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How do you combat house dust mites ?

You may not know it, but you live with tiny insects on a daily basis: house dust mites. And there are often lots of them ! 1g of dust can contain up to 1,500 dust mites! They are often found on our mattresses, sofas and armchairs. Dust mites feed on tiny pieces of skin waste and mould filaments, as well as on sugary organic matter. Dust mites can cause allergies. So try to limit their numbers. There are solutions, often complementary, to reduce their population. Our natural products will eliminate a good number of dust mites. And don't forget to vacuum up as much dust as possible !


Preventing and controlling house dust mites

Although it is impossible to eliminate house dust mites completely, it is possible to reduce their numbers and their impact on health by adopting certain preventive measures :
- Clean regularly: Vacuum and wash sheets, curtains and carpets frequently to eliminate dust mites and their debris.
- Control humidity: Mites thrive best in a damp environment, so maintain an adequate level of humidity in your home.
- At least once a year, if you can, take your mattress outside in fine weather and pat it dry to remove as much dust as possible. Once back in your bedroom, treat it with our natural anti-mite insecticides.
- Use anti-dust mite covers: Special mattress and pillow covers can prevent dust mites from settling in your bedding.


Why use natural insecticides ?

Getting rid of dust mites is one thing, but wouldn't it be even better if you could also protect your health and the environment? Did you know that some particles of conventional insecticides remain in your treated rooms for several months? Fumigants are the worst because the particles fall back onto all the objects, textiles and surfaces in the room. Unless you wash each item thoroughly, you'll inevitably end up with chemical substances. Opting for natural insecticides will not only get rid of dust mites, but also ensure that you can continue to live in a healthy environment, thanks to the composition of our products and their low persistence.

Read all our advice and discover all our products for fighting mites naturally : Dust mites file

Anti-Acharian deodorisers for vacuum cleaner - 20 grs - Penntybio

Anti dust mite deodorant granules for hoover - 20 grs

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The hoover granules are impregnated with active ingredients that mask the odours of dust when vacuuming, to release air that is delicately scented (mint - eucalyptus) and sanitised, but also to destroy dust mites and other parasites present in the bag of your hoover, thus reducing the risks of allergies in humans and animals. 20 g bag sold individually.

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plus-produit.pngKEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

case-a-cocher.jpgLimits and masks dusty odours
case-a-cocher.jpgDiffuses air delicately scented with mint and eucalyptus
case-a-cocher.jpgDestroys dust mites and other parasites in your hoover bag
case-a-cocher.jpgReduce the risk of allergies in humans and animals


Anti-dust mite hoover granules

These granules for aspirator will reduce the risk of allergy in humans and animals. But not only!

Impregnated with a natural active principle (Geraniol), they will mainly destroy mites and in general all parasites present in the bag of your vacuum cleaner. They will also neutralize the bad smells by broadcasting a fragrant atmosphere of Menthe-Eucalyptus.

Advantages of these hoover granules

+ Mask dust odours when vacuuming,
+ Rejects a delicately scented and sanitized air,
+ Destroy dust mites and other parasites in your hoover bag,
+ Reduce the risk of allergies in humans and animals.

Instructions for use

Open the bag, pour the granules on the floor and vacuum them up. For optimal effectiveness, you should repeat this operation each time you change the bag or every 15 days maximum. These granules can be used in hoovers with or without bags. For bagless hoovers, repeat the operation each time you empty the bin. 


Geraniol CAS N° 106-24-1 TP 18 0,1 % (m/m), wheat flour, preservatives, water, essential oils of Mint and Eucalyptus.

Some customer feedback

- Very pleasant clean smell when vacuuming.
- Leaves a nice minty smell in the house. Easy to use.
- Great, the granules scent the room when vacuuming, it's very pleasant.
- Eliminates the smell of dust, can be used with a hoover with or without bag.
- Finally vacuuming becomes a pleasure .... highly recommend.
- Prevents unpleasant odours, very pleasant fragrance, easy to use.
- Very easy to use. Prevents smelling of dust. Very fresh product.
- When you have animals, it is ideal to hide the hoover odours while deodorising the room.


Sold individually in 20 gram bags. 

Dust mites in the home

Dust mites only live for 2 or 3 months but in good conditions of humidity (between 65 and 80%) and temperature (between 20 and 30 degrees), they can reproduce very quickly. The mites that develop inside homes are mainly dermatophagoides pteronissimus (DPTER). They can be found in bedding, curtains, stuffed animals, sofas, carpets, etc. No one can escape them, even the cleanest homes.

Dust mites are responsible for 50% of all allergic reactions. In a sensitive person, 10 mg of dust mites per gram of dust is enough to cause an asthma attack.

Hoovers and dust mites

The hoover is one of the tools for combating dust mites in the home, provided that it does not reject the dust mites that have just been vacuumed. To do this, the hoover must be equipped with a high efficiency filter that filters out a maximum of "micro-particles" and rejects as few dust mites as possible. The filters found on hoovers must meet the EN 1822 standard.

