration before they can give off an unpleasant odor.

How to use this deodorant?

Push from the bottom of the tube to release the solid deodorant. Apply under the armpits after slightly moistening your skin, or apply it directly to your armpits, which are still damp after a shower. 

How much solid deodorant should I use and will I get white marks on my clothes ?
When you apply your solid deodorant to each armpit, it should be moist and leave a thin, transparent layer on the skin. It should slide like a bar of soap between wet hands. This film will dry quickly and won't leave any white marks on your clothes. For maximum effectiveness, I recommend that you cover your underarms from top to bottom and from right to left. A good, thin layer is more effective than a thick, localised layer.

Is this deodorant suitable for pregnant women ?
This solid deodorant is suitable for pregnant women from 3 months of pregnancy.

What's the difference between an anti-perspirant deodorant and this solid deodorant ?
As the name suggests, an antiperspirant deodorant prevents perspiration from escaping, whereas this deodorant nibbles away at the bacteria in perspiration before they can give off an unpleasant odour. To be effective, antiperspirants use aluminium salts, which close the skin's pores. These aluminium salts are reputed to be dangerous, following a number of old and recent studies. A study conducted by K G McGrath in 2003 concluded that breast cancer occurred 8 years earlier in women who shaved their armpits and used an antiperspirant than in those who did not. Shaving the armpits allows aluminium to enter the body more easily.

Did you know ?

Sweating is an essential natural physiological need for the body. It allows the elimination of toxins, the maintenance of good hydration, the regulation of body temperature and a normal pH of the skin. This essential mechanism for the body could go completely unnoticed without the appearance of sweat stains under the armpits and bad odors (due to the breakdown of sweat and its decomposition).

Of course, nobody likes to smell sweat! However, this is not a reason to expose your body to the questionable substances contained in certain industrial deodorants. These contain bactericides which block the natural sweating mechanism and synthetic fragrances which serve to mask bad odors but are accused of causing allergies and skin irritations.

Finally, like many industrial cosmetic products, the classic deodorant may contain substances that act as endocrine disruptors.

Its composition

Organic shea butter*, organic hazelnut oil*, white clay, organic beeswax*, organic tea tree essential oil*, organic lavender essential oil*, organic sunflower oil*, vitamin E.

INCI Ingredients

Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*, Corylus avellana Seed oil*, Kaolin, Cera Alba*, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil*, Lavandula angustifolia Oil*, Helianthus Anuus Seed Oil*, Tocopherol, Limonene, Linalool.
*Ingredient from organic farming.


30 ml stick. Packaged in a 100% recyclable cardboard box.

Storage time

12 months after opening.

About the GRAIN brand (Engaged Artisanal Cosmetics)

Anaïs Bouilly, creator of the Grain cosmetics range

GRAIN is a committed brand that offers cosmetics made north of Rennes, in Brittany by Anaïs.

The principle : common sense and life !

- Medicinal plants grown on living soil (no chemicals used) in Guipel (35)
- Planting, harvesting, processing by hand
- Drying and solar maceration (protected from UV rays)
- Cold processing to preserve plant active ingredients
- Additional ingredients from independent French producers
- 100% recyclable packaging
- Label printed on FSC paper, vegan glue, machines powered by renewable energy.

No need for a label to do things right !

30 ml
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Shea, clay, tea tree, lavender solid deodorant - 30 ml

This deodorant offers a concentrate of active ingredients that both regulate perspiration and prevent bad body odours. Presented in solid form in a recycled cardboard stick tube, zero waste objective in the bathroom. 30g stick.

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