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Diffuser Bolea - 80 m2

Bolea diffuser - 80 m²

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Beneath its elegant, modern look lies an efficient, programmable nebulizer. Bolea has a wooden base and hand-crafted glassware, highlighted by LED lighting. 3 levels of diffusion intensity and multifunction LED lighting.

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case-a-cocher.jpgDiffusion up to 80 m²
case-a-cocher.jpgTouch-sensitive buttons (ON/OFF - Light)
case-a-cocher.jpgPerfect reproduction of essential oils
case-a-cocher.jpgElegant, modern and made from raw materials

Presentation of the Bolea diffuser

Bolea essential oil diffuser

The Bolea diffuser is a nebuliser model. This process releases a maximum number of aromatic molecules without heating them. The micro-droplets of essential oils are propelled very effectively into every room in the house, even the largest, as this device is capable of diffusing up to 80 m².

The diffuser is 20.5 cm high. With its elegant, modern look, it will fit in with any style of home.

The unit is eco-designed, with a beechwood base and recyclable glass.

Bolea incorporates a very quiet air pump, so you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and olfactotherapy in complete peace of mind. Concentrate in the office, relax in the living room, recharge your batteries in the bathroom...

It's easy to switch on, thanks to the 2 touch-sensitive buttons built directly into the wooden base.

The on/off button offers 3 diffusion intensities. An automatic timer alternates diffusion times (2 minutes) and pause times (3 minutes), automatically switching off after 2 or 4 hours of diffusion, depending on the chosen diffusion mode, to avoid an overloaded atmosphere.

A light button allows you to control the device's lighting independently, thanks to a multifunction LED device. You can choose alternating colours or set a particular colour to suit your mood.

Create the ambience you prefer, according to your desires or the theme of an evening, by playing with the essential oils you diffuse.

Advantages of the Bolea diffuser

+ Works by cold nebulisation = preserves all the benefits of essential oils.
+ An eco-designed diffuser made from noble materials (beechwood base, diffusion chamber and mouth-blown glass bell).
+ Low consumption of essential oils. (approximately 2ml/hour)
+ 2 independent tactile buttons (on/off and light)
+ The glass stopper reduces the discreet noise of diffusion, regulates diffusion and protects the inside of the glass from dust.
+ Compact shape, simple, pure lines that blend in with all styles of décor
+ Easy, intuitive operation
+ 3 diffusion levels
+ Equipped with multifunction LEDs
+ Stable wooden base with non-slip bottom.
+ Highly efficient for rooms up to 80 m².
+ Low energy consumption.

What is the principle of diffusion?

The Bolea diffuser is a nebulisation diffuser, also known as a micro-diffusion diffuser. This is the most effective method of diffusing essential oils into the atmosphere. It allows all the essential oils to be diffused while preserving their benefits and properties, without changing their chemical structure or heating them up. The compressed air transforms the oils into aromatic micro-particles which, in the form of a mist, escape through the neck of the glassware, perfuming the ambient air.

How is Bolea used ?

Carefully place the glassware on the wooden base, then the glass stopper at the top of the glassware. Then pour 10 to 30 drops of essential oil into the glassware, taking care to tilt the glassware slightly so that the essential oil flows along the inside wall of the glassware (and not into the glass injectors on the bottom of the glassware). Connect the diffuser using the USB power plug or the power adapter.

Switch on the diffuser by pressing the power button, then select the desired diffusion intensity.

This diffuser has an automatic timer function that alternates between diffusion time (2 minutes) and pause time (3 minutes), then stops automatically after 2 or 4 hours depending on the diffusion mode chosen (see below).

Starting up the Bolea diffuser

The LED lighting can also be adjusted using the touch-sensitive "Light" button.

Pressing the button once activates automatic colour dimming.

Pressing the button again sets the lighting to a specific colour. Each press toggles between colours in the following order: red, yellow, warm white, green, light blue, blue, pink. Finally, press the button once more to switch off the lighting.

Note that the diffusion button and the light button are independent.

Remember that a diffuser can work perfectly well without essential oils. So it's better to use less than more (but enough for microdiffusion to start). In children's bedrooms, it is best to diffuse essential oils when they are not in the room and 30 minutes before bedtime. Do not diffuse continuously, as this may saturate the air with aromatic molecules.

To take full advantage of your diffuser and limit clogging problems, we advise you to use our special diffusion essential oils :

- Special diffusion synergies : 25 blends available, for all tastes and all situations or our synergie diffusion including 5 bottles of 10 ml (In the heart of the Orangery, Winter Sweetness, Forest Excursion, Provence and Herbalist's Secret)

-Pure essential oils for diffusion : 20 Pure Essential Oil References Penn'ty Bio (in 30 ml or 100 ml) or our Penn'Ty Bio diffusion offers: Offer #1 including these 7 10 ml bottles: Lemon , Lemongrass, Eucalyptus globulus, Lavandin super, Sweet orange, Rosemary cineole and exotic Verbena) or offer n°2 including these 7 other 10 ml bottles: Tropical basil, Atlas cedar, Eucalyptus globulus, Fine lavender, Mandarin Green, Peppermint and Ravintsara).

