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Craft workshop in Brittany

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Lise-Anne presents below her company, her approach, her motivations, her products ...

Totem soap is a professional adventure since 2021 in Feins, Ille et Vilaine (35). It exists thanks to friends and family who encouraged me to transform my passion into a professional project.

Lise-Anne en plein travail

From the beginning and at each stage of the life of soap making, Totem Savon It is also meetings, exchanges, links between artisans, actors of local life, producers, traders, associations, soap users. This wealth feeds me on a human level and constantly feeds my "made machine" and my new projects! It’s magical!!!

Totem Savon It is also the desire to make soap accessible to the greatest number of people through advice to use soap at best and also by the diversity of places of sale: specialized stores bio, small and medium surfaces, village grocery stores, direct sale and online sale specialized as with Penn’ty Bio (which have their professional space a few kilometers from home !). 

My motivation

Tour de savon Totem Savon

My motivation stems from a passion for soap and also from an ecological objective. I wish to participate and encourage to use soap because I am convinced that it is a product more environmentally friendly.

The use of soap allows to offer a light packaging. In addition, it is not very large what is positive for the ecological impact of its transport.

The soaps also have a low environmental impact when choosing the raw materials well because the manufacturing process is simple. Indeed, to realize his soaps, Totem Savon uses vegetable oils and soda. Soda is a synthetic material obtained very simply from salt and water. The ingredients are therefore few and not processed, apart from the soda.

The saponification process is in itself very little energetic.

The other interest of soap is also its great biodegradability to use.

Smart partnerships

All soaps include a majority proportion ofsunflower oil oleic, produced in Vendée. It looks like olive oil and is perfect in the soap! This makes it possible to have a reasonable ecological balance on soaps, because it is really the main constituent of soaps Totem Savon. For 3 soaps it is also the only vegetable oil that composes them.

I also use goat milk because it makes wonders on the skin, including fragile and sensitive skins. This milk comes from a nearby farm, The Goatrie of the Potry in Dingé (35). I also use some honey of a nearby beekeeper, Les ruchers du Semnon à Bain de Bretagne (35). ♪ essential oils lavender and peppermint come from Auvergne. All these ingredients are organic. ♪ clays come from the Gard.

For other more distant ingredients, such as coconut oil, I look for reliability on the origins by choosing a Fair trade label, when there are, and I rely on the reputation of suppliers and importers.

All ingredients are organic or natural (when the organic label is not possible as with clays for example).

Les ingrédients utilisés chez Totem Savon

My 100% made soaps in Feins

Consumption and the proposal of artisan soaps has been increasing in recent years and is so much better!

I propose soap for both household and toilet.

When I design soap formulas and models, I aim for a specific use or care (daily use, weekly exfoliant, degreasing for solid dishes, ...), as well as an olfactory atmosphere. And I think about the composition taking into account the environmental impact of raw materials.

With Totem Savon, I wish to offer very soft, very simple soaps and for all. My particularity? Go to the end of my green ideas and choices. This is why I offer in my range 3 soaps without exotic material: the Campaign, Lavender and the Poivrée Mint. Soap Campaign is the soap that meets all my objectives: it is very soft, 100% ultra-local manufacture and for all skins. It is offered at a softer price too.

With Totem Savon, I also wish to remain creative with, for example, soaps sewn in pretty china containers in recycleria and offering new soaps each year.

Tour de savon Totem Savon

Here are the products Totem Savon we offer you on the shop

Lavender ultra-mild surgras soap cup -...

Add a chic and original note to your bathroom with this handmade soap poured into a pretty cup mottled and reused by Totem Savon....
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Charcoal Tea tree surgras soap cup special...

Add a chic and original note to your bathroom with this handmade soap poured into a pretty mottled and reused cup by Totem Savon....
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Box of 5 handmade surgras soaps

Discover this pretty box of 5 surgras soap flowers handcrafted a few kilometers from Penn'Ty Bio. 3 goat's milk soaps ( Countryside,...
In stock

Solid citrus dishes molded in a dish

This concentrated dishwashing detergent is designed for regular manual dishwashing. The washing agents selected for its formula are...
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And to follow the news of this society, here is thefacebook page Totem Savon and page Instagram Totem Savon