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Organic apricot core powder - 30 grs- Cosmo Naturel DIY

Organic apricot core powder - 30 grs - Cosmo Naturel DIY

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Uncontournable in the facial and body damage, apricot core powder Leave her alone. skin cleaned and velvety deep. True natural exfoliant, this organic asset will allow you to concoct your cosmetics gommage house in very little time. Pot of 30 gr.

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Réaliser son gommage naturel avec de la poudre de noyaux d'abricots

At every moment, the skin of our body regenerates: cells die and are replaced by new cells. Day after day, minute after minute, our epidermis is renewed. This process would be perfect if dead cells were not hung on the surface of the epidermis.

When the layer of dead cells is too important, it can have several consequences:
- The skin looks more dull
- the skin is much rougher
- the skin is much dryer
- the skin is much less oxygenated, it seems devitalized
- the skin is much more crowded with unwanted elements that obstruct pores, and give buttons
- the pilo-sebaceous glands become easier and it also gives incarnate hair.

To get rid of it, our skin needs a little boost: a “exfoliationor a "damage"that is, a care that consists of removing dead cells from the surface of the epidermis by rubbing.

In this field, apricot core powder is a particularly interesting asset in this area. It comes simply from the crushing of the shell of the fruit nuclei, then tamized and sterilized with water vapour to ensure microbiological purity adapted to use in cosmetics. Ideal to create its natural scrub recipe for home face or body, apricot core powder exfolia and smooth the skin smoothly. Entirely natural and biodegradable, it makes it possible to create soft scrubs for the skin and the planet, without polluting aquatic environments. An essential to illuminate and brighten the complexion, tone and soften all skins.

The size of the particles is suitable for the preparation of face damages as well as body.

To realize your exfoliating cosmetic home, you will have to incorporate this asset into your creams, gels, pasta, powders or soaps for a smooth scrub. You play!

La poudre de noyaux d'abricot comme exfoliant


The + of this apricot kernel powder
+ Excellent natural exfoliant to make your own home preparations (Front and body scrubs, exfoliant feet and hands care, exfoliant soaps, gels and exfoliant shower creams)
+ Removes dead cells and thoroughly cleanses the skin
+ Stimulates skin renewal, smoothes irregularities and restores shine to the complexion
+ Cosmetic quality and respectful of the balance of your skin
+ Ingredients from certified organic farming Cosmebio Cosmos approved
+ Tonifies, smoothes and softens the skin


The benefits of exfoliation
Exfoliation will contribute to the natural cell renewal of the skin by removing part of the layer of dead cells that are also called corneocytes and form the corneal layer. This will allow:
1 - to oxygenate the skin and thus to renew and thus make it much more radiant
2 - improve penetration, in depth, of care since the protective layer will be less waterproof
3 - to mitigate the appearance of wrinkles and wrinkles
4 - making it much softer
5 - to accelerate cell renewal


What frequency?
On average, a weekly scrub is recommended for all skin types. But it is only an average. Those with sensitive skin can be satisfied with less frequent care. They will choose a soft care specially adapted to delicate skins. For those with fatty skin, they can practice a scrub twice a week, in order to rid the pores of excess sebum.


I'm throwing myself in my homemade scrub recipe
The recommended dosage of apricot core powder in cosmetic preparation varies from 1 to 5% of the total weight of your preparation (depending on the desired effect).

To make your face or body scrub cream you will need:
- 1 50 ml neutral cream jar (already ready, see here) or that you make yourself.
- 1.5 grs of organic apricot kernel powder

Preparation and use:
1/ Clean and disinfect equipment, utensils, work plan and hands.
2/ Sprinkle apricot kernel powder in the neutral cream pot.
3/ Mix with a mini-fouet.

Apply the cream in delicate massages to clean and dry skin and rinse with clear water. Your exfoliating cream will keep one month away from light and heat.


Composition:Prunus Armeniaca seed powder* (apricot core powder).
*Ingredient from Organic Agriculture
100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin
99.8% of the total ingredients are from Organic Agriculture


Certification:COSMOS Approved certified by Cosmecert according to the COSMOS repository


Packaging :Pot of 30 grams


Precautions of employment :Keep out of reach of children. Wash your hands carefully after use. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Don't swallow. Store in a dry place.


Learn more about the DIY brand Cosmo Naturel
An exceptional recipe combining a touch of economy, a spoons of responsible consumption and an important dose of pleasure to get homemade cosmetic formulas perfectly adapted to the specific needs of your skin and your hair. Enjoy the pleasures of a homemade cosmetic by discovering the ingredients, accessories and bases of the DIY range Cosmo Naturel.

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Organic apricot core powder - 30 grs - Cosmo Naturel DIY

Uncontournable in the facial and body damage, apricot core powder Leave her alone. skin cleaned and velvety deep. True natural exfoliant, this organic asset will allow you to concoct your cosmetics gommage house in very little time. Pot of 30 gr.

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