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Solid deodorant Argile and Aloe Vera Bio – 36 grs – Cosmo Naturel

Organic Clay and Aloe Vera solid deodorant – 36 grs

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This organic Clay and Aloe Vera solid deodorant reduces bad body odors caused by perspiration. Hypoallergenic, without alcohol or aluminum salts, this deodorant will satisfy all skin types. Objective zero waste in the bathroom with this solid format. 36 g bread.

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Gamme bio de cosmétiques solides

Hydrates and softens the skin

This solid deodorant is 100% natural (without alcohol, without aluminum salts or chemical components). It is very effective in regulating perspiration and avoiding bad odors thanks to the combined action of finely selected ingredients : Clay, coconut oil, tapioca powder, Carnauba wax and Aloe vera.

This solid deodorant is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and made in France. It is economical, environmentally friendly and practical. It is part of a zero waste spirit.

Sweating is a natural and necessary process for your body. This deodorant does not prevent it but makes it odorless. All of this obviously makes more sense!!

Benefits Aloe Vera Clay Solid Deodorant

+ Helps fight against degradation and the development of odors

+ More effective than alum stone and deodorants without aluminum salts

+ Lasts as long as 2 sticks

+ 100% natural origin

+ Hypoallergenic (formulated to reduce the risk of allergic reactions)

+ Ideal for travel

+ 100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

+ Zero waste objective: No plastic bottle and packaged in recyclable cardboard packaging

+ Certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Cosmecert according to the COSMOS standard

+ Made in the south of France

What is solid cosmetics ?

Shampooing solide développé et fabriqué en France

Just like its liquid equivalent that we have known for a long time, solid cosmetics have exactly the same objective. With the difference that it comes in the form of a bar of soap. The advantages are numerous :

1 - Very effective : Yes. solid cosmetics are just as effective as liquid cosmetics, or even more. As there is almost no water in this solid cosmetic, the active ingredient concentrate is much stronger.

2 - A healthy product : The Cosmo Naturel brand is committed to working with the most natural formulas possible. The active surfactants used in their solid cosmetics are perfectly adapted and non-aggressive.

3 - More economical : If the purchase price is a little higher than a classic liquid cosmetic, you will save money over time because a solid cosmetic lasts much longer.

4 - More ecological : Using solid cosmetics is an ecological act. The manufacture of solid cosmetics reduces the impact on the environment by using recyclable cardboard packaging and reducing water consumption. You contribute to reducing the use of plastic (bottle) and therefore participate in reducing the amount of waste related to your consumption. It is a real commitment to preserve the planet.

5 - Ease of transport : Solid cosmetics are easy and practical to transport. They are not bulky and light, perfect to accompany you on a trip! Carrying a bottle of liquid is always dangerous. And, if you take the plane, there is the question of the liquids that can be transported. With a solid deodorant, you won't have this problem. All you need is a soap box to transport your cosmetics without fear.

Its main assets

Principaux actifs de ce déodorant solide : Argiles, Aloe vera, huile de coco et poudre de tapioca

White clay (Kaolin) has a light color and very fine graininess. It is rich in kaolin (aluminum silicate). It was discovered in China and forms in a hot and humid climate. On contact with water, the clay swells, forms a gel with a pleasant consistency that absorbs impurities and excess sebum like a blotter.

Organic Aloe vera : Aloe is a medicinal plant native to Africa and Madagascar. During ancient Egypt, the juice of this plant was believed to give health, beauty and eternity. Today it is recognized worldwide for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It also has nourishing and moisturizing properties. The aloe vera in this deodorant will mainly provide an antifungal and antibacterial action.

Organic Coconut oil
The coconut is the symbol of tropical beaches. Behind the hard shell of the fruit hides, with its pulp and its milk, a real treasure. Coconut milk, obtained by pressing the grated pulp, makes the skin soft and supple. It is also from the pulp that we obtain coconut oil, also called coconut fat. Thanks to its high content of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is very nourishing for the skin and offers an enchanting smell. Thanks to vitamins E and K and the lauric acid that composes it, coconut oil offers protection against bacteria and fungi. Not only does it moisturize, soothe and relieve irritated and itchy skin, but it is also antibacterial and antifungal.

