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Organic maintenance products for WCs, toilets, drains and septic tanks : a respectful approach

When it comes to maintaining our WCs, toilets, drains and septic tanks, we want effective solutions that protect the environment and our health. That's why the Penn'Ty Bio online shop offers an exclusive selection of specific, certified organic cleaning products to meet these particular needs.

Our WC and toilet cleaning products are formulated from natural ingredients, without harsh chemicals. These biodegradable, non-toxic cleaners effectively remove dirt and stains while leaving a fresh feeling. They are designed to respect the sensitivity of surfaces and are suitable for regular use.

Maintaining our pipes and septic tanks is essential to avoid problems with blockages and unpleasant odours. Penn'Ty Bio's specific products use natural enzymes to break down organic residues and grease, restoring the smooth flow of wastewater. These organic products are non-toxic to the beneficial micro-organisms present in septic tanks, preserving their optimal functioning.

The benefits of these specific organic cleaning products don't stop there. By using these natural alternatives, you reduce the impact on the environment by avoiding the accumulation of toxic chemicals in waste water, which can harm aquatic fauna and flora. What's more, you're creating a healthier environment inside your home by avoiding the release of potentially harmful chemicals.

Choosing specific organic cleaning products from the Penn'Ty Bio online shop is an eco-responsible decision that combines effectiveness, respect for the environment and health. Opt for these ecological solutions to maintain your WCs, toilets, drains and septic tanks, and play an active part in preserving our precious ecosystem. Do your bit for a cleaner future by incorporating these organic products into your household cleaning routine today !

septic tank regenerator – 600 gr - Arcyvert

Septic tank regenerator – 600 gr

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The Arcyvert powder regenerator is intended for septic tanks, septic tanks, sumps and grease traps. It reactivates the bacterial flora and thus contributes to a more fluid flow and the elimination of odors. Jar of 600 grams.

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 There is life in Arcyvert

Presentation septic tank regenerator

Natural enzymes Arcyvert

Without realizing it, the use of certain detergents or other chemical products in the daily maintenance of your home can have a negative impact on the proper activity of your sanitation. The bacteria supposed to degrade the sludge in your pits are abused by these chemicals which slow down their activity.

Intended for septic tanks, septic tanks, cesspools and grease traps, the Arcyvert regenerator allows you to restart the bacterial activity of your installation. By reactivating the bacterial flora, this regenerator facilitates natural functioning, eliminates odors and makes it possible to space oil changes widely.

This product contains bacteria which require nitrogen to activate in the liquid medium to be treated. Ammonium salt which provides the nitrogen necessary for the life of the bacteria is therefore added.

An enzyme is a natural protein produced by bacteria or yeast. This protein has the ability to accelerate all the chemical reactions at work at any time in living things. 5,000 enzymes, for example, are hard at work keeping your cells functioning as you read this. Without enzymes, the reactions between the molecules essential to life could not occur at ambient pressure and temperature conditions.

Thanks to these enzymes, the powder regenerator is in fact an accelerator of natural active ingredients, a real biodegradability accelerator. The enzymes selected in this product make it possible, once they occur by fermentation, to degrade in a targeted manner, for example urea, certain fats or certain fibers such as toilet paper, etc.

Its action is precise and targeted. Once the bacterial flora of your septic tank has been reactivated, it can only result in better functioning and inevitably, a reduction in odours.

All the enzymes involved in the Arcyvert formula are produced naturally and without GMOs.

Advantages of the pit and sump regenerator

+ Perfect for reactivating bacterial activity in your installation
+ Facilitates normal flow and odor reduction
+ Widely spaces the pit outlets
+ Enzymes are biodegradable
+ No toxicity: the intervention of enzymes is both active in decomposing and neutral because there is no harmful impact on the environment
+ Certified by Ecocert
+ Product not tested on animals
+ Product developed and manufactured in France

Usage tips

For a pit with a capacity of 1,000 liters :

Starting a new pit : pour 3 to 4 doses daily (1 dose = 30g = 1 tablespoon) into the WC or directly into the pit every evening for 10 to 15 days.

Maintenance : For 1 to 2 doses into the WC or directly into the pit every week.

In case of malfunction (odors) : add 30g of POWDERED DRAIN CLEANER.