There are several types of filters :

- EPA 10 - EPA 12: Effective particulate air filters

- HEPA 13 - HEPA 14: High efficiency particulate air filters

- ULPA 15 - ULPA 17: Ultra low penetration air filters

The EPA10 filter stops at least 85% of small particles, 99.995% for the HEPA14 filter and 99.999995 for the ULPA17.

To obtain good filtration of the air rejected by a hoover, it is advisable to use at least a HEPA14 filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air). To maintain its efficiency, this filter should be cleaned or changed regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions. For even greater efficiency, deodorising and anti-mite granules for hoovers should be used. 

Mandatory regulatory information

Safety advice (CLP) : P102 - Keep out of reach of children. P103 - Read the label before use. P101 - In case of medical advice, keep container or label available.

EUH phrases : EUH208 - Contains Eucalyptus Globulus oil (8000-48-4). May produce an allergic reaction

Additional phrases : Contains essential oils. Dispose of empty packaging at a waste disposal centre. Use biocides with care and, if necessary, appropriate protection.

Types of insects
Crawling insects
Mode of application
For spreading
Treatment against
Dust mite

Specific references


Safety Data Sheet

FDS Anti-Acarid deodorising granules for hoover Penn'Ty Bio

Download (188.31k)

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Bonjour Émilie,
Merci pour votre retour. Oui, nous recommandons l'aspiration d'un sachet par changement de sac. Bien cordialement
Penn'Ty Bio



J'ai été un peu déçue par l'absence de parfum. J'espérais un produit plus odoriférant.
Doit-on aspirer un paquet entier à chaque changement de sac ?
Merci de votre retour


aspirateur et acariens

Je vide un sachet de temps en temps dans l'aspirateur. Odeur dégagée agréable et prolifération d'acarien limitée. Prix très accessible. Merci de proposer les sachets à l'unité.



Très bon produit rare dans le commerce



Je recommande ce site car vraiment un envoi hyper rapide. Les granulés sentent bon. Malheureusement j'ai un Dyson où je dois jeter souvent les granulés à chaque fois que je jette la poussière comme c'est sans sac.!


Bien reçu et rapidement

J'attend pour voir , mais à priori cela me donne satisfaction



Toute fois, une petite remarque en rapport avec le conditionnement, peut être devriez vous les vendre
par paquet de 10 ou 5.....


Très bien

conforme à ce que je recherchais. livraison rapide



ces granules deviennent introuvables merci


Très Bien

Ce produit gagnerait toutefois en efficacité par l' augmentation de la proportion de Menthe
et d' Eucalyptus qu' il contient.
Merci de bien vouloir le faire évoluer dans ce sens.


Très bien

J'apprécie ces granulés. Odeur légère mais suffisamment présente pour parfumer l'intérieur. Action double anti acarien du fait qu'ils soient aussi imprégnés de géraniol. Livraison très rapide.


Pas top

Les granulés désodorisants ne sentent rien du tout. Vraiment dommage

Marie-Thérèse C


très efficace et très bonne odeur

Laurence F

anti acariens

Très bon produit , une senteur agréable, qui est facile d'utilisation , partout.


granulés désodorisants aspirateur

odeur très légère à la mise en route de l'aspirateur


Satisfaite de mon achat

Produit qui correspond à mes attentes


Satisfaite de mon achat

Produit qui correspond à mes attentes.

Maud J


Habituée à ce type de produit. Pas de retour négatif.


ménage agréable

Produit tout à fait conforme à mes attentes : parfum agréable et naturel qui plaît à tous parce que discret



Efficace et agréable...


Bonne odeur

Odeur très agréable et pas entêtante.


Bon produit

Odeur un peu pharmaceutique mais très bon désodorisant pour aspirateur car je ne sens plus de mauvaises odeurs de poussières et autre.

Elvira D


Très surprise par son efficacité, odeur très agréable



Produit répondant à ma demande, très performant la taille des graines en forme de bille ne risque pas d'atteindre le moteur, odeur agréable.


où sont les parfums ?

bof à peine perceptibles..... à voir et revoir ..

Emeline L

Parfum agreable

Très facile d'utilisation et fini les odeurs de poussière quand on passe l'aspirateur. L'action "anti-acariens" est très utile lorsqu'il y a des allergies dans la famille.


très bon produit

Fan de produits bio, que du bonheur, produit parfait pour l'aspirateur !


anti-acarien désodorisant

Odeur agréable, action anti-acarien, prix correct.

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Anti dust mite deodorant granules for hoover - 20 grs

The hoover granules are impregnated with active ingredients that mask the odours of dust when vacuuming, to release air that is delicately scented (mint - eucalyptus) and sanitised, but also to destroy dust mites and other parasites present in the bag of your hoover, thus reducing the risks of allergies in humans and animals. 20 g bag sold individually.

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