The tapioca powder
Tapioca powder is the starch obtained from cassava roots. It is a white powder used in cosmetics as a vegetable texture agent. Tapioca has the ability to absorb a large amount of vegetable oils and fix flavors. It dissolves immediately in water and helps disperse vegetable oils and essential oils. It is particularly ideal in bath products, it has a softening effect on the skin. It facilitates the compaction of make-up powders by its compatibility with fatty substances such as vegetable oils, butters and waxes. In addition, it reduces the greasy effect of oily materials and has a velvety and mattifying effect. An active ingredient that plays an important role in this deodorant.

Carnauba wax
Carnauba is a natural wax extracted from the leaves of a palm tree in northeastern Brazil. In addition to its excellent film-forming, thickening, texturizing and hardening power, this wax with a high melting point allows this deodorant to increase its resistance to heat.

How to use this deodorant ?

Moisten your deodorant, then pass it on your armpits, or rub it directly on your still damp armpits after the shower. A thin layer of cream will settle on your skin.

Its composition

Behenyl Alcohol, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Tapioca Starch*, Copernicia Cerifera Cera*, Kaolin, Triethyl Citrate, Lauryl Glucoside, Sodium Bicarbonate, Aqua (Water), Parfum, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder*.
*Ingredient from organic farming
100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.
38% of the total ingredients are from organic farming


Bread 36 grs. Packaged in recyclable cardboard packaging.

Precaution for use

Store away from heat, sunlight and humidity. Allow to dry well between 2 uses. This product can be used for 6 months after the first use.

Frequently asked questions about this solid deodorant

How do I store my solid deodorant between two uses ?
You can simply put it on a saucer or a soap dish at the edge of your sink. If you prefer to keep it away from dust, a mini jam jar or an old creamer will do. In any case, don't worry about its conservation, it is anti-bacterial so it can't get dirty !

How much solid deodorant should I use and am I risking white marks on my clothes ?
When you pass your solid deodorant on each armpit, it must be well wet and deposit a thin transparent layer on the skin. It should slip like a bar of soap between wet hands. This film will dry quickly and will not leave white marks on clothes. For maximum effectiveness, I recommend that you cover the armpits well from top to bottom and from right to left. A good fine coverage will be more effective than a thick layer that is too localized.

How do I carry my solid deodorant to sport or travel ?
Mini glass jam jar, old cream jar or washcloth will be very practical.

What is the difference between an antiperspirant deodorant and our solid deodorant ?
As the name suggests, an antiperspirant deodorant will prevent perspiration from wicking away, while our deodorant will nibble at the bacteria in the perspiration before they can give off an unpleasant odor. To be effective, antiperspirants use aluminum salts, which close the pores of the skin. These aluminum salts are reputed to be dangerous, following numerous old and recent studies. A study by K G McGrath concluded in 2003 that breast cancer occurs 8 years earlier in women who shave their armpits and use antiperspirant than in those who don't. The study can be viewed here. Shaving the armpits allows aluminum to enter the body more easily.

Learn more about the Cosmo Naturel brand

Logo de la marque Cosmo Naturel

Cosmo Naturel is a French brand with more than 45 years of scientific mastery and expertise in organic farming.

The Earth has always been at the heart of the values of the Cosmo Naturel range.

The earth, in the agricultural sense, because nature through plants with multiple benefits enriches Cosmo Natural treatments. The Earth, our planet, which the brand is committed to respecting and preserving as best it can, with formulas, packaging and manufacturing processes that respect the environment.

Cosmo Naturel is an innovative cosmetic brand, respectful of the environment with COSMOS ORGANIC certified products.

Products placing consumer safety at the heart of development for extremely gentle skincare products formulated with a selection of organic active ingredients.

Cosmo Natural products are designed and created with the realistic ambition of offering healthy and quality products, while minimizing their impact on people and the environment. Always in an ecological approach, the manufacturer wants to go even further and offer a range of zero waste cosmetics, without plastic packaging! This is why he has developed a range of solid cosmetics. Shampoos and shower gels, which can meet the needs of different skin and hair types. Wrapped in recyclable cardboard, their solid cosmetics allow practical, economical and ecological consumption of hygiene products.

Labels / certifications
Cosmos Organic
36 gr
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Organic Clay and Aloe Vera solid deodorant – 36 grs

This organic Clay and Aloe Vera solid deodorant reduces bad body odors caused by perspiration. Hypoallergenic, without alcohol or aluminum salts, this deodorant will satisfy all skin types. Objective zero waste in the bathroom with this solid format. 36 g bread.

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