Clogged pit : lower the level of the tank, if possible, then treat for 4 to 8 days with POWDERED DRAIN CLEANER at the rate of 30g per day.

Grease traps, sumps for 1 to 2 doses* into the kitchen sink every week. In case of malfunction (odors), add 30g of POWDERED DRAIN CLEANER

Active ingredients : pure and natural enzymes

What are enzymes ? These are proteins that speed up reactions between molecules.

Active ingredients: natural enzymes

Are they living organisms, like bacteria ? No, they are not living organisms but they are produced by living micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi or yeasts.

What's it point ? Enzymes are found everywhere in Nature: it is thanks to them that reactions between molecules occur, they are responsible for more than 5,000 reactions in the cell. They accelerate most reactions by a factor of more than 1,000. They are essential for cell life, digestion, cell energy, muscle contraction, respiration, etc. For example, in ruminants, gut bacteria produce an enzyme, cellulase, which digests plant cellulose.

Another example, certain diseases such as gout or phenylketonuria are caused by the absence or malfunction of an enzyme in the body.

What are their advantages ? Enzymes have 4 properties that make them essential players in the ecosystem for life.

1 - A catalytic property : An enzyme accelerates a chemical reaction and is found intact at the end of the reaction. We talk about biocatalyst to recall the fact that an enzyme is made by a living organism.

2 - Action at low concentration A very small quantity of enzyme in the medium is enough to catalyze the reaction.

3 - A very fast action. An enzymatic reaction takes one thousandth of a second. One of the most effective enzymes known to date in Nature, involved in the synthesis of the basic elements of DNA and RNA, makes it possible to accelerate this reaction which takes place in 18 milliseconds rather than in 78 millions of years!

4 - A natural action: An action under the conditions of life on earth (temperature, pressure, acidity, etc.), thus limiting the need for additional energy for the reaction to occur.

The legal obligation to treat wastewater

As you know, wastewater treatment is a legal obligation in France. The quality of the water is subject to strict monitoring and controls.

If the house is installed in a collective network zoning (also called main sewer), the waste water will be directed via the pipes to a treatment plant.

On the other hand, if the dwelling is not connected to the collective sanitary network (and this is the case for around 5 million households in France), it must have an approved device in the traditional appliance sector. individual sanitation (all-water pit, micro wastewater treatment plant, phyto-purification plan, etc.).

The septic tank is one of the autonomous wastewater treatment systems of the house, part of the devices of the Non-Collective Sanitation (ANC) sector.


Composition of the regenerator for septic tanks

30% salt, 5-15% carbonate salts, 99.9% of ingredients are of natural origin.


600 grams.


Eco-detergent based on organic ingredients certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert standard.

We answer your questions

▼ Is this septic tank regenerator compatible with my micro-station that treats my waste water (grey and black) ?
Yes, as with all other types of home wastewater treatment systems, we certify that this product is compatible with a micro-station. 

Precautions for use

  Contains enzymes. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool place. Not tested on animals.

Arcyvert, 35 years of know-how, a pioneer in ecological maintenance

Logo Arcyvert

Founder Daniel Mauban began in 1979 to design cleaning products, first for septic tanks and then for sanitary facilities, based on active principles that respect the environment. Precursor of an ecological offer on cleaning products, ARCYVERT is created. This is the start of the "septic tanks - pipes" range, the formulations of which remain unchanged to this day.

The range was then extended to household cleaning products, with the birth of organic store networks in France. Working hand in hand with the organic circuit, the company has continued to grow by developing new products closer to consumer needs, while remaining on a human scale.

Today the torch has passed to the next generation: Thierry Mauban thus perpetuates the values of the family company and social commitment, in particular with the Specialized Establishment for Work Assistance (ESAT), Les Ateliers de L'Espoir in Rennes (35), for packaging.

Labels / certifications
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Labels / certifications
600 gr

Specific references


Safety Data Sheet

FDS for Arcyvert septic tank regenerator

Download (175.94k)

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Septic tank regenerator – 600 gr

The Arcyvert powder regenerator is intended for septic tanks, septic tanks, sumps and grease traps. It reactivates the bacterial flora and thus contributes to a more fluid flow and the elimination of odors. Jar of 600 grams.

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