Bolea essential oil diffuser

Technical characteristics

- Diffusion method: pure nebulisation using the venturi effect
- Materials: FSC wood and glass
- Noise level measured at 20 cm: 42 db
- Capacity: 28 ml
- Diffusing power: up to 80 m²
- Power supply: USB 5v/110-240 VA
- Dimensions: Ø 105 mm. x h 218 mm
- Weight (diffuser + cable + adaptor): 400 g
- Electrical power: 5 W max.

Care of the Bolea diffuser

Always keep the diffuser clean and dry when not in use. Never leave stagnant oil inside the diffuser.

We recommend that you clean the unit every time you change the oil or after five uses. Unplug the appliance and remove the cap and glass cover. Drain and rinse the glass bell carefully to remove any oil residue. Use a diffuser cleaner made from alcohol and essential oils, the equivalent of 2 teaspoons, and run your diffuser for 3 to 5 minutes. When the time is up, empty the excess cleaner. You can now diffuse essential oils again. Leave the bell to dry completely before using it again.

If you are diffusing citrus essential oils (e.g. Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Petit Grain), alternate their diffusion with more fluid essential oils (e.g. Lavandin, Lavender, Eucalyptus or Ravintsara). If you're not going to be using your diffuser for a long time, it should be emptied, cleaned (using alcohol or diffuser cleaner) and protected from dust.

Noise and vibration

A rubber pad at the base of the pump limits the noise emitted by the pump. The noise emitted by the diffuser's pump has been measured by Penntybio at 42 db (measured using a sound level meter 20 cm away from the pump at full power), making it a fairly quiet diffuser.

To reduce the noise even further and enjoy the Bolea electric diffuser in complete peace of mind, we suggest you try it on different surfaces. Carpet, fabric, wood and tiles can all reduce or increase the noise emitted by the pump. To prevent the glass stopper on the glassware from vibrating, loosen the glassware slightly from the porcelain base by gently pulling it upwards.

List of spare parts available for this model

- Nalia glassware
- Nalia silencer

The box contains

1 - A Bolea diffuser (including base, glassware and glass stopper)
2 - USB cable + USC/110-240VAC adapter
3 - 1 French + English instruction leaflet

Precautions for use

Warning : despite the safety device that stops the appliance operating, avoid leaving the appliance switched on when you are not using it or when the tank is empty. To switch off completely, unplug the appliance from the mains socket.

Never insert any object into the diffuser, glassware or air vent, such as a brush, cloth or cotton bud, as this could damage them. Handle the glass part with care to avoid breaking it. Never immerse the nebuliser completely, as this could cause the nebuliser and electric pump to malfunction immediately (10 to 20 drops are sufficient). This diffuser is intended for diffusing pure essential oils. If you have any questions about the use of oils, please consult a professional in this field.

Do not allow essential oils to stagnate at the bottom of the unit. As it dries, it could clog the glassware and stop the diffusion. In this case, a thorough cleaning of the glassware will be necessary to remove the residue. If you wish to change essential oils, it is advisable to diffuse until the oil already in the glassware has evaporated completely, or to decant the remaining oil. Before pouring essential oil again, it is advisable to rinse the glassware.

To ensure that your diffuser lasts as long as possible and that it diffuses effectively, we recommend that you carry out regular maintenance. Glassware that is broken or clogged with essential oil residues is not covered by the guarantee.

Bolea diffuser compliance guarantee

In the event of a breakdown during the warranty period (2 years on the electrical part), you must contact us so that we can establish a diagnosis together. You may be asked to show us a video of your diffuser being switched on so that we can identify the fault. If a fault is confirmed, your diffuser must be returned to us complete.

Find out more about the Zen Arôme brand

Zen Arôme logo

Zen Arôme, a French company founded in 2007 on the sunny Côte d'Azur, is the result of a combination of expertise and a passion for aromatherapy. We design our own models inspired by nature, everyday life and our surroundings, while combining innovative technologies. We use our skills to turn a simple idea into something original, functional and a source of well-being.

Power supply
Lighting effects
Fixed light
Lighting effects
Changing colours
Automatic stop
Area covered
80 m²
Noise level
Between 40 and 45 db
Light wood
Type of broadcast

Specific references

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Bolea diffuser - 80 m²

Beneath its elegant, modern look lies an efficient, programmable nebulizer. Bolea has a wooden base and hand-crafted glassware, highlighted by LED lighting. 3 levels of diffusion intensity and multifunction LED lighting.

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